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radar.h File Reference
#include "radar/radarsetup.h"

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class  HudGaugeRadarStd


void radar_init_std ()
void radar_plot_object_std (object *objp)
void radar_frame_init_std ()
void radar_mission_init_std ()
void radar_frame_render_std (float frametime)
void radar_draw_blips_sorted_std (int distort)
void radar_draw_range_std ()
void radar_blit_gauge_std ()
void radar_stuff_blip_info_std (object *objp, int is_bright, color **blip_color, int *blip_type)
void radar_null_nblips_std ()
void radar_draw_circle_std (int x, int y, int rad)
void radar_blip_draw_distorted_std (blip *b)
void radar_blip_draw_flicker_std (blip *b)
void radar_draw_image_std (int x, int y, int rad, int idx, int size)


int Radar_static_looping

Function Documentation

void radar_blip_draw_distorted_std ( blip b)
void radar_blip_draw_flicker_std ( blip b)
void radar_blit_gauge_std ( )
void radar_draw_blips_sorted_std ( int  distort)
void radar_draw_circle_std ( int  x,
int  y,
int  rad 
void radar_draw_image_std ( int  x,
int  y,
int  rad,
int  idx,
int  size 
void radar_draw_range_std ( )
void radar_frame_init_std ( )
void radar_frame_render_std ( float  frametime)
void radar_init_std ( )
void radar_mission_init_std ( )
void radar_null_nblips_std ( )
void radar_plot_object_std ( object objp)
void radar_stuff_blip_info_std ( object objp,
int  is_bright,
color **  blip_color,
int blip_type 

Variable Documentation

int Radar_static_looping

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