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0000083FSSCPHT&Lpublic2008-02-22 02:39
Assigned Totaylor 
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.6.10 
Summary0000083: Targetting Boxes and Particles getting misaligned
DescriptionWhen your turn the camera ships at the edges of the screen will be rendered 'outside' the targetting box (when targetted) - when you move the camera so they're back in your reticle it will look normal again. This also happens with particles. A particle shot is fired, you move the ship so it's at the edge of your screen and they will look misaligned. You move back so its in the reticle again, and they're perfectly aligned once again.

Not really a severe bug, but tends to look crap, and it's pretty annoying.
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has duplicate 0001174resolvedtaylor HUD target brackets misplacement in wide-resolutions (1280x800) 
has duplicate 0001188resolvedtaylor Targetted ship boxes move away from ship at edge of view 
has duplicate 0001228resolvedtaylor Wide screen resolution problems with aiming reticule in relation to target box 
has duplicate 0001207resolvedtaylor Stars and nebulas not rotating correctly 
has duplicate 0001366resolvedtaylor Targeting brackets out of place in 16:9 
has duplicate 0001367resolvedtaylor Motion debris parallax incorrect in 16:9 
has duplicate 0001426resolvedtaylor Targetting box moves beyond target model 
has duplicate 0001423closed Misplaced object names and info when -fredhtl flag is used 



RandomTiger (developer)

Is this definately htl only?
Does it still happen?


Lightspeed (reporter)

It is HT&L only. Yes, it still happens. (In 1_20_04)


Bobboau (developer)

I'm thinking this is actualy an FOV bug, but I'm not sure, if it still shows up when useing the defalt fov, then this is a HT&L bug after all, but I havn't heard from LS if it shows up there


Lightspeed (reporter)

I havent had the time to test with default FOV yet.

Will do it, though. :)


ChronoReverse (reporter)

Last edited: 2004-03-05 19:40

Yeah, and the little secondaries cross is also rendered misaligned with the target aim reticle. It's not as apparent with default FOV but it still occurs.

edited on: 03-05-04 19:40


Bobboau (developer)

ok, if I change the FOV I can see this, I tryed makeing a change to the ratio but it seems that it isn't as simple as a multiplication factor, it's like there is some non-scaler being applyed, I supose I could add a comand line that would be a aspect fix, but you'd have to use trial and error to find the corect settings for you'r fov setings


Lightspeed (reporter)

add it - I like manual tweakage.


RandomTiger (developer)

Could screenshots help?


Lightspeed (reporter)

Just shout if you need any, I can supply plenty of 'em.


Lightspeed (reporter)

Update: Today I just noticed the situation has changed...

With the new builds (the last few) any particles or trails will NOT get misaligned anymore. (probably because they're also HT-L rendered now?)

The ONLY thing still getting misaligned is the targetting boxes.


RandomTiger (developer)

As far as I know they are still rendered in the same way


Lightspeed (reporter)

That's odd, because they work fine now. The bug now only applies to targetting boxes.


administrator (administrator)

Very stale, I assume this needs re-assigned?


taylor (administrator)

Guess I'll have to take this one. I've been making changes to reduce the wasted cycles associated with these view calls anyway. The ultimate goal is to fix the nasty work of this hacked-in HTL view code and actually do it properly.


Shotman (reporter)

I think its something with FOV


taylor (administrator)

"I think its something with FOV"

Yes, it's an issue with the difference between the orthographic (for the lines) and the projection (for the models) views. The orthographic view doesn't take FOV into account. We just have to make the FOV from the projection matrix factor in to the orthographic view. With the current code however, that's much easier said than done.


ax3001 (reporter)

for more info about this problem see bug 926


ARSPR (reporter)

I've just noticed that this distortion happens even with default FOV, (no launcher flag), although it's small.

Look at the attached screenshots.


taylor (administrator)

It will happen with any FOV, just to different degrees. Models are rendered with a FOV applied, lines aren't. That's the problem, and what makes it not very easy to fix.


ScoutNight (reporter)

Any update on progress with this?


taylor (administrator)

It's unlikely to be fixed until 3.7.


taylor (administrator)

The last bit of this should be fixed with Murleen's patch. More work will likely be done on this stuff for 3.7, but Murleen's code is a perfect solution in the meantime.


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