Open source remastering of the Freespace 2 engine
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1 /*
2  * Copyright (C) Volition, Inc. 1999. All rights reserved.
3  *
4  * All source code herein is the property of Volition, Inc. You may not sell
5  * or otherwise commercially exploit the source or things you created based on the
6  * source.
7  *
8 */
12 #ifndef __GAMESND_H__
13 #define __GAMESND_H__
15 #include "mission/missionparse.h"
16 #include "sound/sound.h"
19 void gamesnd_parse_soundstbl(); // Loads in general game sounds from sounds.tbl
20 void gamesnd_close(); // close out gamesnd... only call from game_shutdown()!
28 void gamesnd_play_iface(int n);
30 int gamesnd_get_by_name(const char* name);
31 int gamesnd_get_by_iface_name(const char* name);
35 //flags for parse_sound and parse_sound_list
37 {
42 };
44 //This should handle NO_SOUND just fine since it doesn't directly access lowlevel code
45 //Does all parsing for a sound
46 void parse_sound(const char* tag, int* idx_dest, const char* object_name, parse_sound_flags = PARSE_SOUND_GENERAL_SOUND);
47 void parse_sound_list(const char* tag, SCP_vector<int>& destination, const char* object_name, parse_sound_flags = PARSE_SOUND_GENERAL_SOUND);
49 // this is a callback, so it needs to be a real function
72  SND_ENGINE = 4,
99  SND_DEBRIS = 31,
113  SND_WARP_IN = 45,
116  SND_STATIC = 48,
144  //Weapons section
191  SND_BEAM_UP = 122,
195  //Ship Engine Sounds section
209  // Electrical arc sound fx on the debris pieces
215  // Beam Sounds
235  SND_COPILOT = 162,
281 };
357 };
359 #endif
main hall - elevator
Definition: gamesnd.h:308
void common_play_highlight_sound()
Definition: gamesnd.cpp:1151
light ship-ship collide sound
Definition: gamesnd.h:120
Vasudan fighter engine.
Definition: gamesnd.h:199
1.5 sec warm up
Definition: gamesnd.h:256
subspace ambient sound (right channel) (looped)
Definition: gamesnd.h:141
0.75 second spark sound effect
Definition: gamesnd.h:213
LARGE engine ambient.
Definition: gamesnd.h:139
tried to fire lasers when not enough energy left
Definition: gamesnd.h:95
reset (or similar button) pressed
Definition: gamesnd.h:306
EMP Missle.
Definition: gamesnd.h:187
BFGreen warm down.
Definition: gamesnd.h:232
(Empty in Retail)
Definition: gamesnd.h:242
AntiFtr warm down.
Definition: gamesnd.h:262
Shivan capital engine.
Definition: gamesnd.h:208
main hall - crane 2
Definition: gamesnd.h:318
set zero throttle
Definition: gamesnd.h:82
dock attach
Definition: gamesnd.h:86
commit pressed
Definition: gamesnd.h:294
Beam shot 1.
Definition: gamesnd.h:193
energy transfer success
Definition: gamesnd.h:79
Definition: gamesnd.h:181
"evaded" HUD popup
Definition: gamesnd.h:142
0.50 second spark sound effect
Definition: gamesnd.h:212
warp hole opening up for departing (Same as warp in for now)
Definition: gamesnd.h:114
targeting laser loop sound
Definition: gamesnd.h:184
SGreen warm down.
Definition: gamesnd.h:230
angel fire missile launch
Definition: gamesnd.h:161
TerSlash beam loop.
Definition: gamesnd.h:217
GLuint index
Definition: Glext.h:5608
user_over (mouse over a control)
Definition: gamesnd.h:304
(Empty in Retail)
Definition: gamesnd.h:238
missile threat indicator flashes
Definition: gamesnd.h:122
LTerSlash warm down.
Definition: gamesnd.h:228
spinning highlight in briefing
Definition: gamesnd.h:328
DR-2 Scalpel fired.
