Open source remastering of the Freespace 2 engine
weapon_info Struct Reference

#include <weapon.h>

Public Attributes

char name [NAME_LENGTH]
char alt_name [NAME_LENGTH]
char title [WEAPON_TITLE_LEN]
char * desc
int subtype
int render_type
char pofbitmap_name [MAX_FILENAME_LEN]
int model_num
char external_model_name [MAX_FILENAME_LEN]
int external_model_num
int hud_target_lod
int num_detail_levels
int detail_distance [MAX_MODEL_DETAIL_LEVELS]
char * tech_desc
char tech_anim_filename [MAX_FILENAME_LEN]
char tech_title [NAME_LENGTH]
char tech_model [MAX_FILENAME_LEN]
vec3d closeup_pos
float closeup_zoom
char hud_filename [MAX_FILENAME_LEN]
int hud_image_index
generic_anim laser_bitmap
generic_anim laser_glow_bitmap
float laser_length
color laser_color_1
color laser_color_2
float laser_head_radius
float laser_tail_radius
float max_speed
float acceleration_time
float vel_inherit_amount
float free_flight_time
float mass
float fire_wait
float max_delay
float min_delay
float damage
float damage_time
float atten_damage
shockwave_create_info shockwave
shockwave_create_info dinky_shockwave
fix arm_time
float arm_dist
float arm_radius
float det_range
float det_radius
float flak_detonation_accuracy
float flak_targeting_accuracy
float untargeted_flak_range_penalty
float armor_factor
float shield_factor
float subsystem_factor
float life_min
float life_max
float max_lifetime
float lifetime
float energy_consumed
int wi_flags
int wi_flags2
int wi_flags3
float turn_time
float cargo_size
float rearm_rate
float weapon_range
int num_spawn_weapons_defined
int total_children_spawned
spawn_weapon_info spawn_info [MAX_SPAWN_TYPES_PER_WEAPON]
short swarm_count
float min_lock_time
int lock_pixels_per_sec
int catchup_pixels_per_sec
int catchup_pixel_penalty
float fov
float seeker_strength
int pre_launch_snd
int pre_launch_snd_min_interval
int launch_snd
int impact_snd
int disarmed_impact_snd
int flyby_snd
trail_info tr_info
char icon_filename [MAX_FILENAME_LEN]
char anim_filename [MAX_FILENAME_LEN]
int selection_effect
int impact_weapon_expl_index
float impact_explosion_radius
float shield_impact_explosion_radius
int dinky_impact_weapon_expl_index
float dinky_impact_explosion_radius
int flash_impact_weapon_expl_index
float flash_impact_explosion_radius
int piercing_impact_weapon_expl_index
float piercing_impact_explosion_radius
int piercing_impact_particle_count
float piercing_impact_particle_life
float piercing_impact_particle_velocity
float piercing_impact_particle_back_velocity
float piercing_impact_particle_variance
float emp_intensity
float emp_time
float recoil_modifier
float weapon_reduce
float afterburner_reduce
beam_weapon_info b_info
float tag_time
int tag_level
int muzzle_flash
int SSM_index
particle_spew_info particle_spewers [MAX_PARTICLE_SPEWERS]
int cs_num_fired
float cs_radius
float cs_twist
int cs_crotate
int cs_delay
int elec_time
float elec_eng_mult
float elec_weap_mult
float elec_beam_mult
float elec_sensors_mult
int elec_randomness
int elec_use_new_style
int lssm_warpout_delay
int lssm_warpin_delay
float lssm_stage5_vel
float lssm_warpin_radius
float lssm_lock_range
float field_of_fire
float fof_spread_rate
float fof_reset_rate
float max_fof_spread
int shots
float cm_aspect_effectiveness
float cm_heat_effectiveness
float cm_effective_rad
float cm_detonation_rad
bool cm_kill_single
int SwarmWait
float WeaponMinRange
float weapon_submodel_rotate_accell
float weapon_submodel_rotate_vel
int damage_type_idx
int damage_type_idx_sav
int armor_type_idx
float alpha_max
float alpha_min
float alpha_cycle
int weapon_hitpoints
int burst_shots
float burst_delay
int burst_flags
generic_anim thruster_flame
generic_anim thruster_glow
float thruster_glow_factor
float target_lead_scaler
int targeting_priorities [32]
int num_targeting_priorities
size_t num_substitution_patterns
int weapon_substitution_pattern [MAX_SUBSTITUTION_PATTERNS]
char weapon_substitution_pattern_names [MAX_SUBSTITUTION_PATTERNS][NAME_LENGTH]
int score
int hud_tracking_snd
int hud_locked_snd
int hud_in_flight_snd
InFlightSoundType in_flight_play_type

Detailed Description

Definition at line 321 of file weapon.h.

