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beam_weapon_info Struct Reference

#include <weapon.h>

Public Attributes

int beam_type
float beam_life
int beam_warmup
int beam_warmdown
float beam_muzzle_radius
int beam_particle_count
float beam_particle_radius
float beam_particle_angle
generic_anim beam_particle_ani
float beam_iff_miss_factor [MAX_IFFS][NUM_SKILL_LEVELS]
int beam_loop_sound
int beam_warmup_sound
int beam_warmdown_sound
int beam_num_sections
generic_anim beam_glow
float glow_length
bool directional_glow
int beam_shots
float beam_shrink_factor
float beam_shrink_pct
beam_weapon_section_info sections [MAX_BEAM_SECTIONS]
float range
float damage_threshold
float beam_width

Detailed Description

Definition at line 252 of file weapon.h.

Member Data Documentation

generic_anim beam_weapon_info::beam_glow

Definition at line 267 of file weapon.h.

float beam_weapon_info::beam_iff_miss_factor[MAX_IFFS][NUM_SKILL_LEVELS]

Definition at line 262 of file weapon.h.

float beam_weapon_info::beam_life

Definition at line 254 of file weapon.h.

int beam_weapon_info::beam_loop_sound

Definition at line 263 of file weapon.h.

float beam_weapon_info::beam_muzzle_radius

Definition at line 257 of file weapon.h.

int beam_weapon_info::beam_num_sections

Definition at line 266 of file weapon.h.

float beam_weapon_info::beam_particle_angle

Definition at line 260 of file weapon.h.

generic_anim beam_weapon_info::beam_particle_ani

Definition at line 261 of file weapon.h.

int beam_weapon_info::beam_particle_count

Definition at line 258 of file weapon.h.

float beam_weapon_info::beam_particle_radius

Definition at line 259 of file weapon.h.

int beam_weapon_info::beam_shots

Definition at line 270 of file weapon.h.

float beam_weapon_info::beam_shrink_factor

Definition at line 271 of file weapon.h.

float beam_weapon_info::beam_shrink_pct

Definition at line 272 of file weapon.h.

int beam_weapon_info::beam_type

Definition at line 253 of file weapon.h.

int beam_weapon_info::beam_warmdown

Definition at line 256 of file weapon.h.

int beam_weapon_info::beam_warmdown_sound

Definition at line 265 of file weapon.h.

int beam_weapon_info::beam_warmup

Definition at line 255 of file weapon.h.

int beam_weapon_info::beam_warmup_sound

Definition at line 264 of file weapon.h.

float beam_weapon_info::beam_width

Definition at line 276 of file weapon.h.

float beam_weapon_info::damage_threshold

Definition at line 275 of file weapon.h.

bool beam_weapon_info::directional_glow

Definition at line 269 of file weapon.h.

float beam_weapon_info::glow_length

Definition at line 268 of file weapon.h.

float beam_weapon_info::range

Definition at line 274 of file weapon.h.

beam_weapon_section_info beam_weapon_info::sections[MAX_BEAM_SECTIONS]

Definition at line 273 of file weapon.h.

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