Definition: gamesnd.h:146
char * object_name(int obj)
drop a ship icon on a wing slot
Definition: gamesnd.h:289
rockeye missile launch
Definition: gamesnd.h:156
3 sec warm up
Definition: gamesnd.h:225
beam loop
Definition: gamesnd.h:190
(Empty in Retail)
Definition: gamesnd.h:243
proximity warning (aspect)
Definition: gamesnd.h:124
(Empty in Retail)
Definition: gamesnd.h:244
pick up a ship icon (Empty in Retail)
Definition: gamesnd.h:288
SuperNova (distant)
Definition: gamesnd.h:246
main hall tech room - mouse on
Definition: gamesnd.h:321
captial ship subsystem destroyed
Definition: gamesnd.h:128
countermeasure 1 launch
Definition: gamesnd.h:168
LRed warm down.
Definition: gamesnd.h:261
main hall tech room - mouse off
Definition: gamesnd.h:322
Terran fighter engine.
Definition: gamesnd.h:196
vasudan hall - lift down
Definition: gamesnd.h:337
ambient sound for the Terran main hall (looping)
Definition: gamesnd.h:299
general failure sound for any event
Definition: gamesnd.h:297
Flak Gun Impact.
Definition: gamesnd.h:186
help pressed
Definition: gamesnd.h:293
SRed warm down.
Definition: gamesnd.h:260
shockwave ignition
Definition: gamesnd.h:170
beam power down
Definition: gamesnd.h:192
int gamesnd_get_by_iface_tbl_index(int index)
Definition: gamesnd.cpp:376
heavy ship-ship collide sound
Definition: gamesnd.h:119
(Empty in Retail)
Definition: gamesnd.h:239
countermeasure cycle
Definition: gamesnd.h:106
Beam shot 2.
Definition: gamesnd.h:194
Terran SuperCap engine.
Definition: gamesnd.h:175
voice clip played when volume slider changes
Definition: gamesnd.h:317
target acquried
Definition: gamesnd.h:76
Volition PirateShip.
Definition: gamesnd.h:259
small asteroid blows up
Definition: gamesnd.h:131
GTW-83 Lich laser fired.
Definition: gamesnd.h:153
Prometheus S laser fired.
Definition: gamesnd.h:149
Shivan light laser.
Definition: gamesnd.h:169
Escape Pod Drone.
Definition: gamesnd.h:188
3.5 sec warm up
Definition: gamesnd.h:226
Definition: gamesnd.h:36
prev/next pressed
Definition: gamesnd.h:295
vasudan hall - skiff loop
Definition: gamesnd.h:340
weapon flyby sound
Definition: gamesnd.h:135
ambient sound for menus off the main hall (looping)
Definition: gamesnd.h:314
Definition: gamesnd.h:67
LRed beam loop.
Definition: gamesnd.h:251
Missle tracking to acquire a lock (looped)
Definition: gamesnd.h:68
1.5 sec warm up
Definition: gamesnd.h:223
dock approach retros
Definition: gamesnd.h:85
Engine wash (looped)
Definition: gamesnd.h:112
cargo scanning (looped)
Definition: gamesnd.h:134
void gamesnd_preload_common_sounds()
Definition: gamesnd.cpp:510
0.10 second spark sound effect
Definition: gamesnd.h:210
popup dialog box appeared
Definition: gamesnd.h:315
(Empty in Retail)
Definition: gamesnd.h:245
SuperNova (shockwave)
Definition: gamesnd.h:247
bup bup bup-bup bup bup
Definition: gamesnd.h:348
main hall options - mouse on
Definition: gamesnd.h:319
int gamesnd_get_by_iface_name(const char *name)
Definition: gamesnd.cpp:334
missle start load (during rearm/repair)
Definition: gamesnd.h:101
Shivan large engine.
Definition: gamesnd.h:248
hud gauge static
Definition: gamesnd.h:116
Shivan fighter engine.
Definition: gamesnd.h:202
void gamesnd_close()
Definition: gamesnd.cpp:1141
briefing text wipe
Definition: gamesnd.h:307
main hall options - mouse off
Definition: gamesnd.h:320
vasudan hall - lift up
Definition: gamesnd.h:336
weapon animation starts
Definition: gamesnd.h:309
missle load (during rearm/repair)
Definition: gamesnd.h:102
Instellation 1.
