Open source remastering of the Freespace 2 engine
modelinterp.cpp File Reference
#include "bmpman/bmpman.h"
#include "cmdline/cmdline.h"
#include "debugconsole/console.h"
#include "gamesequence/gamesequence.h"
#include "gamesnd/gamesnd.h"
#include "globalincs/alphacolors.h"
#include "globalincs/linklist.h"
#include "graphics/2d.h"
#include "graphics/gropengllight.h"
#include "io/key.h"
#include "io/timer.h"
#include "math/fvi.h"
#include "math/staticrand.h"
#include "mission/missionparse.h"
#include "model/modelrender.h"
#include "model/modelsinc.h"
#include "nebula/neb.h"
#include "parse/parselo.h"
#include "particle/particle.h"
#include "render/3dinternal.h"
#include "ship/ship.h"
#include "ship/shipfx.h"
#include "weapon/shockwave.h"
#include <limits.h>

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struct  model_light
struct  model_light_object
struct  bsp_vertex
struct  bsp_polygon
class  bsp_polygon_data


#define MODEL_LIB
#define IBOX_ALL_OFF   0
#define IBOX_ALL_ON   1
#define NOISE_SCALE   0.5f
#define MIN_SCALE   3.4f
#define MAX_SCALE   4.7f


typedef struct model_light model_light
typedef struct model_light_object model_light_object


