Open source remastering of the Freespace 2 engine
cmdline.cpp File Reference
#include "camera/camera.h"
#include "cmdline/cmdline.h"
#include "globalincs/linklist.h"
#include "globalincs/pstypes.h"
#include "globalincs/systemvars.h"
#include "globalincs/version.h"
#include "hud/hudconfig.h"
#include "network/multi.h"
#include "parse/scripting.h"
#include "parse/sexp.h"
#include <string.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

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class  cmdline_parm
struct  EasyFlag
struct  Flag


#define BUILD_CAP_OPENAL   (1<<0)
#define BUILD_CAP_NO_D3D   (1<<1)
#define BUILD_CAP_NEW_SND   (1<<2)
#define PARSE_COMMAND_LINE_STRING   "-parse_cmdline_only"


enum  cmdline_arg_type { AT_NONE =0, AT_INT, AT_FLOAT, AT_STRING }
enum  {
  EASY_DEFAULT = 1 << 1, EASY_ALL_ON = 1 << 2, EASY_MEM_ON = 1 << 3, EASY_MEM_OFF = 1 << 4,


const char * get_param_desc (const char *flag_name)
void cmdline_debug_print_cmdline ()
int is_extra_space (char ch)
char * drop_extra_chars (char *str)
void parm_stuff_args (cmdline_parm *parm, char *cmdline)
void os_parse_parms (char *cmdline)
void os_validate_parms (char *cmdline)
void os_init_cmdline (char *cmdline)
bool SetCmdlineParams ()
int fred2_parse_cmdline (int argc, char *argv[])
int parse_cmdline (char *cmdline)


