Open source remastering of the Freespace 2 engine
scoring.h File Reference
#include <time.h>
#include "globalincs/globals.h"
#include "globalincs/pstypes.h"

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struct  rank_stuff
class  scoring_struct


#define NUM_MEDALS_FS2   18
#define NUM_MEDALS_FS1   16
#define NUM_RANKS   10
#define RANK_ENSIGN   0
#define RANK_LT_JUNIOR   1
#define RANK_LT   2
#define RANK_LT_CMDR   3
#define RANK_CMDR   4
#define RANK_CAPTAIN   5
#define RANK_COMMODORE   6
#define RANK_ADMIRAL   9
#define STATS_FLAG_INVALID   (1<<0)
#define STATS_FLAG_CAMPAIGN   (1<<1)


typedef struct rank_stuff rank_stuff


void parse_rank_tbl ()
void scoring_level_init (scoring_struct *score)
void scoring_level_close (int accepted=1)
void scoring_backout_accept (scoring_struct *score)
void scoring_do_accept (scoring_struct *score)
void scoring_check_medal (scoring_struct *sc)
void scoring_add_damage (object *ship_obj, object *other_obj, float damage)
void scoring_add_damage_to_weapon (object *weapon_obj, object *other_obj, float damage)
int scoring_eval_kill (object *ship_obj)
int scoring_eval_kill_on_weapon (object *weapon_obj, object *other_obj)
void scoring_eval_assists (ship *sp, int killer_sig, bool enemy_player=false)
void scoring_bash_rank (player *pl, int rank)
void scoring_eval_hit (object *hit_obj, object *other_obj, int from_blast=0)
float scoring_get_scale_factor ()


int Num_medals
rank_stuff Ranks [NUM_RANKS]

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Definition at line 41 of file scoring.h.


Definition at line 42 of file scoring.h.

#define NUM_MEDALS_FS1   16

Definition at line 25 of file scoring.h.

#define NUM_MEDALS_FS2   18

Definition at line 24 of file scoring.h.

#define NUM_RANKS   10

Definition at line 28 of file scoring.h.

#define RANK_ADMIRAL   9

Definition at line 39 of file scoring.h.

#define RANK_CAPTAIN   5

Definition at line 35 of file scoring.h.

#define RANK_CMDR   4

Definition at line 34 of file scoring.h.

#define RANK_COMMODORE   6

Definition at line 36 of file scoring.h.

#define RANK_ENSIGN   0

Definition at line 30 of file scoring.h.

#define RANK_LT   2

Definition at line 32 of file scoring.h.

#define RANK_LT_CMDR   3

Definition at line 33 of file scoring.h.

#define RANK_LT_JUNIOR   1

Definition at line 31 of file scoring.h.


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Definition at line 38 of file scoring.h.

#define STATS_FLAG_CAMPAIGN   (1<<1)

Definition at line 74 of file scoring.h.

#define STATS_FLAG_INVALID   (1<<0)

Definition at line 73 of file scoring.h.


Definition at line 75 of file scoring.h.

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typedef struct rank_stuff rank_stuff

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void parse_rank_tbl ( )

Definition at line 58 of file scoring.cpp.

void scoring_add_damage ( object ship_obj,
object other_obj,
float  damage 

Definition at line 492 of file scoring.cpp.

void scoring_add_damage_to_weapon ( object weapon_obj,
object other_obj,
float  damage 

Definition at line 1351 of file scoring.cpp.

void scoring_backout_accept ( scoring_struct score)

Definition at line 378 of file scoring.cpp.

void scoring_bash_rank ( player pl,
int  rank 

Definition at line 1470 of file scoring.cpp.

void scoring_check_medal ( scoring_struct sc)
void scoring_do_accept ( scoring_struct score)

Definition at line 329 of file scoring.cpp.

void scoring_eval_assists ( ship sp,
int  killer_sig,
bool  enemy_player = false 

Definition at line 1104 of file scoring.cpp.

void scoring_eval_hit ( object hit_obj,
object other_obj,
int  from_blast = 0 

Definition at line 1188 of file scoring.cpp.

int scoring_eval_kill ( object ship_obj)

Definition at line 590 of file scoring.cpp.

int scoring_eval_kill_on_weapon ( object weapon_obj,
object other_obj 

Definition at line 858 of file scoring.cpp.

float scoring_get_scale_factor ( )

Definition at line 1447 of file scoring.cpp.

void scoring_level_close ( int  accepted = 1)

Definition at line 432 of file scoring.cpp.

void scoring_level_init ( scoring_struct score)

Definition at line 223 of file scoring.cpp.

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int Num_medals

Definition at line 30 of file medals.cpp.

Definition at line 45 of file scoring.cpp.