fix game_get_overall_frametime ()
int model_interp_sub (void *model_ptr, polymodel *pm, bsp_info *sm, int do_box_check)
void model_really_render (int model_num, matrix *orient, vec3d *pos, uint flags, int render, int objnum=-1)
void model_interp_sortnorm_b2f (ubyte *p, polymodel *pm, bsp_info *sm, int do_box_check)
void model_interp_sortnorm_f2b (ubyte *p, polymodel *pm, bsp_info *sm, int do_box_check)
int model_should_render_engine_glow (int objnum, int bank_obj)
void model_render_buffers_DEPRECATED (polymodel *pm, int mn, int render, bool is_child=false)
void model_render_children_buffers_DEPRECATED (polymodel *pm, int mn, int detail_level, int render)
int model_interp_get_texture (texture_info *tinfo, fix base_frametime)
void model_deallocate_interp_data ()
void model_collide_allocate_point_list (int n_points)
void model_collide_free_point_list ()
void model_allocate_interp_data (int n_verts=0, int n_norms=0, int n_list_verts=0)
void model_setup_cloak (vec3d *shift, int full_cloak, int alpha)
void model_finish_cloak (int full_cloak)
void interp_clear_instance ()
void model_set_thrust (int model_num, mst_info *mst)
void model_interp_splode_defpoints (ubyte *p, polymodel *pm, bsp_info *sm, float dist)
void model_interp_defpoints (ubyte *p, polymodel *pm, bsp_info *sm)
void model_interp_flatpoly (ubyte *p, polymodel *pm)
void model_interp_edge_alpha (ubyte *param_r, ubyte *param_g, ubyte *param_b, vec3d *pnt, vec3d *norm, float alpha, bool invert=false)
void model_interp_tmappoly (ubyte *p, polymodel *pm)
void model_draw_debug_points (polymodel *pm, bsp_info *submodel, uint flags)
void model_draw_paths (int model_num, uint flags)
void model_draw_paths_htl (int model_num, uint flags)
void model_draw_bay_paths_htl (int model_num)
void model_draw_bay_paths (int model_num)
int g3_draw_rod (int num_points, const vec3d *vecs, float width, uint tmap_flags)
void interp_render_arc_segment (vec3d *v1, vec3d *v2, int depth)
void interp_render_arc (vec3d *v1, vec3d *v2, color *primary, color *secondary, float arc_width)
void interp_render_lightning (polymodel *pm, bsp_info *sm)
void model_interp_subcall (polymodel *pm, int mn, int detail_level)
int interp_box_offscreen (vec3d *min, vec3d *max)
void model_render_shields (polymodel *pm, uint flags)
void model_render_insignias (polymodel *pm, int detail_level, int bitmap_num)
int model_get_rotated_bitmap_points (vertex *pnt, float angle, float rad, vertex *v)
 DCF (model_darkening,"Makes models darker with distance")
void model_render_DEPRECATED (int model_num, matrix *orient, vec3d *pos, uint flags, int objnum, int lighting_skip, int *replacement_textures, int render, const bool is_skybox)
float interp_closest_dist_to_box (vec3d *hitpt, vec3d *p0, vec3d *min, vec3d *max)
float model_find_closest_point (vec3d *outpnt, int model_num, int submodel_num, matrix *orient, vec3d *pos, vec3d *eye_pos)
 if (tiling)
void moldel_calc_facing_pts (vec3d *top, vec3d *bot, vec3d *fvec, vec3d *pos, float w, float z_add, vec3d *Eyeposition)
void model_render_thrusters (polymodel *pm, int objnum, ship *shipp, matrix *orient, vec3d *pos)
void model_render_glow_points_DEPRECATED (polymodel *pm, ship *shipp, matrix *orient, vec3d *pos, bool use_depth_buffer=true)
void light_set_all_relevent ()
void submodel_render_DEPRECATED (int model_num, int submodel_num, matrix *orient, vec3d *pos, uint flags, int objnum, int *replacement_textures, int render)
void submodel_get_two_random_points (int model_num, int submodel_num, vec3d *v1, vec3d *v2, vec3d *n1, vec3d *n2)
void submodel_get_two_random_points_better (int model_num, int submodel_num, vec3d *v1, vec3d *v2)
void model_set_outline_color (int r, int g, int b)
void model_set_outline_color_fast (void *outline_color)
void model_set_detail_level (int n)
int submodel_get_num_verts (int model_num, int submodel_num)
int submodel_get_num_polys_sub (ubyte *p)
int submodel_get_num_polys (int model_num, int submodel_num)
void model_show_damaged (int model_num, int show_damaged)
void model_set_insignia_bitmap (int bmap)
void model_set_replacement_textures (int *replacement_textures)
void model_set_forced_texture (int bmap)
void model_set_alpha (float alpha)
int model_find_texture (int model_num, int bitmap)
float get_model_closest_box_point_with_delta (vec3d *closest_box_point, vec3d *start_point, int modelnum, int *is_inside, float delta)
float get_world_closest_box_point_with_delta (vec3d *closest_box_point, object *box_obj, vec3d *start_point, int *is_inside, float delta)
void model_set_fog_level (float l)
void model_page_in_textures (int modelnum, int ship_info_index)
void model_page_out_textures (int model_num, bool release)
void parse_defpoint (int off, ubyte *bsp_data)
int check_values (vec3d *N)
void parse_tmap (int offset, ubyte *bsp_data)
void parse_sortnorm (int offset, ubyte *bsp_data)
void parse_bsp (int offset, ubyte *bsp_data)
void find_tmap (int offset, ubyte *bsp_data)
void find_defpoint (int off, ubyte *bsp_data)
void find_sortnorm (int offset, ubyte *bsp_data)
void find_tri_counts (int offset, ubyte *bsp_data)
void interp_pack_vertex_buffers (polymodel *pm, int mn)
void interp_configure_vertex_buffers (polymodel *pm, int mn)
void interp_copy_index_buffer (vertex_buffer *src, vertex_buffer *dest, int *index_counts)
void interp_fill_detail_index_buffer (SCP_vector< int > &submodel_list, polymodel *pm, vertex_buffer *buffer)
void interp_create_detail_index_buffer (polymodel *pm, int detail_num)
void interp_create_transparency_index_buffer (polymodel *pm, int mn)
void model_set_warp_globals (float scale_x, float scale_y, float scale_z, int bitmap_id, float alpha)
void model_mix_two_team_colors (team_color *dest, team_color *a, team_color *b, float mix_factor)
bool model_get_team_color (team_color *clr, const SCP_string &team, const SCP_string &secondaryteam, fix timestamp, int fadetime)
void model_interp_set_team_color (const SCP_string &team, const SCP_string &secondaryteam, fix timestamp, int fadetime)
void model_interp_set_clip_plane (vec3d *pos, vec3d *normal)
void model_interp_set_animated_effect_and_timer (int effect_num, float effect_timer)