const char * cmdline_arg_types []
int Show_framerate
EasyFlag easy_flags []
Flag exe_params []
cmdline_parm connect_arg ("-connect","Automatically connect to multiplayer IP:PORT", AT_STRING)
cmdline_parm gamename_arg ("-gamename","Set multiplayer game name", AT_STRING)
cmdline_parm gamepassword_arg ("-password","Set multiplayer game password", AT_STRING)
cmdline_parm allowabove_arg ("-allowabove","Ranks above this can join multi", AT_STRING)
cmdline_parm allowbelow_arg ("-allowbelow","Ranks below this can join multi", AT_STRING)
cmdline_parm standalone_arg ("-standalone", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm nosound_arg ("-nosound", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm nomusic_arg ("-nomusic", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm noenhancedsound_arg ("-no_enhanced_sound", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm startgame_arg ("-startgame", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm gameclosed_arg ("-closed", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm gamerestricted_arg ("-restricted", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm port_arg ("-port","Multiplayer network port", AT_INT)
cmdline_parm multilog_arg ("-multilog", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm client_dodamage ("-clientdamage", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm pof_spew ("-pofspew", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm mouse_coords ("-coords", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm timeout ("-timeout","Multiplayer network timeout (secs)", AT_INT)
cmdline_parm bit32_arg ("-32bit","Deprecated", AT_NONE)
char * Cmdline_connect_addr = NULL
char * Cmdline_game_name = NULL
char * Cmdline_game_password = NULL
char * Cmdline_rank_above = NULL
char * Cmdline_rank_below = NULL
int Cmdline_cd_check = 1
int Cmdline_client_dodamage = 0
int Cmdline_closed_game = 0
int Cmdline_freespace_no_music = 0
int Cmdline_freespace_no_sound = 0
int Cmdline_gimme_all_medals = 0
int Cmdline_mouse_coords = 0
int Cmdline_multi_log = 0
int Cmdline_multi_stream_chat_to_file = 0
int Cmdline_network_port = -1
int Cmdline_restricted_game = 0
int Cmdline_spew_pof_info = 0
int Cmdline_start_netgame = 0
int Cmdline_timeout = -1
int Cmdline_use_last_pilot = 0
cmdline_parm fov_arg ("-fov","Vertical field-of-view factor", AT_FLOAT)
cmdline_parm clip_dist_arg ("-clipdist","Changes the distance from the viewpoint for the near-clipping plane", AT_FLOAT)
cmdline_parm spec_exp_arg ("-spec_exp","Adjusts the size of shiny spots on ships", AT_FLOAT)
cmdline_parm ogl_spec_arg ("-ogl_spec","Shininess of specular light", AT_FLOAT)
cmdline_parm spec_static_arg ("-spec_static","Adjusts suns contribution to specular highlights", AT_FLOAT)
cmdline_parm spec_point_arg ("-spec_point","Adjusts laser weapons contribution to specular highlights", AT_FLOAT)
cmdline_parm spec_tube_arg ("-spec_tube","Adjusts beam weapons contribution to specular highlights", AT_FLOAT)
cmdline_parm ambient_factor_arg ("-ambient_factor","Adjusts ambient light applied to all parts of a ship", AT_INT)
cmdline_parm missile_lighting_arg ("-missile_lighting", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm env ("-noenv", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm glow_arg ("-noglow", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm nomotiondebris_arg ("-nomotiondebris", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm noscalevid_arg ("-noscalevid", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm spec_arg ("-nospec", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm noemissive_arg ("-no_emissive_light","Disable emissive light from ships", AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm normal_arg ("-nonormal", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm height_arg ("-noheight", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm enable_3d_shockwave_arg ("-3dshockwave", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm softparticles_arg ("-soft_particles", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm postprocess_arg ("-post_process", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm bloom_intensity_arg ("-bloom_intensity","Set bloom intensity, requires -post_process", AT_INT)
cmdline_parm fxaa_arg ("-fxaa", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm fxaa_preset_arg ("-fxaa_preset","FXAA quality (0-9), requires -post_process and -fxaa", AT_INT)
cmdline_parm fb_explosions_arg ("-fb_explosions", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm flightshaftsoff_arg ("-nolightshafts", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm brieflighting_arg ("-brief_lighting", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm no_batching ("-no_batching", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm shadow_quality_arg ("-shadow_quality", NULL, AT_INT)