Definition: gamesnd.h:263
main hall exit open
Definition: gamesnd.h:323
squadmate message menu disappears
Definition: gamesnd.h:98
Definition: gamesnd.h:356
Shivan large engine.
Definition: gamesnd.h:249
Vasudan SuperCap engine.
Definition: gamesnd.h:173
main hall - crane 1
Definition: gamesnd.h:313
Shivan cruiser engine.
Definition: gamesnd.h:204
vasudan hall - hatch open
Definition: gamesnd.h:332
energy transfer fail
Definition: gamesnd.h:80
mega wokka launch
Definition: gamesnd.h:167
Switching to a new screen, but not commit.
Definition: gamesnd.h:292
heat-seeker launch warning
Definition: gamesnd.h:93
afterburner engage
Definition: gamesnd.h:89
Antifighter beam loop.
Definition: gamesnd.h:221
void gamesnd_play_iface(int n)
Definition: gamesnd.cpp:260
(Empty in Retail)
Definition: gamesnd.h:240
main hall random intercom 2
Definition: gamesnd.h:326
Terran cruiser engine.
Definition: gamesnd.h:198
swarm missile sound
Definition: gamesnd.h:171
Shivan Commnode.
Definition: gamesnd.h:258
ship explosion 2
Definition: gamesnd.h:117
shockwave impact
Definition: gamesnd.h:178
Thunder 1 sound in neblua.
Definition: gamesnd.h:253
BGreen beem loop.
Definition: gamesnd.h:219
Definition: gamesnd.h:179
(Undefined in Retail)
Definition: gamesnd.h:266
mouse click
Definition: gamesnd.h:109
(Undefined in Retail)
Definition: gamesnd.h:268
Vasudan capital engine.
Definition: gamesnd.h:207
Definition: gamesnd.h:182
Vasudan bomber engine.
Definition: gamesnd.h:200
SCP_vector< game_snd > Snds_iface
Definition: gamesnd.cpp:20
large ship warps out
Definition: gamesnd.h:129
Thunder 2 sound in neblua.
Definition: gamesnd.h:254
void gamesnd_play_error_beep()
Definition: gamesnd.cpp:1159
vasudan hall - vasudan pa 1
Definition: gamesnd.h:345
energy level change fail
Definition: gamesnd.h:78
main hall exit close
Definition: gamesnd.h:324
mag pulse missile launch
Definition: gamesnd.h:158
T_AntiFtr warm down.
Definition: gamesnd.h:233
void gamesnd_load_gameplay_sounds()
Definition: gamesnd.cpp:529
shrike missile launch
Definition: gamesnd.h:160
proximity warning (heat seeker)
Definition: gamesnd.h:123
set 1/3 or 2/3 throttle (up)
Definition: gamesnd.h:83
(Undefined in Retail)
Definition: gamesnd.h:271
vasudan hall - vasudan pa 3
Definition: gamesnd.h:347
Beam Hit 1.
Definition: gamesnd.h:189
dock detach
Definition: gamesnd.h:87
tried to fire a missle when none are left
Definition: gamesnd.h:94
door in main hall closes
Definition: gamesnd.h:311
cycle secondary weapon
Definition: gamesnd.h:71
warp hole opening up for arriving
Definition: gamesnd.h:113
vasudan hall - exit close
Definition: gamesnd.h:351
shield ship-ship collide overlay sound
Definition: gamesnd.h:121
vasudan hall - hatch close
Definition: gamesnd.h:333
Antifighter beam loop.
Definition: gamesnd.h:252
set 1/3 or 2/3 throttle (down)
Definition: gamesnd.h:84
large asteroid blows up
Definition: gamesnd.h:130
(Undefined in Retail)
Definition: gamesnd.h:270
GLclampd n
Definition: Glext.h:7286
(Undefined in Retail)
Definition: gamesnd.h:269
Destroyed by a beam (vaporized)
Definition: gamesnd.h:91
door in main hall opens
Definition: gamesnd.h:310
Shivan heavy laser.