float model_radius = 0
int modelstats_num_polys = 0
int modelstats_num_polys_drawn = 0
int modelstats_num_verts = 0
int modelstats_num_sortnorms = 0
int modelstats_num_boxes = 0
vec3d ** Interp_verts = NULL
vec3dInterp_splode_verts = NULL
model_light_object Interp_lighting_temp
model_light_objectInterp_lighting = &Interp_lighting_temp
int Interp_use_saved_lighting = 0
int Interp_saved_lighting_full = 0
bool Interp_desaturate = false
int Interp_thrust_scale_subobj = 0
float Interp_thrust_scale = 0.1f
float Interp_light = 0.0f
int Interp_multitex_cloakmap = -1
int Interp_cloakmap_alpha = 255
int Interp_detail_level = 0
bool Interp_clip_plane
vec3d Interp_clip_pos
vec3d Interp_clip_normal
team_color Interp_team_color
bool Interp_team_color_set = false
int Interp_animated_effect = 0
float Interp_animated_timer = 0.0f
int Interp_no_flush = 0
void(* model_interp_sortnorm )(ubyte *p, polymodel *pm, bsp_info *sm, int do_box_check) = model_interp_sortnorm_b2f
bool splodeing = false
int splodeingtexture = -1
float splode_level = 0.0f
float GEOMETRY_NOISE = 0.0f
int Tmap_show_layers
int Interp_subspace = 0
float Interp_subspace_offset_u = 0.0f
float Interp_subspace_offset_v = 0.0f
ubyte Interp_subspace_r = 255
ubyte Interp_subspace_g = 255
ubyte Interp_subspace_b = 255
int Num_arc_segment_points = 0
vec3d Arc_segment_points [MAX_ARC_SEGMENT_POINTS]
int Interp_lightning = 1
const int AR = 64
const int AG = 64
const int AB = 5
const int AR2 = 128
const int AG2 = 128
const int AB2 = 10
int Model_texturing = 1
int Model_polys = 1
float Interp_depth_scale = 1500.0f
int tiling = 1
bool Scene_framebuffer_in_frame
int Warp_model
bool Rendering_to_shadow_map
int tri_count [MAX_MODEL_TEXTURES]
poly_list polygon_list [MAX_MODEL_TEXTURES]
int Parse_normal_problem_count = 0

Macro Definition Documentation

#define IBOX_ALL_OFF   0

Definition at line 1671 of file modelinterp.cpp.

#define IBOX_ALL_ON   1

Definition at line 1672 of file modelinterp.cpp.


Definition at line 1673 of file modelinterp.cpp.

#define MAX_SCALE   4.7f
#define MIN_SCALE   3.4f
#define MODEL_LIB

Definition at line 12 of file modelinterp.cpp.

#define NOISE_SCALE   0.5f

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct model_light model_light

Function Documentation

int check_values ( vec3d N)

Definition at line 4072 of file modelinterp.cpp.

DCF ( model_darkening  ,
"Makes models darker with distance"   

Definition at line 1988 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void find_defpoint ( int  off,
ubyte bsp_data 

Definition at line 4228 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void find_sortnorm ( int  offset,
ubyte bsp_data 

Definition at line 4294 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void find_tmap ( int  offset,
ubyte bsp_data 

Definition at line 4220 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void find_tri_counts ( int  offset,
ubyte bsp_data 

Definition at line 4255 of file modelinterp.cpp.

int g3_draw_rod ( int  num_points,
const vec3d vecs,
float  width,
uint  tmap_flags 

Definition at line 1335 of file 3ddraw.cpp.

fix game_get_overall_frametime ( )

