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particle_spew_info Struct Reference

#include <weapon.h>

Public Attributes

int particle_spew_type
int particle_spew_count
int particle_spew_time
float particle_spew_vel
float particle_spew_radius
float particle_spew_lifetime
float particle_spew_scale
float particle_spew_z_scale
float particle_spew_rotation_rate
vec3d particle_spew_offset
vec3d particle_spew_velocity
generic_anim particle_spew_anim

Detailed Description

Definition at line 279 of file weapon.h.

Member Data Documentation

generic_anim particle_spew_info::particle_spew_anim

Definition at line 292 of file weapon.h.

int particle_spew_info::particle_spew_count

Definition at line 282 of file weapon.h.

float particle_spew_info::particle_spew_lifetime

Definition at line 286 of file weapon.h.

vec3d particle_spew_info::particle_spew_offset

Definition at line 290 of file weapon.h.

float particle_spew_info::particle_spew_radius

Definition at line 285 of file weapon.h.

float particle_spew_info::particle_spew_rotation_rate

Definition at line 289 of file weapon.h.

float particle_spew_info::particle_spew_scale

Definition at line 287 of file weapon.h.

int particle_spew_info::particle_spew_time

Definition at line 283 of file weapon.h.

int particle_spew_info::particle_spew_type

Definition at line 281 of file weapon.h.

float particle_spew_info::particle_spew_vel

Definition at line 284 of file weapon.h.

vec3d particle_spew_info::particle_spew_velocity

Definition at line 291 of file weapon.h.

float particle_spew_info::particle_spew_z_scale

Definition at line 288 of file weapon.h.

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