cmdline_parm enable_shadows_arg ("-enable_shadows", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm no_deferred_lighting_arg ("-no_deferred", NULL, AT_NONE)
float Cmdline_clip_dist = Default_min_draw_distance
float Cmdline_fov = 0.75f
float Cmdline_ogl_spec = 80.0f
int Cmdline_ambient_factor = 128
int Cmdline_env = 1
int Cmdline_mipmap = 0
int Cmdline_missile_lighting = 0
int Cmdline_glow = 1
int Cmdline_nomotiondebris = 0
int Cmdline_noscalevid = 0
int Cmdline_spec = 1
int Cmdline_no_emissive = 0
int Cmdline_normal = 1
int Cmdline_height = 1
int Cmdline_enable_3d_shockwave = 0
int Cmdline_softparticles = 0
int Cmdline_postprocess = 0
int Cmdline_bloom_intensity = 75
bool Cmdline_fxaa = false
int Cmdline_fxaa_preset = 6
int Fxaa_preset_last_frame
bool Cmdline_fb_explosions = 0
bool Cmdline_no_batching = false
bool ls_force_off
bool Cmdline_brief_lighting = 0
int Cmdline_shadow_quality = 0
int Cmdline_no_deferred_lighting = 0
cmdline_parm cache_bitmaps_arg ("-cache_bitmaps", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm no_fpscap ("-no_fps_capping","Don't limit frames-per-second", AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm no_vsync_arg ("-no_vsync", NULL, AT_NONE)
int Cmdline_cache_bitmaps = 0
int Cmdline_NoFPSCap = 0
int Cmdline_no_vsync = 0
cmdline_parm ballistic_gauge ("-ballistic_gauge", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm dualscanlines_arg ("-dualscanlines", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm orb_radar ("-orbradar", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm rearm_timer_arg ("-rearm_timer", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm targetinfo_arg ("-targetinfo", NULL, AT_NONE)
int Cmdline_ballistic_gauge = 0
int Cmdline_dualscanlines = 0
int Cmdline_orb_radar = 0
int Cmdline_rearm_timer = 0
int Cmdline_targetinfo = 0
cmdline_parm use_3dwarp ("-3dwarp", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm ship_choice_3d_arg ("-ship_choice_3d", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm weapon_choice_3d_arg ("-weapon_choice_3d", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm use_warp_flash ("-warp_flash", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm allow_autpilot_interrupt ("-no_ap_interrupt", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm stretch_menu ("-stretch_menu", NULL, AT_NONE)
int Cmdline_3dwarp = 0
int Cmdline_ship_choice_3d = 0
int Cmdline_weapon_choice_3d = 0
int Cmdline_warp_flash = 0
int Cmdline_autopilot_interruptable = 1
int Cmdline_stretch_menu = 0
cmdline_parm query_speech_arg ("-query_speech", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm snd_preload_arg ("-snd_preload", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm voice_recognition_arg ("-voicer", NULL, AT_NONE)
int Cmdline_query_speech = 0
int Cmdline_snd_preload = 0
int Cmdline_voice_recognition = 0
int Cmdline_no_enhanced_sound = 0
cmdline_parm mod_arg ("-mod","List of folders to overwrite/add-to the default data", AT_STRING, true)
char * Cmdline_mod = NULL
cmdline_parm almission_arg ("-almission","Autoload multiplayer mission", AT_STRING)
cmdline_parm ingamejoin_arg ("-ingame_join", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm mpnoreturn_arg ("-mpnoreturn", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm missioncrcspew_arg ("-missioncrcs", NULL, AT_STRING)
cmdline_parm tablecrcspew_arg ("-tablecrcs", NULL, AT_STRING)
cmdline_parm objupd_arg ("-cap_object_update","Multiplayer object update cap (0-3)", AT_INT)
char * Cmdline_almission = NULL
int Cmdline_ingamejoin = 0
int Cmdline_mpnoreturn = 0
char * Cmdline_spew_mission_crcs = NULL
char * Cmdline_spew_table_crcs = NULL
int Cmdline_objupd = 3
cmdline_parm loadallweapons_arg ("-loadallweps", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm htl_arg ("-nohtl", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm nomovies_arg ("-nomovies", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm no_set_gamma_arg ("-no_set_gamma", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm no_vbo_arg ("-novbo", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm no_fbo_arg ("-disable_fbo", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm no_pbo_arg ("-disable_pbo", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm noglsl_arg ("-no_glsl", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm mipmap_arg ("-mipmap", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm atiswap_arg ("-ati_swap", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm no3dsound_arg ("-no_3d_sound", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm no_di_mouse_arg ("-disable_di_mouse","Disable DirectInput mouse code (Windows only)", AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm no_drawrangeelements ("-use_gldrawelements", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm keyboard_layout ("-keyboard_layout","Specify keyboard layout (qwertz or azerty)", AT_STRING)
