Open source remastering of the Freespace 2 engine
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1 /*
2  * Copyright (C) Volition, Inc. 1999. All rights reserved.
3  *
4  * All source code herein is the property of Volition, Inc. You may not sell
5  * or otherwise commercially exploit the source or things you created based on the
6  * source.
7  *
9 */
16 int parse_cmdline(char *cmdline);
18 int fred2_parse_cmdline(int argc, char *argv[]);
20 // This section is for reference by all the *_init() functions. For example, the multiplayer init function
21 // could check to see if (int Cmdline_multi_stream_chat_to_file) has been set by the command line parser.
22 //
23 // Add any extern definitions here and put the actual variables inside of cmdline.cpp for ease of use
24 // Also, check to make sure anything you add doesn't break Fred or TestCode
27 // RETAIL OPTIONS ----------------------------------------------
28 extern char *Cmdline_connect_addr;
29 extern char *Cmdline_game_name;
30 extern char *Cmdline_game_password;
31 extern char *Cmdline_rank_above;
32 extern char *Cmdline_rank_below;
33 extern int Cmdline_cd_check;
34 extern int Cmdline_client_dodamage;
35 extern int Cmdline_closed_game;
38 extern int Cmdline_gimme_all_medals;
39 extern int Cmdline_mouse_coords;
40 extern int Cmdline_multi_log;
42 extern int Cmdline_network_port;
43 extern int Cmdline_restricted_game;
44 extern int Cmdline_spew_pof_info;
45 extern int Cmdline_start_netgame;
46 extern int Cmdline_timeout;
47 extern int Cmdline_use_last_pilot;
48 extern int Cmdline_window;
49 extern int Cmdline_fullscreen_window;
50 extern char *Cmdline_res;
51 extern char *Cmdline_center_res;
54 // FSO OPTIONS -------------------------------------------------
56 // Graphics related
57 extern double specular_exponent_value;
58 extern float Cmdline_clip_dist;
59 extern float Cmdline_fov;
60 extern float Cmdline_ogl_spec;
61 extern float static_light_factor;
62 extern float static_point_factor;
63 extern float static_tube_factor;
64 extern int Cmdline_ambient_factor;
65 extern int Cmdline_env;
66 extern int Cmdline_missile_lighting;
67 extern int Cmdline_glow;
68 extern int Cmdline_nomotiondebris;
69 extern int Cmdline_noscalevid; // disables fit-to-window for movies - taylor
70 extern int Cmdline_spec;
71 extern int Cmdline_normal;
72 extern int Cmdline_height;
74 extern int Cmdline_softparticles;
75 extern int Cmdline_postprocess;
76 extern int Cmdline_bloom_intensity;
77 extern bool Cmdline_fxaa;
78 extern int Cmdline_fxaa_preset;
79 extern bool Cmdline_fb_explosions;
80 extern bool Cmdline_no_batching;
81 extern int Cmdline_shadow_quality;
84 // Game Speed related
85 extern int Cmdline_cache_bitmaps;
86 extern int Cmdline_NoFPSCap;
87 extern int Cmdline_no_vsync;
89 // HUD related
90 extern int Cmdline_ballistic_gauge;
91 extern int Cmdline_dualscanlines;
92 extern int Cmdline_orb_radar;
93 extern int Cmdline_rearm_timer;
94 extern int Cmdline_targetinfo;
96 // Gameplay related
97 extern int Cmdline_3dwarp;
98 extern int Cmdline_ship_choice_3d;
99 extern int Cmdline_weapon_choice_3d;
100 extern int Cmdline_warp_flash;
102 extern int Cmdline_stretch_menu;
104 // Audio related
105 extern int Cmdline_query_speech;
106 extern int Cmdline_snd_preload;
107 extern int Cmdline_voice_recognition;
108 extern int Cmdline_no_enhanced_sound;
110 // MOD related
111 extern char *Cmdline_mod; // DTP for mod support
112 // Multiplayer/Network related
113 extern char *Cmdline_almission; // DTP for autoload mission (for multi only)
114 extern int Cmdline_ingamejoin;
115 extern int Cmdline_mpnoreturn;
116 extern char *Cmdline_spew_mission_crcs;
117 extern char *Cmdline_spew_table_crcs;
118 extern int Cmdline_objupd;
120 // Troubleshooting