Member Data Documentation

float weapon_info::acceleration_time

Definition at line 355 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::afterburner_reduce

Definition at line 453 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::alpha_cycle

Definition at line 528 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::alpha_max

Definition at line 526 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::alpha_min

Definition at line 527 of file weapon.h.

char weapon_info::alt_name[NAME_LENGTH]

Definition at line 323 of file weapon.h.

char weapon_info::anim_filename[MAX_FILENAME_LEN]

Definition at line 423 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::arm_dist

Definition at line 370 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::arm_radius

Definition at line 371 of file weapon.h.

fix weapon_info::arm_time

Definition at line 369 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::armor_factor

Definition at line 378 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::armor_type_idx

Definition at line 522 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::atten_damage

Definition at line 365 of file weapon.h.

beam_weapon_info weapon_info::b_info

Definition at line 456 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::burst_delay

Definition at line 533 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::burst_flags

Definition at line 534 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::burst_shots

Definition at line 532 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::cargo_size

Definition at line 388 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::catchup_pixel_penalty

Definition at line 404 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::catchup_pixels_per_sec

Definition at line 403 of file weapon.h.

vec3d weapon_info::closeup_pos

Definition at line 340 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::closeup_zoom

Definition at line 341 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::cm_aspect_effectiveness

Definition at line 503 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::cm_detonation_rad

Definition at line 506 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::cm_effective_rad

Definition at line 505 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::cm_heat_effectiveness

Definition at line 504 of file weapon.h.

bool weapon_info::cm_kill_single

Definition at line 507 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::cs_crotate

Definition at line 475 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::cs_delay

Definition at line 476 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::cs_num_fired

Definition at line 472 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::cs_radius

Definition at line 473 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::cs_twist

Definition at line 474 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::damage

Definition at line 363 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::damage_time

Definition at line 364 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::damage_type_idx

Definition at line 519 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::damage_type_idx_sav

Definition at line 520 of file weapon.h.

char* weapon_info::desc

Definition at line 325 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::det_radius

Definition at line 373 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::det_range

Definition at line 372 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::detail_distance[MAX_MODEL_DETAIL_LEVELS]

Definition at line 334 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::dinky_impact_explosion_radius

Definition at line 431 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::dinky_impact_weapon_expl_index

Definition at line 430 of file weapon.h.

shockwave_create_info weapon_info::dinky_shockwave

Definition at line 368 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::disarmed_impact_snd

Definition at line 416 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::elec_beam_mult

Definition at line 482 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::elec_eng_mult

Definition at line 480 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::elec_randomness

Definition at line 484 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::elec_sensors_mult

Definition at line 483 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::elec_time

Definition at line 479 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::elec_use_new_style

Definition at line 485 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::elec_weap_mult

Definition at line 481 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::emp_intensity

Definition at line 445 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::emp_time

Definition at line 446 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::energy_consumed

Definition at line 383 of file weapon.h.

char weapon_info::external_model_name[MAX_FILENAME_LEN]

Definition at line 330 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::external_model_num

Definition at line 331 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::field_of_fire

Definition at line 494 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::fire_wait

Definition at line 359 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::flak_detonation_accuracy

Definition at line 374 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::flak_targeting_accuracy

Definition at line 375 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::flash_impact_explosion_radius

Definition at line 434 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::flash_impact_weapon_expl_index

Definition at line 433 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::flyby_snd

Definition at line 417 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::fof_reset_rate

Definition at line 496 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::fof_spread_rate

Definition at line 495 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::fov

Definition at line 407 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::free_flight_time

Definition at line 357 of file weapon.h.

char weapon_info::hud_filename[MAX_FILENAME_LEN]

Definition at line 343 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::hud_image_index

Definition at line 344 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::hud_in_flight_snd

Definition at line 554 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::hud_locked_snd

Definition at line 553 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::hud_target_lod

Definition at line 332 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::hud_tracking_snd

Definition at line 552 of file weapon.h.

char weapon_info::icon_filename[MAX_FILENAME_LEN]

Definition at line 422 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::impact_explosion_radius

Definition at line 427 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::impact_snd

Definition at line 415 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::impact_weapon_expl_index

Definition at line 426 of file weapon.h.

