Open source remastering of the Freespace 2 engine
modelcollide.cpp File Reference
#include "cmdline/cmdline.h"
#include "graphics/tmapper.h"
#include "math/fvi.h"
#include "math/vecmat.h"
#include "model/model.h"
#include "model/modelsinc.h"

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#define MODEL_LIB
#define TOL   1E-4
#define DIST_TOL   1.0


void model_collide_free_point_list ()
void model_collide_allocate_point_list (int n_points)
int mc_ray_boundingbox (vec3d *min, vec3d *max, vec3d *p0, vec3d *pdir, vec3d *hitpos)
void model_collide_defpoints (ubyte *p)
int model_collide_parse_bsp_defpoints (ubyte *p)
void model_collide_flatpoly (ubyte *p)
void model_collide_tmappoly (ubyte *p)
int model_collide_sub (void *model_ptr)
void model_collide_sortnorm (ubyte *p)
void model_collide_bsp_poly (bsp_collision_tree *tree, int leaf_index)
void model_collide_bsp (bsp_collision_tree *tree, int node_index)
void model_collide_parse_bsp_tmappoly (bsp_collision_leaf *leaf, SCP_vector< model_tmap_vert > *vert_buffer, void *model_ptr)
void model_collide_parse_bsp_flatpoly (bsp_collision_leaf *leaf, SCP_vector< model_tmap_vert > *vert_buffer, void *model_ptr)
void model_collide_parse_bsp (bsp_collision_tree *tree, void *model_ptr, int version)
bool mc_shield_check_common (shield_tri *tri)
bool mc_check_sldc (int offset)
void mc_check_shield ()
void mc_check_subobj (int mn)
int model_collide (mc_info *mc_info_obj)
void model_collide_preprocess_subobj (vec3d *pos, matrix *orient, polymodel *pm, polymodel_instance *pmi, int subobj_num)
void model_collide_preprocess (matrix *orient, int model_instance_num, int detail_num)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define DIST_TOL   1.0

Definition at line 25 of file modelcollide.cpp.

#define MODEL_LIB

Definition at line 13 of file modelcollide.cpp.

#define TOL   1E-4

Definition at line 24 of file modelcollide.cpp.

Function Documentation

void mc_check_shield ( )

Definition at line 1020 of file modelcollide.cpp.

bool mc_check_sldc ( int  offset)

Definition at line 970 of file modelcollide.cpp.

void mc_check_subobj ( int  mn)

Definition at line 1052 of file modelcollide.cpp.

int mc_ray_boundingbox ( vec3d min,
vec3d max,
vec3d p0,
vec3d pdir,
vec3d hitpos 

Definition at line 79 of file modelcollide.cpp.

bool mc_shield_check_common ( shield_tri tri)

Definition at line 910 of file modelcollide.cpp.

int model_collide ( mc_info mc_info_obj)

Definition at line 1230 of file modelcollide.cpp.

void model_collide_allocate_point_list ( int  n_points)

Definition at line 62 of file modelcollide.cpp.

void model_collide_bsp ( bsp_collision_tree tree,
int  node_index 

Definition at line 623 of file modelcollide.cpp.

void model_collide_bsp_poly ( bsp_collision_tree tree,
int  leaf_index 

Definition at line 571 of file modelcollide.cpp.

void model_collide_defpoints ( ubyte p)

Definition at line 353 of file modelcollide.cpp.

void model_collide_flatpoly ( ubyte p)

Definition at line 405 of file modelcollide.cpp.

void model_collide_free_point_list ( )

Definition at line 52 of file modelcollide.cpp.

void model_collide_parse_bsp ( bsp_collision_tree tree,
void model_ptr,
int  version 

Definition at line 731 of file modelcollide.cpp.

int model_collide_parse_bsp_defpoints ( ubyte p)

Definition at line 371 of file modelcollide.cpp.

void model_collide_parse_bsp_flatpoly ( bsp_collision_leaf leaf,
SCP_vector< model_tmap_vert > *  vert_buffer,
void model_ptr 

Definition at line 688 of file modelcollide.cpp.

void model_collide_parse_bsp_tmappoly ( bsp_collision_leaf leaf,
SCP_vector< model_tmap_vert > *  vert_buffer,
void model_ptr 

Definition at line 648 of file modelcollide.cpp.

void model_collide_preprocess ( matrix orient,
int  model_instance_num,
int  detail_num 

Definition at line 1392 of file modelcollide.cpp.

void model_collide_preprocess_subobj ( vec3d pos,
matrix orient,
polymodel pm,
polymodel_instance pmi,
int  subobj_num 

Definition at line 1353 of file modelcollide.cpp.

void model_collide_sortnorm ( ubyte p)

Definition at line 503 of file modelcollide.cpp.

int model_collide_sub ( void model_ptr)

Definition at line 531 of file modelcollide.cpp.

void model_collide_tmappoly ( ubyte p)

Definition at line 445 of file modelcollide.cpp.