cmdline_parm old_collision_system ("-old_collision", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm gl_finish ("-gl_finish", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm no_geo_sdr_effects ("-no_geo_effects", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm set_cpu_affinity ("-set_cpu_affinity", NULL, AT_NONE)
int Cmdline_load_all_weapons = 0
int Cmdline_nohtl = 0
int Cmdline_nomovies = 0
int Cmdline_no_set_gamma = 0
int Cmdline_novbo = 0
int Cmdline_no_fbo = 0
int Cmdline_no_pbo = 0
int Cmdline_noglsl = 0
int Cmdline_ati_color_swap = 0
int Cmdline_no_3d_sound = 0
int Cmdline_no_di_mouse = 0
int Cmdline_drawelements = 0
char * Cmdline_keyboard_layout = NULL
bool Cmdline_gl_finish = false
bool Cmdline_no_geo_sdr_effects = false
bool Cmdline_set_cpu_affinity = false
cmdline_parm start_mission_arg ("-start_mission","Skip mainhall and run this mission", AT_STRING)
cmdline_parm dis_collisions ("-dis_collisions", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm dis_weapons ("-dis_weapons", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm noparseerrors_arg ("-noparseerrors", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm extra_warn_arg ("-extra_warn","Enable 'extra' warnings", AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm fps_arg ("-fps", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm show_mem_usage_arg ("-show_mem_usage", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm pos_arg ("-pos", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm stats_arg ("-stats", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm save_render_targets_arg ("-save_render_target", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm debug_window_arg ("-debug_window", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm window_arg ("-window", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm fullscreen_window_arg ("-fullscreen_window","Fullscreen/borderless window (Windows only)", AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm res_arg ("-res","Resolution, formatted like 1600x900", AT_STRING)
cmdline_parm center_res_arg ("-center_res","Resolution of center monitor, formatted like 1600x900", AT_STRING)
cmdline_parm verify_vps_arg ("-verify_vps", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm parse_cmdline_only (PARSE_COMMAND_LINE_STRING,"Ignore any cmdline_fso.cfg files", AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm reparse_mainhall_arg ("-reparse_mainhall", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm frame_profile_arg ("-profile_frame_time", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm frame_profile_write_file ("-profile_write_file", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm no_unfocused_pause_arg ("-no_unfocused_pause", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm benchmark_mode_arg ("-benchmark_mode", NULL, AT_NONE)
char * Cmdline_start_mission = NULL
int Cmdline_old_collision_sys = 0
int Cmdline_dis_collisions = 0
int Cmdline_dis_weapons = 0
int Cmdline_noparseerrors = 0
int Cmdline_extra_warn = 0
int Cmdline_show_mem_usage = 0
int Cmdline_show_pos = 0
int Cmdline_show_stats = 0
int Cmdline_save_render_targets = 0
int Cmdline_debug_window = 0
int Cmdline_window = 0
int Cmdline_fullscreen_window = 0
char * Cmdline_res = 0
char * Cmdline_center_res = 0
int Cmdline_verify_vps = 0
int Cmdline_reparse_mainhall = 0
bool Cmdline_frame_profile = false
bool Cmdline_profile_write_file = false
bool Cmdline_no_unfocus_pause = false
bool Cmdline_benchmark_mode = false
cmdline_parm get_flags_arg ("-get_flags","Output the launcher flags file", AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm output_sexp_arg ("-output_sexps", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm output_scripting_arg ("-output_scripting", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm deprecated_spec_arg ("-spec","Deprecated", AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm deprecated_glow_arg ("-glow","Deprecated", AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm deprecated_normal_arg ("-normal","Deprecated", AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm deprecated_env_arg ("-env","Deprecated", AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm deprecated_tbp_arg ("-tbp","Deprecated", AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm deprecated_jpgtga_arg ("-jpgtga","Deprecated", AT_NONE)
int Cmdline_deprecated_spec = 0
int Cmdline_deprecated_glow = 0
int Cmdline_deprecated_normal = 0
int Cmdline_deprecated_env = 0
int Cmdline_deprecated_tbp = 0
int Cmdline_deprecated_jpgtga = 0