InFlightSoundType weapon_info::in_flight_play_type

Definition at line 555 of file weapon.h.

generic_anim weapon_info::laser_bitmap

Definition at line 346 of file weapon.h.

color weapon_info::laser_color_1

Definition at line 350 of file weapon.h.

color weapon_info::laser_color_2

Definition at line 351 of file weapon.h.

generic_anim weapon_info::laser_glow_bitmap

Definition at line 347 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::laser_head_radius

Definition at line 352 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::laser_length

Definition at line 349 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::laser_tail_radius

Definition at line 352 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::launch_snd

Definition at line 414 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::life_max

Definition at line 380 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::life_min

Definition at line 379 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::lifetime

Definition at line 382 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::lock_pixels_per_sec

Definition at line 402 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::lssm_lock_range

Definition at line 492 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::lssm_stage5_vel

Definition at line 490 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::lssm_warpin_delay

Definition at line 489 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::lssm_warpin_radius

Definition at line 491 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::lssm_warpout_delay

Definition at line 488 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::mass

Definition at line 358 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::max_delay

Definition at line 360 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::max_fof_spread

Definition at line 497 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::max_lifetime

Definition at line 381 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::max_speed

Definition at line 354 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::min_delay

Definition at line 361 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::min_lock_time

Definition at line 401 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::model_num

Definition at line 329 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::muzzle_flash

Definition at line 463 of file weapon.h.

char weapon_info::name[NAME_LENGTH]

Definition at line 322 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::num_detail_levels

Definition at line 333 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::num_spawn_weapons_defined

Definition at line 393 of file weapon.h.

size_t weapon_info::num_substitution_patterns

Definition at line 546 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::num_targeting_priorities

Definition at line 543 of file weapon.h.

particle_spew_info weapon_info::particle_spewers[MAX_PARTICLE_SPEWERS]

Definition at line 469 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::piercing_impact_explosion_radius

Definition at line 437 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::piercing_impact_particle_back_velocity

Definition at line 441 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::piercing_impact_particle_count

Definition at line 438 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::piercing_impact_particle_life

Definition at line 439 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::piercing_impact_particle_variance

Definition at line 442 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::piercing_impact_particle_velocity

Definition at line 440 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::piercing_impact_weapon_expl_index

Definition at line 436 of file weapon.h.

char weapon_info::pofbitmap_name[MAX_FILENAME_LEN]

Definition at line 328 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::pre_launch_snd

Definition at line 412 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::pre_launch_snd_min_interval

Definition at line 413 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::rearm_rate

Definition at line 389 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::recoil_modifier

Definition at line 449 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::render_type

Definition at line 327 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::score

Definition at line 550 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::seeker_strength

Definition at line 410 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::selection_effect

Definition at line 424 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::shield_factor

Definition at line 378 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::shield_impact_explosion_radius

Definition at line 428 of file weapon.h.

shockwave_create_info weapon_info::shockwave

Definition at line 367 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::shots

Definition at line 498 of file weapon.h.

Definition at line 395 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::SSM_index

Definition at line 466 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::subsystem_factor

Definition at line 378 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::subtype

Definition at line 326 of file weapon.h.

short weapon_info::swarm_count

Definition at line 398 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::SwarmWait

Definition at line 511 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::tag_level

Definition at line 460 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::tag_time

Definition at line 459 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::target_lead_scaler

Definition at line 541 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::targeting_priorities[32]

Definition at line 542 of file weapon.h.

char weapon_info::tech_anim_filename[MAX_FILENAME_LEN]

Definition at line 336 of file weapon.h.

char* weapon_info::tech_desc

Definition at line 335 of file weapon.h.

char weapon_info::tech_model[MAX_FILENAME_LEN]

Definition at line 338 of file weapon.h.

char weapon_info::tech_title[NAME_LENGTH]

Definition at line 337 of file weapon.h.

generic_anim weapon_info::thruster_flame

Definition at line 537 of file weapon.h.

generic_anim weapon_info::thruster_glow

Definition at line 538 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::thruster_glow_factor

Definition at line 539 of file weapon.h.

char weapon_info::title[WEAPON_TITLE_LEN]

Definition at line 324 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::total_children_spawned

Definition at line 394 of file weapon.h.

trail_info weapon_info::tr_info

Definition at line 420 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::turn_time

Definition at line 387 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::untargeted_flak_range_penalty

Definition at line 376 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::vel_inherit_amount

Definition at line 356 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::weapon_hitpoints

Definition at line 530 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::weapon_range

Definition at line 390 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::weapon_reduce

Definition at line 452 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::weapon_submodel_rotate_accell

Definition at line 516 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::weapon_submodel_rotate_vel

Definition at line 517 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::weapon_substitution_pattern[MAX_SUBSTITUTION_PATTERNS]

Definition at line 547 of file weapon.h.

char weapon_info::weapon_substitution_pattern_names[MAX_SUBSTITUTION_PATTERNS][NAME_LENGTH]

Definition at line 548 of file weapon.h.

float weapon_info::WeaponMinRange

Definition at line 513 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::wi_flags

Definition at line 384 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::wi_flags2

Definition at line 385 of file weapon.h.

int weapon_info::wi_flags3

Definition at line 386 of file weapon.h.

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