Open source remastering of the Freespace 2 engine
multi_campaign.cpp File Reference
#include <limits.h>
#include "gamesequence/gamesequence.h"
#include "network/multi.h"
#include "network/multiui.h"
#include "freespace2/freespace.h"
#include "network/multimsgs.h"
#include "network/multiutil.h"
#include "popup/popup.h"
#include "network/multi_campaign.h"
#include "network/multi_endgame.h"
#include "network/stand_gui.h"
#include "mission/missiongoals.h"
#include "mission/missioncampaign.h"
#include "mission/missionparse.h"
#include "ship/ship.h"

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#define MC_CODE_POOL   0
#define MC_CODE_DONE   1
#define MC_CODE_DEBRIEF   2
#define MC_CODE_START   3
#define MC_JIP_GE_STATUS   2
#define MC_JIP_GOAL_NAMES   3
#define MC_JIP_EVENT_NAMES   4
#define MC_JIP_END_DATA   5
#define MC_INGAME_DATA_SLOP   50


void multi_campaign_start (char *filename)
void multi_campaign_client_start ()
void multi_campaign_next_mission ()
void multi_campaign_flush_data ()
void multi_campaign_do_debrief (int player_status)
void multi_campaign_done_popup ()
void multi_campaign_eval_debrief ()
void multi_campaign_client_store_goals (int mission_num)
void multi_campaign_process_update (ubyte *data, header *hinfo)
void multi_campaign_send_done ()
void multi_campaign_send_debrief_info ()
void multi_campaign_send_pool_status ()
void multi_campaign_send_start (net_player *pl)
void multi_campaign_send_ingame_start (net_player *pl)
void multi_campaign_process_ingame_start (ubyte *data, header *hinfo)


int Multi_campaign_accept_flags [MAX_PLAYERS]
int Num_weapon_types

Macro Definition Documentation

#define MC_CODE_DEBRIEF   2

Definition at line 40 of file multi_campaign.cpp.

#define MC_CODE_DONE   1

Definition at line 39 of file multi_campaign.cpp.

#define MC_CODE_POOL   0

Definition at line 38 of file multi_campaign.cpp.

#define MC_CODE_START   3

Definition at line 41 of file multi_campaign.cpp.

#define MC_INGAME_DATA_SLOP   50

Definition at line 51 of file multi_campaign.cpp.

#define MC_JIP_END_DATA   5

Definition at line 48 of file multi_campaign.cpp.

#define MC_JIP_EVENT_NAMES   4

Definition at line 47 of file multi_campaign.cpp.

#define MC_JIP_GE_STATUS   2

Definition at line 45 of file multi_campaign.cpp.

#define MC_JIP_GOAL_NAMES   3

Definition at line 46 of file multi_campaign.cpp.


Definition at line 44 of file multi_campaign.cpp.

Function Documentation

void multi_campaign_client_start ( )

Definition at line 110 of file multi_campaign.cpp.

void multi_campaign_client_store_goals ( int  mission_num)

Definition at line 230 of file multi_campaign.cpp.

void multi_campaign_do_debrief ( int  player_status)

Definition at line 163 of file multi_campaign.cpp.

void multi_campaign_done_popup ( )

Definition at line 212 of file multi_campaign.cpp.

void multi_campaign_eval_debrief ( )

Definition at line 219 of file multi_campaign.cpp.

void multi_campaign_flush_data ( )

Definition at line 150 of file multi_campaign.cpp.

void multi_campaign_next_mission ( )

Definition at line 119 of file multi_campaign.cpp.

void multi_campaign_process_ingame_start ( ubyte data,
header hinfo 

Definition at line 701 of file multi_campaign.cpp.

void multi_campaign_process_update ( ubyte data,
header hinfo 

Definition at line 251 of file multi_campaign.cpp.

void multi_campaign_send_debrief_info ( )

Definition at line 382 of file multi_campaign.cpp.

void multi_campaign_send_done ( )

Definition at line 365 of file multi_campaign.cpp.

void multi_campaign_send_ingame_start ( net_player pl)

Definition at line 535 of file multi_campaign.cpp.

void multi_campaign_send_pool_status ( )

Definition at line 430 of file multi_campaign.cpp.

void multi_campaign_send_start ( net_player pl)

Definition at line 504 of file multi_campaign.cpp.

void multi_campaign_start ( char *  filename)

Definition at line 63 of file multi_campaign.cpp.

Variable Documentation

int Multi_campaign_accept_flags[MAX_PLAYERS]

Definition at line 55 of file multi_campaign.cpp.

int Num_weapon_types

Definition at line 105 of file weapons.cpp.