Macro Definition Documentation

#define BUILD_CAP_NEW_SND   (1<<2)

Definition at line 97 of file cmdline.cpp.

#define BUILD_CAP_NO_D3D   (1<<1)

Definition at line 96 of file cmdline.cpp.

#define BUILD_CAP_OPENAL   (1<<0)

Definition at line 95 of file cmdline.cpp.

#define PARSE_COMMAND_LINE_STRING   "-parse_cmdline_only"

Definition at line 99 of file cmdline.cpp.

Enumeration Type Documentation

anonymous enum

Definition at line 79 of file cmdline.cpp.


Definition at line 38 of file cmdline.cpp.

Function Documentation

void cmdline_debug_print_cmdline ( )

Definition at line 538 of file cmdline.cpp.

char* drop_extra_chars ( char *  str)

Definition at line 601 of file cmdline.cpp.

int fred2_parse_cmdline ( int  argc,
char *  argv[] 

Definition at line 1813 of file cmdline.cpp.

const char * get_param_desc ( const char *  flag_name)

Definition at line 1856 of file cmdline.cpp.

int is_extra_space ( char  ch)

Definition at line 594 of file cmdline.cpp.

void os_init_cmdline ( char *  cmdline)

Definition at line 829 of file cmdline.cpp.

void os_parse_parms ( char *  cmdline)

Definition at line 693 of file cmdline.cpp.

void os_validate_parms ( char *  cmdline)

Definition at line 738 of file cmdline.cpp.

void parm_stuff_args ( cmdline_parm parm,
char *  cmdline 

Definition at line 633 of file cmdline.cpp.

int parse_cmdline ( char *  cmdline)

Definition at line 1844 of file cmdline.cpp.

bool SetCmdlineParams ( )

Definition at line 1141 of file cmdline.cpp.

Variable Documentation

cmdline_parm allow_autpilot_interrupt("-no_ap_interrupt", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm allowabove_arg("-allowabove","Ranks above this can join multi", AT_STRING)
cmdline_parm allowbelow_arg("-allowbelow","Ranks below this can join multi", AT_STRING)
cmdline_parm almission_arg("-almission","Autoload multiplayer mission", AT_STRING)
cmdline_parm ambient_factor_arg("-ambient_factor","Adjusts ambient light applied to all parts of a ship", AT_INT)
cmdline_parm atiswap_arg("-ati_swap", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm ballistic_gauge("-ballistic_gauge", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm benchmark_mode_arg("-benchmark_mode", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm bit32_arg("-32bit","Deprecated", AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm bloom_intensity_arg("-bloom_intensity","Set bloom intensity, requires -post_process", AT_INT)
cmdline_parm brieflighting_arg("-brief_lighting", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm cache_bitmaps_arg("-cache_bitmaps", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm center_res_arg("-center_res","Resolution of center monitor, formatted like 1600x900", AT_STRING)
cmdline_parm client_dodamage("-clientdamage", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm clip_dist_arg("-clipdist","Changes the distance from the viewpoint for the near-clipping plane", AT_FLOAT)
int Cmdline_3dwarp = 0

Definition at line 377 of file cmdline.cpp.

char* Cmdline_almission = NULL

Definition at line 407 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_ambient_factor = 128

Definition at line 322 of file cmdline.cpp.

const char* cmdline_arg_types[]
Initial value:

Definition at line 46 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_ati_color_swap = 0

Definition at line 445 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_autopilot_interruptable = 1

Definition at line 381 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_ballistic_gauge = 0

Definition at line 363 of file cmdline.cpp.

bool Cmdline_benchmark_mode = false

Definition at line 514 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_bloom_intensity = 75

Definition at line 336 of file cmdline.cpp.

bool Cmdline_brief_lighting = 0

Definition at line 343 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_cache_bitmaps = 0

Definition at line 352 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_cd_check = 1

Definition at line 268 of file cmdline.cpp.

char* Cmdline_center_res = 0

Definition at line 505 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_client_dodamage = 0

Definition at line 269 of file cmdline.cpp.

float Cmdline_clip_dist = Default_min_draw_distance

Definition at line 319 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_closed_game = 0

Definition at line 270 of file cmdline.cpp.

char* Cmdline_connect_addr = NULL

Definition at line 263 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_debug_window = 0

Definition at line 501 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_deprecated_env = 0

Definition at line 532 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_deprecated_glow = 0

Definition at line 530 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_deprecated_jpgtga = 0

Definition at line 534 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_deprecated_normal = 0

Definition at line 531 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_deprecated_spec = 0

Definition at line 529 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_deprecated_tbp = 0

Definition at line 533 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_dis_collisions = 0

Definition at line 490 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_dis_weapons = 0

Render an object. Calls one of several routines based on type

Definition at line 491 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_drawelements = 0

Definition at line 448 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_dualscanlines = 0

Definition at line 364 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_enable_3d_shockwave = 0

Definition at line 333 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_env = 1

Definition at line 323 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_extra_warn = 0

Definition at line 496 of file cmdline.cpp.

bool Cmdline_fb_explosions = 0

Definition at line 340 of file cmdline.cpp.

float Cmdline_fov = 0.75f

Definition at line 320 of file cmdline.cpp.