Definition: gamesnd.h:177
5 sec warm up
Definition: gamesnd.h:227
target fail sound (i.e. press targeting key, but nothing happens)
Definition: gamesnd.h:96
user_click (mouse selects a control)
Definition: gamesnd.h:305
aspect launch warning
Definition: gamesnd.h:110
search for sound in the general table in sound.tbl
Definition: gamesnd.h:38
LTerSlash beam loop.
Definition: gamesnd.h:216
BGreen warm down.
Definition: gamesnd.h:231
Parse the list of sounds SCP style (just indexes and/or files names, no count first) ...
Definition: gamesnd.h:40
vasudan hall - glow off
Definition: gamesnd.h:339
main hall random intercom 1
Definition: gamesnd.h:325
popup dialog box goes away
Definition: gamesnd.h:316
void parse_sound(const char *tag, int *idx_dest, const char *object_name, parse_sound_flags=PARSE_SOUND_GENERAL_SOUND)
Definition: gamesnd.cpp:445
main hall random intercom 3
Definition: gamesnd.h:327
GLuint const GLchar * name
Definition: Glext.h:5608
vasudan hall - vasudan greeting
Definition: gamesnd.h:343
vasudan hall - screen off
Definition: gamesnd.h:342
harbinger bomb launch
Definition: gamesnd.h:166
Terran capital engine.
Definition: gamesnd.h:206
Terran bomber engine.
Definition: gamesnd.h:197
cycle primary weapon
Definition: gamesnd.h:70
Shivan SuperCap engine.
Definition: gamesnd.h:174
ship death roll
Definition: gamesnd.h:74
int gamesnd_get_by_name(const char *name)
Definition: gamesnd.cpp:301
brief stage change fail
Definition: gamesnd.h:302
set full throttle
Definition: gamesnd.h:81
subspace ambient sound (left channel) (looped)
Definition: gamesnd.h:140
3 sec warm up
Definition: gamesnd.h:257
player warp has failed
Definition: gamesnd.h:115
static in a briefing stage cut
Definition: gamesnd.h:329
vasudan hall - screen on
Definition: gamesnd.h:341
(Undefined in Retail)
Definition: gamesnd.h:272
(Empty in Retail)
Definition: gamesnd.h:236
vasudan hall - glow on
Definition: gamesnd.h:338
captial ship explosion
Definition: gamesnd.h:127
scroll pressed (and scroll)
Definition: gamesnd.h:296
void gamesnd_parse_soundstbl()
Definition: gamesnd.cpp:1116
2.5 sec warm up
Definition: gamesnd.h:224
Definition: gamesnd.h:180
shield hit
Definition: gamesnd.h:107
press briefing, ship selection or weapons bar (top-left)
Definition: gamesnd.h:291
brief stage change
Definition: gamesnd.h:301
cluster baby bomb launch
Definition: gamesnd.h:163
0.25 second spark sound effect
Definition: gamesnd.h:211
void gamesnd_unload_gameplay_sounds()
Definition: gamesnd.cpp:548
sound to indicate voice has ended
Definition: gamesnd.h:133
SD-4 Sidearm laser fired.
Definition: gamesnd.h:145
Subach-HLV Vasudan laser.
Definition: gamesnd.h:155
Flail II fired.
Definition: gamesnd.h:147
vasudan hall - roll close
Definition: gamesnd.h:335
cargo revealed
Definition: gamesnd.h:73
void parse_sound_list(const char *tag, SCP_vector< int > &destination, const char *object_name, parse_sound_flags=PARSE_SOUND_GENERAL_SOUND)
Definition: gamesnd.cpp:468
directive complete
Definition: gamesnd.h:125
Search for sound in the interface part of sounds.tbl.
Definition: gamesnd.h:39
ship is being repaired (during rearm/repair)
Definition: gamesnd.h:103
HUGE engine ambient.