121 extern int Cmdline_load_all_weapons;
122 extern int Cmdline_nohtl;
123 extern int Cmdline_nomovies; // WMC Toggles movie playing support
124 extern int Cmdline_no_set_gamma;
125 extern int Cmdline_novbo;
126 extern int Cmdline_no_fbo;
127 extern int Cmdline_no_pbo;
128 extern int Cmdline_noglsl;
129 extern int Cmdline_mipmap;
130 extern int Cmdline_ati_color_swap;
131 extern int Cmdline_no_3d_sound;
132 extern int Cmdline_no_di_mouse;
133 extern int Cmdline_drawelements;
134 extern char* Cmdline_keyboard_layout;
135 extern bool Cmdline_gl_finish;
136 extern bool Cmdline_no_geo_sdr_effects;
137 extern bool Cmdline_set_cpu_affinity;
138 #ifdef WIN32
139 extern bool Cmdline_alternate_registry_path;
140 #endif
142 // Developer/Testing related
143 extern char *Cmdline_start_mission;
144 extern int Cmdline_old_collision_sys;
145 extern int Cmdline_dis_collisions;
146 extern int Cmdline_dis_weapons;
147 extern int Cmdline_noparseerrors;
148 #ifdef Allow_NoWarn
149 extern int Cmdline_nowarn;
150 #endif
151 extern int Cmdline_extra_warn;
152 extern int Cmdline_show_mem_usage;
153 extern int Cmdline_show_pos;
154 extern int Cmdline_show_stats;
155 extern int Cmdline_save_render_targets;
156 extern int Cmdline_debug_window;
157 extern int Cmdline_verify_vps;
158 #ifdef SCP_UNIX
159 extern int Cmdline_no_grab;
160 #endif
161 extern int Cmdline_reparse_mainhall;
162 extern bool Cmdline_frame_profile;
163 extern bool Cmdline_profile_write_file;
164 extern bool Cmdline_no_unfocus_pause;
165 extern bool Cmdline_benchmark_mode;
167 #endif
int Cmdline_load_all_weapons
Definition: cmdline.cpp:437
int Cmdline_3dwarp
Definition: cmdline.cpp:377
int Cmdline_noglsl
Definition: cmdline.cpp:444
int Cmdline_warp_flash
Definition: cmdline.cpp:380
bool Cmdline_set_cpu_affinity
Definition: cmdline.cpp:452
int Cmdline_show_pos
Definition: cmdline.cpp:498
int Cmdline_multi_stream_chat_to_file
Definition: cmdline.cpp:276
int Cmdline_window
Definition: cmdline.cpp:502
int Cmdline_noparseerrors
Definition: cmdline.cpp:492
int Cmdline_NoFPSCap
Definition: cmdline.cpp:353
int Cmdline_closed_game
Definition: cmdline.cpp:270
bool Cmdline_gl_finish
Definition: cmdline.cpp:450
int Cmdline_multi_log
Definition: cmdline.cpp:275
bool Cmdline_fb_explosions
Definition: cmdline.cpp:340
int Cmdline_voice_recognition
Definition: cmdline.cpp:391
int Cmdline_freespace_no_sound
Definition: cmdline.cpp:272
int Cmdline_rearm_timer
Definition: cmdline.cpp:366
char * Cmdline_connect_addr
Definition: cmdline.cpp:263
char * Cmdline_center_res
Definition: cmdline.cpp:505
int Cmdline_no_deferred_lighting
Definition: cmdline.cpp:345
int Cmdline_no_enhanced_sound
Definition: cmdline.cpp:392
int Cmdline_client_dodamage
Definition: cmdline.cpp:269
int Cmdline_extra_warn
Definition: cmdline.cpp:496
char * Cmdline_rank_below
Definition: cmdline.cpp:267
int Cmdline_use_last_pilot
Definition: cmdline.cpp:282
int Cmdline_no_set_gamma
Definition: cmdline.cpp:440
char * Cmdline_spew_mission_crcs
Definition: cmdline.cpp:410
int Cmdline_nohtl
Definition: cmdline.cpp:438
int Cmdline_cache_bitmaps
Definition: cmdline.cpp:352
int Cmdline_old_collision_sys
Definition: cmdline.cpp:489
int Cmdline_dualscanlines
Definition: cmdline.cpp:364
double specular_exponent_value
Definition: lighting.cpp:747
int Cmdline_autopilot_interruptable
Definition: cmdline.cpp:381
char * Cmdline_spew_table_crcs
Definition: cmdline.cpp:411
int Cmdline_network_port
Definition: cmdline.cpp:277
int Cmdline_bloom_intensity
Definition: cmdline.cpp:336
int Cmdline_show_stats
Definition: cmdline.cpp:499
int Cmdline_snd_preload
Definition: cmdline.cpp:390
bool Cmdline_frame_profile
Definition: cmdline.cpp:511
int Cmdline_no_fbo
Definition: cmdline.cpp:442
int Cmdline_no_vsync
