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hudartillery.h File Reference

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struct  ssm_info
struct  ssm_firing_info
struct  ssm_strike


#define SSM_SHAPE_POINT   0
#define SSM_SHAPE_CIRCLE   1
#define SSM_SHAPE_SPHERE   2


typedef struct ssm_info ssm_info
typedef struct ssm_firing_info ssm_firing_info
typedef struct ssm_strike ssm_strike


void hud_init_artillery ()
void hud_artillery_update ()
void hud_artillery_render ()
void ssm_create (object *target, vec3d *start, size_t ssm_index, ssm_firing_info *override, int team)
int ssm_info_lookup (const char *name)


SCP_vector< ssm_infoSsm_info

Macro Definition Documentation

#define SSM_SHAPE_CIRCLE   1

Definition at line 24 of file hudartillery.h.

#define SSM_SHAPE_POINT   0

Definition at line 23 of file hudartillery.h.

#define SSM_SHAPE_SPHERE   2

Definition at line 25 of file hudartillery.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct ssm_info ssm_info
typedef struct ssm_strike ssm_strike

Function Documentation

void hud_artillery_render ( )

Definition at line 455 of file hudartillery.cpp.

void hud_artillery_update ( )

Definition at line 450 of file hudartillery.cpp.

void hud_init_artillery ( )

Definition at line 445 of file hudartillery.cpp.

void ssm_create ( object target,
vec3d start,
size_t  ssm_index,
ssm_firing_info override,
int  team 

Definition at line 251 of file hudartillery.cpp.

int ssm_info_lookup ( const char *  name)

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Variable Documentation

SCP_vector<ssm_info> Ssm_info

Definition at line 41 of file hudartillery.cpp.