bool Cmdline_frame_profile = false

Definition at line 511 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_freespace_no_music = 0

Definition at line 271 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_freespace_no_sound = 0

Definition at line 272 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_fullscreen_window = 0

Definition at line 503 of file cmdline.cpp.

bool Cmdline_fxaa = false

Definition at line 337 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_fxaa_preset = 6

Definition at line 338 of file cmdline.cpp.

char* Cmdline_game_name = NULL

Definition at line 264 of file cmdline.cpp.

char* Cmdline_game_password = NULL

Definition at line 265 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_gimme_all_medals = 0

Definition at line 273 of file cmdline.cpp.

bool Cmdline_gl_finish = false

Definition at line 450 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_glow = 1

Definition at line 326 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_height = 1

Definition at line 332 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_ingamejoin = 0

Definition at line 408 of file cmdline.cpp.

char* Cmdline_keyboard_layout = NULL

Definition at line 449 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_load_all_weapons = 0

Definition at line 437 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_mipmap = 0

Definition at line 324 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_missile_lighting = 0

Definition at line 325 of file cmdline.cpp.

char* Cmdline_mod = NULL

Definition at line 397 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_mouse_coords = 0

Definition at line 274 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_mpnoreturn = 0

Definition at line 409 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_multi_log = 0

Definition at line 275 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_multi_stream_chat_to_file = 0

Definition at line 276 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_network_port = -1

Definition at line 277 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_no_3d_sound = 0

Definition at line 446 of file cmdline.cpp.

bool Cmdline_no_batching = false

Definition at line 341 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_no_deferred_lighting = 0

Definition at line 345 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_no_di_mouse = 0

Definition at line 447 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_no_emissive = 0

Definition at line 330 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_no_enhanced_sound = 0

Definition at line 392 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_no_fbo = 0

Definition at line 442 of file cmdline.cpp.

bool Cmdline_no_geo_sdr_effects = false

Definition at line 451 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_no_pbo = 0

Definition at line 443 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_no_set_gamma = 0

Definition at line 440 of file cmdline.cpp.

bool Cmdline_no_unfocus_pause = false

Definition at line 513 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_no_vsync = 0

Definition at line 354 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_NoFPSCap = 0

Definition at line 353 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_noglsl = 0

Definition at line 444 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_nohtl = 0

Definition at line 438 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_nomotiondebris = 0

Definition at line 327 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_nomovies = 0

Definition at line 439 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_noparseerrors = 0

Definition at line 492 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_normal = 1

Definition at line 331 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_noscalevid = 0

Definition at line 328 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_novbo = 0

Definition at line 441 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_objupd = 3

Definition at line 412 of file cmdline.cpp.

float Cmdline_ogl_spec = 80.0f

Definition at line 321 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_old_collision_sys = 0

Definition at line 489 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_orb_radar = 0

Definition at line 365 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_postprocess = 0

Definition at line 335 of file cmdline.cpp.

bool Cmdline_profile_write_file = false

Definition at line 512 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_query_speech = 0

Definition at line 389 of file cmdline.cpp.

char* Cmdline_rank_above = NULL

Definition at line 266 of file cmdline.cpp.

char* Cmdline_rank_below = NULL

Definition at line 267 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_rearm_timer = 0

Definition at line 366 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_reparse_mainhall = 0

Definition at line 510 of file cmdline.cpp.

char* Cmdline_res = 0

Definition at line 504 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_restricted_game = 0

Definition at line 278 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_save_render_targets = 0

Definition at line 500 of file cmdline.cpp.

bool Cmdline_set_cpu_affinity = false

Definition at line 452 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_shadow_quality = 0

Definition at line 344 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_ship_choice_3d = 0

Definition at line 378 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_show_mem_usage = 0

Definition at line 497 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_show_pos = 0

Definition at line 498 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_show_stats = 0

Definition at line 499 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_snd_preload = 0

Definition at line 390 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_softparticles = 0

Definition at line 334 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_spec = 1

Definition at line 329 of file cmdline.cpp.

char* Cmdline_spew_mission_crcs = NULL

Definition at line 410 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_spew_pof_info = 0

