Released 2010-05-29
Any trunk builds since the 3.6.12 branch-off
0002326: [multiplayer] Assert: hull_pct > 0.0f && hull_pct <= 1.0f in ship.cpp line 8298 (The_E)
0002323: [gameplay] Glide doesn't reset on mission restart (karajorma)
0002372: [tables] +Description broken in ships.tbl (The_E)
0002674: [scripting] Lua Debug Call stacks are incomplete when too long (m_m)
0002410: [HUD] No head ani appears when hud disabled except messages and in cutscene camera (The_E)
0002568: [FRED] "Fog Near" and "Fog Far" multipliers added to mission file regardless of save format setting (The_E)
0002561: [models] rotating weapon models no longer rotate (The_E)
0002560: [Build system] Some commit cross-pollination broke Antipodes building on OS X and got out of sync with trunk (The_E)
0002559: [Build system] OS X Frameworks file contains filesystem properties that it should not (chief1983)
0002400: [scripting] Render to texture scripts do not seem to render correctly in 3.6.13 builds. (Swifty)
0002545: [FRED] Default ship in FRED is not the ship define by #Default Player Ship (The_E)
0002550: [user interface] Font run off (The_E)
0002391: [HUD] Problems when using non-default gauge names (The_E)
0002520: [Platform-Engine interaction] r7905 crashes when no -keyboard_layout is specified (Echelon9)
0002517: [sound] loop sounds are always at 100% volume locked, and afterburner fade out sound not work (Eli2)
0002518: [Pilot data] Crash while exiting medal case view (Echelon9)
0002276: [SEXPs] more sexps that dont work for clients in mp (karajorma)
0002512: [SEXPs] Force-jump does not work while player is gliding. (The_E)
0002489: [sound] adjust-audio-volume doesn't affect subspace (The_E)
0002386: [gameplay] Ships with no ets flag that dont have afterburners or shields never recharge weapons (The_E)
0002501: [models] models without correct glowpoint textures can cause crash (niffiwan)
0002134: [SEXPs] set-fov SEXP at beginning of mission has no effect (The_E)
0002497: [FRED] Ship Editor Cue Sexp Help Text not visible (karajorma)
0002492: [FRED] Help text for get-secondary-ammo is confusing (karajorma)
0002401: [multiplayer] sexps set-camera-position and set-camera-facing-object only working for the host (karajorma)
0002483: [multiplayer] multi sexps (karajorma)
0002484: [Platform-Engine interaction] "Runtime check failure 0000002: Stack corrupted around variable file_text_raw" (The_E)
0002424: [multiplayer] Alpha 1 must be player ship or crash (The_E)
0002050: [multiplayer] Standalones crashing - new problem. Looks fs2_open log file related (The_E)
0002459: [scripting] Calling ts.createParticle with an invalid effect handle causes an Int3() (The_E)
0002444: [HUD] HUD_fixed_printf not rendering on-screen (The_E)
0002383: [cutscenes] OGG cutscenes show green / corrupted screen (Echelon9)
0002454: [gameplay] Weapon damage not applied correctly for AI or player (The_E)
0002421: [scripting] Pointer to a particle returned by particle_create() becomes invalid (The_E)
0002446: [graphics] Particle generation when game is paused (The_E)
0002427: [SEXPs] Can't change directive-is-variable variable (karajorma)
0002428: [tables] 3.6.13 EXEs do not correctly bypass deprecated $Decal: flag in weapon tables (The_E)
0002416: [HUD] HUD messages don't appear if you are looking anywhere but front view (The_E)
0002393: [HUD] Can't see typed text while on multiplayer respawn screen (The_E)
0002371: [gameplay] Bugged up hotkeys list (The_E)
0002409: [HUD] When hud-disable-except-messages directives still appear (The_E)
0002422: [HUD] Hostile Shield Indicator is duplicating Players Shield Indicator (The_E)
0002415: [iff] IFF changing oddity (Goober5000)
0002385: [tables] Animation code should be using subobject names not numbers (The_E)
0002381: [graphics] Mission-set-nebula turns background bitmaps into terrifying mirror-like voids (Echelon9)
0002322: [docking] Player ship looses collision detection if wing is departing via docking bay (karajorma)