Definition at line 230 of file fredstubs.cpp.

float get_model_closest_box_point_with_delta ( vec3d closest_box_point,
vec3d start_point,
int  modelnum,
int is_inside,
float  delta 

Definition at line 3883 of file modelinterp.cpp.

float get_world_closest_box_point_with_delta ( vec3d closest_box_point,
object box_obj,
vec3d start_point,
int is_inside,
float  delta 

Definition at line 3935 of file modelinterp.cpp.

if ( tiling  )

Definition at line 2223 of file modelinterp.cpp.

int interp_box_offscreen ( vec3d min,
vec3d max 

Definition at line 1675 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void interp_clear_instance ( )

Definition at line 394 of file modelinterp.cpp.

float interp_closest_dist_to_box ( vec3d hitpt,
vec3d p0,
vec3d min,
vec3d max 

Find the distance from p0 to the closest point on a box. The box's dimensions from 'min' to 'max'.

Definition at line 2157 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void interp_configure_vertex_buffers ( polymodel pm,
int  mn 

Definition at line 4333 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void interp_copy_index_buffer ( vertex_buffer src,
vertex_buffer dest,
int index_counts 

Definition at line 4476 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void interp_create_detail_index_buffer ( polymodel pm,
int  detail_num 

Definition at line 4577 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void interp_create_transparency_index_buffer ( polymodel pm,
int  mn 

Definition at line 4601 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void interp_fill_detail_index_buffer ( SCP_vector< int > &  submodel_list,
polymodel pm,
vertex_buffer buffer 

Definition at line 4506 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void interp_pack_vertex_buffers ( polymodel pm,
int  mn 

Definition at line 4311 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void interp_render_arc ( vec3d v1,
vec3d v2,
color primary,
color secondary,
float  arc_width 

Definition at line 1502 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void interp_render_arc_segment ( vec3d v1,
vec3d v2,
int  depth 

Definition at line 1477 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void interp_render_lightning ( polymodel pm,
bsp_info sm 

Definition at line 1542 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void light_set_all_relevent ( )

Definition at line 644 of file lighting.cpp.

void model_allocate_interp_data ( int  n_verts = 0,
int  n_norms = 0,
int  n_list_verts = 0 

Definition at line 273 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_collide_allocate_point_list ( int  n_points)

Definition at line 62 of file modelcollide.cpp.

void model_collide_free_point_list ( )

Definition at line 52 of file modelcollide.cpp.

void model_deallocate_interp_data ( )

Definition at line 243 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_draw_bay_paths ( int  model_num)

Docking bay and fighter bay paths

Definition at line 1423 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_draw_bay_paths_htl ( int  model_num)

Docking bay and fighter bay paths

Definition at line 1378 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_draw_debug_points ( polymodel pm,
bsp_info submodel,
uint  flags 

Definition at line 1194 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_draw_paths ( int  model_num,
uint  flags 

Debug code to show all the paths of a model

Definition at line 1273 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_draw_paths_htl ( int  model_num,
uint  flags 

Debug code to show all the paths of a model

Definition at line 1324 of file modelinterp.cpp.

float model_find_closest_point ( vec3d outpnt,
int  model_num,
int  submodel_num,
matrix orient,
vec3d pos,
vec3d eye_pos 

Definition at line 2197 of file modelinterp.cpp.

int model_find_texture ( int  model_num,
int  bitmap 

See if the given texture is used by the passed model. 0 if not used, 1 if used, -1 on error

Definition at line 3854 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_finish_cloak ( int  full_cloak)

Definition at line 382 of file modelinterp.cpp.

int model_get_rotated_bitmap_points ( vertex pnt,
float  angle,
float  rad,
vertex v 

Draws a bitmap with the specified 3d width & height

1 if off screen, 0 if not

Definition at line 1923 of file modelinterp.cpp.

bool model_get_team_color ( team_color clr,
const SCP_string team,
const SCP_string secondaryteam,
fix  timestamp,
int  fadetime 