Definition at line 279 of file cmdline.cpp.

char* Cmdline_spew_table_crcs = NULL

Definition at line 411 of file cmdline.cpp.

char* Cmdline_start_mission = NULL

Definition at line 488 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_start_netgame = 0

Definition at line 280 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_stretch_menu = 0

Definition at line 382 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_targetinfo = 0

Definition at line 367 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_timeout = -1

Definition at line 281 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_use_last_pilot = 0

Definition at line 282 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_verify_vps = 0

Definition at line 506 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_voice_recognition = 0

Definition at line 391 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_warp_flash = 0

Definition at line 380 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_weapon_choice_3d = 0

Definition at line 379 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Cmdline_window = 0

Definition at line 502 of file cmdline.cpp.

cmdline_parm connect_arg("-connect","Automatically connect to multiplayer IP:PORT", AT_STRING)
cmdline_parm debug_window_arg("-debug_window", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm deprecated_env_arg("-env","Deprecated", AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm deprecated_glow_arg("-glow","Deprecated", AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm deprecated_jpgtga_arg("-jpgtga","Deprecated", AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm deprecated_normal_arg("-normal","Deprecated", AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm deprecated_spec_arg("-spec","Deprecated", AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm deprecated_tbp_arg("-tbp","Deprecated", AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm dis_collisions("-dis_collisions", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm dis_weapons("-dis_weapons", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm dualscanlines_arg("-dualscanlines", NULL, AT_NONE)
EasyFlag easy_flags[]
Initial value:
{ "Custom" },
{ "Default FS2 (All features off)" },
{ "All features on" },
{ "High memory usage features on" },
{ "High memory usage features off" }

Definition at line 108 of file cmdline.cpp.

cmdline_parm enable_3d_shockwave_arg("-3dshockwave", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm enable_shadows_arg("-enable_shadows", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm env("-noenv", NULL, AT_NONE)
Flag exe_params[]

Definition at line 131 of file cmdline.cpp.

cmdline_parm extra_warn_arg("-extra_warn","Enable 'extra' warnings", AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm fb_explosions_arg("-fb_explosions", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm flightshaftsoff_arg("-nolightshafts", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm fov_arg("-fov","Vertical field-of-view factor", AT_FLOAT)
cmdline_parm fps_arg("-fps", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm frame_profile_arg("-profile_frame_time", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm frame_profile_write_file("-profile_write_file", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm fullscreen_window_arg("-fullscreen_window","Fullscreen/borderless window (Windows only)", AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm fxaa_arg("-fxaa", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm fxaa_preset_arg("-fxaa_preset","FXAA quality (0-9), requires -post_process and -fxaa", AT_INT)
int Fxaa_preset_last_frame

Definition at line 26 of file gropenglpostprocessing.cpp.

cmdline_parm gameclosed_arg("-closed", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm gamename_arg("-gamename","Set multiplayer game name", AT_STRING)
cmdline_parm gamepassword_arg("-password","Set multiplayer game password", AT_STRING)
cmdline_parm gamerestricted_arg("-restricted", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm get_flags_arg("-get_flags","Output the launcher flags file", AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm gl_finish("-gl_finish", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm glow_arg("-noglow", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm height_arg("-noheight", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm htl_arg("-nohtl", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm ingamejoin_arg("-ingame_join", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm keyboard_layout("-keyboard_layout","Specify keyboard layout (qwertz or azerty)", AT_STRING)
cmdline_parm loadallweapons_arg("-loadallweps", NULL, AT_NONE)
bool ls_force_off

Definition at line 31 of file gropenglpostprocessing.cpp.

