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shockwave_create_info Struct Reference

#include <shockwave.h>

Public Attributes

char name [MAX_FILENAME_LEN]
char pof_name [MAX_FILENAME_LEN]
float inner_rad
float outer_rad
float damage
float blast
float speed
angles rot_angles
int damage_type_idx
int damage_type_idx_sav

Detailed Description

Definition at line 72 of file shockwave.h.

Member Data Documentation

float shockwave_create_info::blast

Definition at line 80 of file shockwave.h.

float shockwave_create_info::damage

Definition at line 79 of file shockwave.h.

int shockwave_create_info::damage_type_idx

Definition at line 84 of file shockwave.h.

int shockwave_create_info::damage_type_idx_sav

Definition at line 85 of file shockwave.h.

float shockwave_create_info::inner_rad

Definition at line 77 of file shockwave.h.

char shockwave_create_info::name[MAX_FILENAME_LEN]

Definition at line 74 of file shockwave.h.

float shockwave_create_info::outer_rad

Definition at line 78 of file shockwave.h.

char shockwave_create_info::pof_name[MAX_FILENAME_LEN]

Definition at line 75 of file shockwave.h.

angles shockwave_create_info::rot_angles

Definition at line 82 of file shockwave.h.

float shockwave_create_info::speed

Definition at line 81 of file shockwave.h.

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