Definition at line 5179 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_interp_defpoints ( ubyte p,
polymodel pm,
bsp_info sm 

Definition at line 536 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_interp_edge_alpha ( ubyte param_r,
ubyte param_g,
ubyte param_b,
vec3d pnt,
vec3d norm,
float  alpha,
bool  invert = false 

Definition at line 769 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_interp_flatpoly ( ubyte p,
polymodel pm 

Definition at line 690 of file modelinterp.cpp.

int model_interp_get_texture ( texture_info tinfo,
fix  base_frametime 

Definition at line 5128 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_interp_set_animated_effect_and_timer ( int  effect_num,
float  effect_timer 

Definition at line 5240 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_interp_set_clip_plane ( vec3d pos,
vec3d normal 

Definition at line 5227 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_interp_set_team_color ( const SCP_string team,
const SCP_string secondaryteam,
fix  timestamp,
int  fadetime 

Definition at line 5221 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_interp_sortnorm_b2f ( ubyte p,
polymodel pm,
bsp_info sm,
int  do_box_check 

Definition at line 1109 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_interp_sortnorm_f2b ( ubyte p,
polymodel pm,
bsp_info sm,
int  do_box_check 

Definition at line 1157 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_interp_splode_defpoints ( ubyte p,
polymodel pm,
bsp_info sm,
float  dist 

Definition at line 485 of file modelinterp.cpp.

int model_interp_sub ( void model_ptr,
polymodel pm,
bsp_info sm,
int  do_box_check 

Calls the object interpreter to render an object.

true if drawn

Definition at line 1725 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_interp_subcall ( polymodel pm,
int  mn,
int  detail_level 

Definition at line 1600 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_interp_tmappoly ( ubyte p,
polymodel pm 

Definition at line 805 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_mix_two_team_colors ( team_color dest,
team_color a,
team_color b,
float  mix_factor 

Definition at line 5168 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_page_in_textures ( int  modelnum,
int  ship_info_index 

Given a newly loaded model, page in all textures

Definition at line 3967 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_page_out_textures ( int  model_num,
bool  release 

Definition at line 3993 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_really_render ( int  model_num,
matrix orient,
vec3d pos,
uint  flags,
int  render,
int  objnum = -1 

Definition at line 2904 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_render_buffers_DEPRECATED ( polymodel pm,
int  mn,
int  render,
bool  is_child = false 

Definition at line 4834 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_render_children_buffers_DEPRECATED ( polymodel pm,
int  mn,
int  detail_level,
int  render 

Definition at line 4709 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_render_DEPRECATED ( int  model_num,
matrix orient,
vec3d pos,
uint  flags,
int  objnum,
int  lighting_skip,
int replacement_textures,
int  render,
const bool  is_skybox 

Definition at line 2006 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_render_glow_points_DEPRECATED ( polymodel pm,
ship shipp,
matrix orient,
vec3d pos,
bool  use_depth_buffer = true 

Definition at line 2585 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_render_insignias ( polymodel pm,
int  detail_level,
int  bitmap_num 

Definition at line 1841 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_render_shields ( polymodel pm,
uint  flags 

Definition at line 1804 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_render_thrusters ( polymodel pm,
int  objnum,
ship shipp,
matrix orient,
vec3d pos 

Maybe draw mode thruster glows

Definition at line 2252 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_set_alpha ( float  alpha)

Set model transparency for use with MR_ALL_XPARENT

Definition at line 3846 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_set_detail_level ( int  n)

Definition at line 3692 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_set_fog_level ( float  l)

Definition at line 3959 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_set_forced_texture ( int  bmap)

Set the forces bitmap

Definition at line 3838 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_set_insignia_bitmap ( int  bmap)

Set the insignia bitmap to be used when rendering a ship with an insignia (-1 switches it off altogether)

Definition at line 3825 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_set_outline_color ( int  r,
int  g,
int  b 

Definition at line 3677 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_set_outline_color_fast ( void outline_color)

Definition at line 3685 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_set_replacement_textures ( int replacement_textures)