cmdline_parm mipmap_arg("-mipmap", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm missile_lighting_arg("-missile_lighting", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm missioncrcspew_arg("-missioncrcs", NULL, AT_STRING)
cmdline_parm mod_arg("-mod","List of folders to overwrite/add-to the default data", AT_STRING, true)
cmdline_parm mouse_coords("-coords", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm mpnoreturn_arg("-mpnoreturn", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm multilog_arg("-multilog", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm no3dsound_arg("-no_3d_sound", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm no_batching("-no_batching", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm no_deferred_lighting_arg("-no_deferred", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm no_di_mouse_arg("-disable_di_mouse","Disable DirectInput mouse code (Windows only)", AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm no_drawrangeelements("-use_gldrawelements", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm no_fbo_arg("-disable_fbo", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm no_fpscap("-no_fps_capping","Don't limit frames-per-second", AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm no_geo_sdr_effects("-no_geo_effects", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm no_pbo_arg("-disable_pbo", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm no_set_gamma_arg("-no_set_gamma", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm no_unfocused_pause_arg("-no_unfocused_pause", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm no_vbo_arg("-novbo", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm no_vsync_arg("-no_vsync", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm noemissive_arg("-no_emissive_light","Disable emissive light from ships", AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm noenhancedsound_arg("-no_enhanced_sound", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm noglsl_arg("-no_glsl", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm nomotiondebris_arg("-nomotiondebris", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm nomovies_arg("-nomovies", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm nomusic_arg("-nomusic", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm noparseerrors_arg("-noparseerrors", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm normal_arg("-nonormal", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm noscalevid_arg("-noscalevid", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm nosound_arg("-nosound", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm objupd_arg("-cap_object_update","Multiplayer object update cap (0-3)", AT_INT)
cmdline_parm ogl_spec_arg("-ogl_spec","Shininess of specular light", AT_FLOAT)
cmdline_parm old_collision_system("-old_collision", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm orb_radar("-orbradar", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm output_scripting_arg("-output_scripting", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm output_sexp_arg("-output_sexps", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm parse_cmdline_only(PARSE_COMMAND_LINE_STRING,"Ignore any cmdline_fso.cfg files", AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm pof_spew("-pofspew", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm port_arg("-port","Multiplayer network port", AT_INT)
cmdline_parm pos_arg("-pos", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm postprocess_arg("-post_process", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm query_speech_arg("-query_speech", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm rearm_timer_arg("-rearm_timer", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm reparse_mainhall_arg("-reparse_mainhall", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm res_arg("-res","Resolution, formatted like 1600x900", AT_STRING)
cmdline_parm save_render_targets_arg("-save_render_target", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm set_cpu_affinity("-set_cpu_affinity", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm shadow_quality_arg("-shadow_quality", NULL, AT_INT)
cmdline_parm ship_choice_3d_arg("-ship_choice_3d", NULL, AT_NONE)
int Show_framerate

Definition at line 215 of file fredstubs.cpp.

cmdline_parm show_mem_usage_arg("-show_mem_usage", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm snd_preload_arg("-snd_preload", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm softparticles_arg("-soft_particles", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm spec_arg("-nospec", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm spec_exp_arg("-spec_exp","Adjusts the size of shiny spots on ships", AT_FLOAT)
cmdline_parm spec_point_arg("-spec_point","Adjusts laser weapons contribution to specular highlights", AT_FLOAT)
cmdline_parm spec_static_arg("-spec_static","Adjusts suns contribution to specular highlights", AT_FLOAT)
cmdline_parm spec_tube_arg("-spec_tube","Adjusts beam weapons contribution to specular highlights", AT_FLOAT)
cmdline_parm standalone_arg("-standalone", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm start_mission_arg("-start_mission","Skip mainhall and run this mission", AT_STRING)
cmdline_parm startgame_arg("-startgame", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm stats_arg("-stats", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm stretch_menu("-stretch_menu", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm tablecrcspew_arg("-tablecrcs", NULL, AT_STRING)
cmdline_parm targetinfo_arg("-targetinfo", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm timeout("-timeout","Multiplayer network timeout (secs)", AT_INT)
cmdline_parm use_3dwarp("-3dwarp", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm use_warp_flash("-warp_flash", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm verify_vps_arg("-verify_vps", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm voice_recognition_arg("-voicer", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm weapon_choice_3d_arg("-weapon_choice_3d", NULL, AT_NONE)
cmdline_parm window_arg("-window", NULL, AT_NONE)