Open source remastering of the Freespace 2 engine
net_player Struct Reference

#include <multi.h>

Public Attributes

short player_id
int tracker_player_id
int flags
int state
ushort client_cinfo_seq
ushort client_server_seq
fix last_heard_time
net_player_server_info s_info
net_player_info p_info
int sv_bytes_sent
int sv_last_pl
int cl_bytes_recvd
int cl_last_pl

Detailed Description

Definition at line 458 of file multi.h.

Member Data Documentation

int net_player::cl_bytes_recvd

Definition at line 481 of file multi.h.

int net_player::cl_last_pl

Definition at line 482 of file multi.h.

ushort net_player::client_cinfo_seq

Definition at line 467 of file multi.h.

ushort net_player::client_server_seq

Definition at line 468 of file multi.h.

int net_player::flags

Definition at line 463 of file multi.h.

fix net_player::last_heard_time

Definition at line 470 of file multi.h.

player* net_player::m_player

Definition at line 459 of file multi.h.

net_player_info net_player::p_info

Definition at line 473 of file multi.h.

short net_player::player_id

Definition at line 460 of file multi.h.

PSNET_SOCKET_RELIABLE net_player::reliable_socket

Definition at line 465 of file multi.h.

net_player_server_info net_player::s_info

Definition at line 472 of file multi.h.

int net_player::state

Definition at line 464 of file multi.h.

int net_player::sv_bytes_sent

Definition at line 477 of file multi.h.

int net_player::sv_last_pl

Definition at line 478 of file multi.h.

int net_player::tracker_player_id

Definition at line 461 of file multi.h.

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