Definition: cmdline.cpp:354
int Cmdline_ambient_factor
Definition: cmdline.cpp:322
int Cmdline_noscalevid
Definition: cmdline.cpp:328
int Cmdline_restricted_game
Definition: cmdline.cpp:278
int Cmdline_show_mem_usage
Definition: cmdline.cpp:497
float static_point_factor
Definition: lighting.cpp:746
int Cmdline_normal
Definition: cmdline.cpp:331
int Cmdline_softparticles
Definition: cmdline.cpp:334
int Cmdline_ship_choice_3d
Definition: cmdline.cpp:378
int Cmdline_nomotiondebris
Definition: cmdline.cpp:327
int Cmdline_save_render_targets
Definition: cmdline.cpp:500
int Cmdline_nomovies
Definition: cmdline.cpp:439
float static_light_factor
Definition: lighting.cpp:744
int parse_cmdline(char *cmdline)
Definition: cmdline.cpp:1844
int Cmdline_timeout
Definition: cmdline.cpp:281
char * Cmdline_keyboard_layout
Definition: cmdline.cpp:449
int Cmdline_no_di_mouse
Definition: cmdline.cpp:447
int Cmdline_no_pbo
Definition: cmdline.cpp:443
int Cmdline_stretch_menu
Definition: cmdline.cpp:382
int Cmdline_enable_3d_shockwave
Definition: cmdline.cpp:333
int Cmdline_cd_check
Definition: cmdline.cpp:268
int Cmdline_shadow_quality
Definition: cmdline.cpp:344
char * Cmdline_start_mission
Definition: cmdline.cpp:488
int Cmdline_objupd
Definition: cmdline.cpp:412
int Cmdline_mouse_coords
Definition: cmdline.cpp:274
bool Cmdline_no_geo_sdr_effects
Definition: cmdline.cpp:451
bool Cmdline_no_batching
Definition: cmdline.cpp:341
float Cmdline_ogl_spec
Definition: cmdline.cpp:321
int Cmdline_drawelements
Definition: cmdline.cpp:448
int Cmdline_mpnoreturn
Definition: cmdline.cpp:409
int Cmdline_spec
Definition: cmdline.cpp:329
int Cmdline_no_3d_sound
Definition: cmdline.cpp:446
int Cmdline_glow
Definition: cmdline.cpp:326
int Cmdline_missile_lighting
Definition: cmdline.cpp:325
int Cmdline_dis_weapons
Definition: cmdline.cpp:491
int Cmdline_height
Definition: cmdline.cpp:332
int Cmdline_orb_radar
Definition: cmdline.cpp:365
int Cmdline_start_netgame
Definition: cmdline.cpp:280
int Cmdline_fxaa_preset
Definition: cmdline.cpp:338
int Cmdline_freespace_no_music
Definition: cmdline.cpp:271
float static_tube_factor
Definition: lighting.cpp:745
char * Cmdline_game_password
Definition: cmdline.cpp:265
float Cmdline_clip_dist
Definition: cmdline.cpp:319
bool Cmdline_profile_write_file
Definition: cmdline.cpp:512
int Cmdline_env
Definition: cmdline.cpp:323
int Cmdline_debug_window
Definition: cmdline.cpp:501
int Cmdline_spew_pof_info
Definition: cmdline.cpp:279
int fred2_parse_cmdline(int argc, char *argv[])
Definition: cmdline.cpp:1813
int Cmdline_gimme_all_medals
Definition: cmdline.cpp:273
bool Cmdline_fxaa
Definition: cmdline.cpp:337
char * Cmdline_mod
Definition: cmdline.cpp:397
int Cmdline_verify_vps
Definition: cmdline.cpp:506
int Cmdline_dis_collisions
Definition: cmdline.cpp:490
bool Cmdline_no_unfocus_pause
Definition: cmdline.cpp:513
int Cmdline_ballistic_gauge
Definition: cmdline.cpp:363
int Cmdline_mipmap
Definition: cmdline.cpp:324
float Cmdline_fov
Definition: cmdline.cpp:320
int Cmdline_fullscreen_window
Definition: cmdline.cpp:503
int Cmdline_novbo
Definition: cmdline.cpp:441
int Cmdline_weapon_choice_3d
Definition: cmdline.cpp:379
char * Cmdline_rank_above
Definition: cmdline.cpp:266
int Cmdline_postprocess
Definition: cmdline.cpp:335
int Cmdline_query_speech
Definition: cmdline.cpp:389
int Cmdline_targetinfo
Definition: cmdline.cpp:367
int Cmdline_reparse_mainhall
Definition: cmdline.cpp:510
char * Cmdline_almission
Definition: cmdline.cpp:407
bool Cmdline_benchmark_mode
Definition: cmdline.cpp:514
int Cmdline_ati_color_swap
Definition: cmdline.cpp:445
int Cmdline_ingamejoin
Definition: cmdline.cpp:408
char * Cmdline_game_name
Definition: cmdline.cpp:264
char * Cmdline_res
Definition: cmdline.cpp:504