Definition at line 3830 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_set_thrust ( int  model_num,
mst_info mst 

Scales the engines thrusters by this much

Definition at line 437 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_set_warp_globals ( float  scale_x,
float  scale_y,
float  scale_z,
int  bitmap_id,
float  alpha 

Definition at line 5158 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_setup_cloak ( vec3d shift,
int  full_cloak,
int  alpha 

Definition at line 358 of file modelinterp.cpp.

int model_should_render_engine_glow ( int  objnum,
int  bank_obj 

Definition at line 5084 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void model_show_damaged ( int  model_num,
int  show_damaged 

Definition at line 3790 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void moldel_calc_facing_pts ( vec3d top,
vec3d bot,
vec3d fvec,
vec3d pos,
float  w,
float  z_add,
vec3d Eyeposition 

Definition at line 2230 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void parse_bsp ( int  offset,
ubyte bsp_data 

Definition at line 4164 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void parse_defpoint ( int  off,
ubyte bsp_data 

Definition at line 4042 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void parse_sortnorm ( int  offset,
ubyte bsp_data 

Definition at line 4203 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void parse_tmap ( int  offset,
ubyte bsp_data 

Definition at line 4088 of file modelinterp.cpp.

int submodel_get_num_polys ( int  model_num,
int  submodel_num 

Returns number of tmaps & flat polys in a submodel

Definition at line 3778 of file modelinterp.cpp.

int submodel_get_num_polys_sub ( ubyte p)

Returns number of tmaps & flat polys in a submodel;

Definition at line 3738 of file modelinterp.cpp.

int submodel_get_num_verts ( int  model_num,
int  submodel_num 

Returns number of verts in a submodel;

Definition at line 3700 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void submodel_get_two_random_points ( int  model_num,
int  submodel_num,
vec3d v1,
vec3d v2,
vec3d n1,
vec3d n2 

Gets two random points on a model

Definition at line 3583 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void submodel_get_two_random_points_better ( int  model_num,
int  submodel_num,
vec3d v1,
vec3d v2 

Definition at line 3631 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void submodel_render_DEPRECATED ( int  model_num,
int  submodel_num,
matrix orient,
vec3d pos,
uint  flags,
int  objnum,
int replacement_textures,
int  render 

Definition at line 3343 of file modelinterp.cpp.

Variable Documentation

const int AB = 5

Definition at line 1537 of file modelinterp.cpp.

const int AB2 = 10

Definition at line 1540 of file modelinterp.cpp.

const int AG = 64

Definition at line 1536 of file modelinterp.cpp.

const int AG2 = 128

Definition at line 1539 of file modelinterp.cpp.

const int AR = 64

Definition at line 1535 of file modelinterp.cpp.

const int AR2 = 128

Definition at line 1538 of file modelinterp.cpp.

vec3d Arc_segment_points[MAX_ARC_SEGMENT_POINTS]

Definition at line 1473 of file modelinterp.cpp.

Initial value:
dc_printf("Non-tiled textures\n")
void dc_printf(const char *format,...)
Prints the given char string to the debug console.
Definition: console.cpp:358

Definition at line 2225 of file modelinterp.cpp.

float GEOMETRY_NOISE = 0.0f

Definition at line 475 of file modelinterp.cpp.

int Interp_animated_effect = 0

Definition at line 227 of file modelinterp.cpp.

float Interp_animated_timer = 0.0f

Definition at line 228 of file modelinterp.cpp.

vec3d Interp_clip_normal

Definition at line 220 of file modelinterp.cpp.

bool Interp_clip_plane

Definition at line 218 of file modelinterp.cpp.

vec3d Interp_clip_pos

Definition at line 219 of file modelinterp.cpp.

int Interp_cloakmap_alpha = 255

Definition at line 210 of file modelinterp.cpp.

float Interp_depth_scale = 1500.0f

Definition at line 1986 of file modelinterp.cpp.

bool Interp_desaturate = false

Definition at line 157 of file modelinterp.cpp.

int Interp_detail_level = 0

Definition at line 213 of file modelinterp.cpp.

float Interp_light = 0.0f

Definition at line 207 of file modelinterp.cpp.