0002368: [gameplay] Subsystems with vanish flag still play sound from player ship (FUBAR-BDHR)
0002365: [tables] ASSERTION: "ti->texture.bitmap_id != -1" at trails.cpp:203 (chief1983)
0002361: [models] Out of range values of model_instance_num caught by Assert() in model_get_instance() (Echelon9)
0002351: [tables] Animated subsystems not counted as rotating allowing max to be exceeded (Echelon9)
0002356: [SEXPs] Turret-free-all in an every-time acts as turret-lock-all (FUBAR-BDHR)
0001889: [graphics] HUD target box doesn't render lighting correctly (Echelon9)
0002357: [Pilot data] Ant8- Cannot switch between Single and Multi sessions in Barracks (Zacam)
0002349: [SEXPs] send-message-list needs better error checking in FRED (The_E)
0001647: [iff] Grey message brackets remain if ship sending message is changed to traitor (Goober5000)
0002030: [graphics] PNG texture support (Zacam)
0002337: [SEXPs] lock-rotating-subsystem affects more than it should (FUBAR-BDHR)
0002306: [gameplay] Debug build for the final as well enables a cheat not available in release (The_E)
0002164: [tables] Assert on missing muzzleflash (Genghis)
0002111: [user interface] Loadout indicators do not display correctly when using fourth weapon bank (The_E)
0002055: [SEXPs] Allow/break/never/fix-warp sexps have major issues (The_E)
0002257: [HUD] 'Artillery firing' HUD message always appears when SSMs are fired, even hostile ones (The_E)
0002336: [gameplay] Custom countermeasures do not change when a ship is swapped (The_E)
0002339: [SEXPs] Intermittent crashes in add_sexps (Echelon9)
0002344: [SEXPs] Post-processing sexps are broken (The_E)
0002342: [AI] Verify failure: swp->current_secondary_bank >= 0 (Sushi_CW)
0002190: [gameplay] Player mounted beams do not cause traitor (FUBAR-BDHR)
0002174: [multiplayer] ERANGE: String error in multiui.cpp (FUBAR-BDHR)
0002333: [sound] Random crashes caused by snd_get_duration() (The_E)
0002329: [sound] ERROR: Malloc Failed! on .ogg sound file that used to work (The_E)
0002330: [SEXPs] ship-subsytem-targetable/untargetable don't work in multi (FUBAR-BDHR)
0002171: [scripting] Documentation out of sync with code in gr.getVectorFromCoords (WMCoolmon)
0002273: [SEXPs] more sexps that dont work for clients in mp (karajorma)
0002324: [math-related] Mission-time-msecs doesn't go past 32,768 (karajorma)
0002321: [FRED] Event team numbers makes zero sense (karajorma)
0001963: [FRED] Bank (optional) command not functioning in set-object-facing and set-object-facing-object SEXPs (The_E)
0002300: [multiplayer] Change Callsign SEXP won't work for clients (FUBAR-BDHR)
0002314: [sound] Write outside the aav_data[3] array via an off-by-one (Echelon9)
0002249: [SEXPs] "training-msg" doesnt work for the client in multiplayer (karajorma)
0002159: [tables] Extra error-checking is needed for certain table values. (karajorma)
0002278: [FRED] Adding a variable can mess up new loadout code (karajorma)
0002250: [SEXPs] "show-subtitle-text" doesnt work for clients in multiplayer (karajorma)
0002272: [turrets] Int3(): From d:\scp\builds\fs2_open_3_6_12\code\hud\hudtarget.cpp at line 1812 (Wanderer)
0002263: [HUD] Directives don't go away with disable-hud-except-messages (The_E)
0002258: [scripting] There is a problem with the warp effect. The warp effect disappears before the ship that is warping out. (The_E)
0002205: [AI] Division by zero in do_random_sidethrust() (Sushi_CW)
0002231: [user interface] Tech room does not use high-res animations when available (Goober5000)
0002062: [SEXPs] Not-kamikaze apparently never finished (FUBAR-BDHR)
0002056: [SEXPs] Disable/enable built in messages node processing logic problem (Goober5000)
0002214: [HUD] Assertion for 2-frame 2_toparc2.ani
0000058: [sound] Flyby sound interupted. (taylor)
0001769: [sound] play-sound-from-file: sound file is re-played after Alt-TAB (taylor)
0001583: [graphics] Glitch in transparency render order for ship textures (Valathil)
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