Definition: gamesnd.h:143
subsystem gets destroyed on player ship
Definition: gamesnd.h:100
(Undefined in Retail)
Definition: gamesnd.h:265
ship animation starts (ie text and ship first appear)
Definition: gamesnd.h:298
afterburner fail (no fuel when aburn pressed)
Definition: gamesnd.h:92
(Empty in Retail)
Definition: gamesnd.h:241
capital warp hole closing
Definition: gamesnd.h:138
other ship subsystem destroyed
Definition: gamesnd.h:126
glow in main hall opens
Definition: gamesnd.h:312
1.00 second spark sound effect
Definition: gamesnd.h:214
player ship is hit by laser fire
Definition: gamesnd.h:104
Definition: gamesnd.h:183
main hall campaign - mouse off
Definition: gamesnd.h:331
debris sound (persistant, looping)
Definition: gamesnd.h:99
mouse click
Definition: gamesnd.h:287
GTW-66 Newton Cannon fired.
Definition: gamesnd.h:150
ambient sound for the Vasudan main hall (looping)
Definition: gamesnd.h:300
Laser impact.
Definition: gamesnd.h:154
Flak Gun Launch.
Definition: gamesnd.h:185
SGreen beam loop.
Definition: gamesnd.h:218
void gamesnd_load_interface_sounds()
Definition: gamesnd.cpp:562
selet brief icon
Definition: gamesnd.h:303
Definition: gamesnd.h:286
capital warp hole opening
Definition: gamesnd.h:137
Vasudan light laser fired.
Definition: gamesnd.h:176
Shivan bomber engine.
Definition: gamesnd.h:203
asteroid sound (persistant, looped)
Definition: gamesnd.h:136
main hall campaign - mouse on
Definition: gamesnd.h:330
squadmate message menu appears
Definition: gamesnd.h:97
SRed beam loop.
Definition: gamesnd.h:250
(Undefined in Retail)
Definition: gamesnd.h:267
UD-8 Kayser Laser fired.
Definition: gamesnd.h:151
vasudan hall - roll open
Definition: gamesnd.h:334
missile impact 1
Definition: gamesnd.h:157
vasudan hall - exit open
Definition: gamesnd.h:350
1 sec warm up
Definition: gamesnd.h:255
tsunami bomb launch
Definition: gamesnd.h:165
shield quadrant transfer successful
Definition: gamesnd.h:111
Instellation 2.
Definition: gamesnd.h:264
copilot (SCP)
Definition: gamesnd.h:235
Shivan heavy laser.
Definition: gamesnd.h:172
(Empty in Retail)
Definition: gamesnd.h:237
player ship is hit by missile
Definition: gamesnd.h:105
SCP_vector< game_snd > Snds
Definition: gamesnd.cpp:19
ship explosion 1
Definition: gamesnd.h:75
energy level change success
Definition: gamesnd.h:77
Repair ship beacon/engine sound.
Definition: gamesnd.h:205
GTW-19 Circe laser fired.
Definition: gamesnd.h:152
stiletto bomb launch
Definition: gamesnd.h:164
drop a ship icon back to the list
Definition: gamesnd.h:290
sound to indicate voice is about to start
Definition: gamesnd.h:132
ship is warping out in 3rd person
Definition: gamesnd.h:118
fury missile launch
Definition: gamesnd.h:159
TerSlash warm down.
Definition: gamesnd.h:229
dock depart retros
Definition: gamesnd.h:88
Vasudan cruiser engine.
Definition: gamesnd.h:201
player shield is hit
Definition: gamesnd.h:108
vasudan hall - vasudan bye
Definition: gamesnd.h:344
Missle lock (non-looping)
Definition: gamesnd.h:69
engine sound (as heard in cockpit)
Definition: gamesnd.h:72
vasudan hall - vasudan pa 2
Definition: gamesnd.h:346
afterburner burn sound (looped)
Definition: gamesnd.h:90
Prometheus R laser fired.
Definition: gamesnd.h:148
beam power up
Definition: gamesnd.h:191
BFGreen been loop.
Definition: gamesnd.h:220
int gamesnd_get_by_tbl_index(int index)
Definition: gamesnd.cpp:368
cluster bomb launch
Definition: gamesnd.h:162
1 sec warm up
Definition: gamesnd.h:222
void gamesnd_unload_interface_sounds()
Definition: gamesnd.cpp:578