Definition at line 136 of file modelinterp.cpp.

model_light_object Interp_lighting_temp

Definition at line 135 of file modelinterp.cpp.

int Interp_lightning = 1

Definition at line 1532 of file modelinterp.cpp.

int Interp_multitex_cloakmap = -1

Definition at line 209 of file modelinterp.cpp.

int Interp_no_flush = 0

Definition at line 230 of file modelinterp.cpp.

matrix* Interp_orient

Definition at line 674 of file modelinterp.cpp.

vec3d* Interp_pos

Definition at line 675 of file modelinterp.cpp.

int Interp_saved_lighting_full = 0

Definition at line 138 of file modelinterp.cpp.

vec3d* Interp_splode_verts = NULL

Definition at line 123 of file modelinterp.cpp.

int Interp_subspace = 0

Definition at line 798 of file modelinterp.cpp.

ubyte Interp_subspace_b = 255

Definition at line 803 of file modelinterp.cpp.

ubyte Interp_subspace_g = 255

Definition at line 802 of file modelinterp.cpp.

float Interp_subspace_offset_u = 0.0f

Definition at line 799 of file modelinterp.cpp.

float Interp_subspace_offset_v = 0.0f

Definition at line 800 of file modelinterp.cpp.

ubyte Interp_subspace_r = 255

Definition at line 801 of file modelinterp.cpp.

team_color Interp_team_color

Definition at line 223 of file modelinterp.cpp.

bool Interp_team_color_set = false

Definition at line 224 of file modelinterp.cpp.

float Interp_thrust_scale = 0.1f

Definition at line 161 of file modelinterp.cpp.

int Interp_thrust_scale_subobj = 0

Definition at line 160 of file modelinterp.cpp.

int Interp_use_saved_lighting = 0

Definition at line 137 of file modelinterp.cpp.

vec3d** Interp_verts = NULL

Definition at line 120 of file modelinterp.cpp.

void(* model_interp_sortnorm) (ubyte *p, polymodel *pm, bsp_info *sm, int do_box_check) = model_interp_sortnorm_b2f

Definition at line 237 of file modelinterp.cpp.

int Model_polys = 1

Definition at line 1909 of file modelinterp.cpp.

float model_radius = 0

Definition at line 41 of file modelinterp.cpp.

int Model_texturing = 1

Definition at line 1908 of file modelinterp.cpp.

int modelstats_num_boxes = 0

Definition at line 49 of file modelinterp.cpp.

int modelstats_num_polys = 0

Definition at line 45 of file modelinterp.cpp.

int modelstats_num_polys_drawn = 0

Definition at line 46 of file modelinterp.cpp.

int modelstats_num_sortnorms = 0

Definition at line 48 of file modelinterp.cpp.

int modelstats_num_verts = 0

Definition at line 47 of file modelinterp.cpp.

int Num_arc_segment_points = 0

Definition at line 1472 of file modelinterp.cpp.

int Parse_normal_problem_count = 0

Definition at line 4086 of file modelinterp.cpp.

Definition at line 4040 of file modelinterp.cpp.

bool Rendering_to_shadow_map

Definition at line 88 of file gropengltnl.cpp.

bool Scene_framebuffer_in_frame

Definition at line 50 of file gropengldraw.cpp.

float splode_level = 0.0f

Definition at line 473 of file modelinterp.cpp.

bool splodeing = false

Definition at line 471 of file modelinterp.cpp.

int splodeingtexture = -1

Definition at line 472 of file modelinterp.cpp.

int tiling = 1

Definition at line 2214 of file modelinterp.cpp.

int Tmap_show_layers
int tri_count[MAX_MODEL_TEXTURES]

Definition at line 4039 of file modelinterp.cpp.

int Warp_model

Definition at line 32 of file fireballs.cpp.