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ship_subsys Class Reference

#include <ship.h>

Public Member Functions

 ship_subsys ()
void clear ()

Public Attributes

class ship_subsysnext
class ship_subsysprev
int parent_objnum
char sub_name [NAME_LENGTH]
float current_hits
float max_hits
int flags
int subsys_guardian_threshold
int armor_type_idx
int turret_best_weapon
vec3d turret_last_fire_direction
int turret_next_enemy_check_stamp
int turret_next_fire_stamp
int turret_enemy_objnum
int turret_enemy_sig
int turret_next_fire_pos
float turret_time_enemy_in_range
int turret_targeting_order [NUM_TURRET_ORDER_TYPES]
float optimum_range
float favor_current_facing
bool scripting_target_override
int last_fired_weapon_info_index
int turret_pick_big_attack_point_timestamp
vec3d turret_big_attack_point
EModelAnimationPosition turret_animation_position
int turret_animation_done_time
int turret_swarm_info_index [MAX_TFP]
int turret_swarm_num
float awacs_intensity
float awacs_radius
ship_weapon weapons
submodel_instance_info submodel_info_1
submodel_instance_info submodel_info_2
int disruption_timestamp
int subsys_cargo_name
fix time_subsys_cargo_revealed
int triggered_rotation_index
float points_to_target
float base_rotation_rate_pct
float gun_rotation_rate_pct
int subsys_snd_flags
int rotation_timestamp
matrix world_to_turret_matrix
int target_priority [32]
int num_target_priorities
fix next_aim_pos_time
vec3d last_aim_enemy_pos
vec3d last_aim_enemy_vel
float rof_scaler
float turn_rate
int turret_max_bomb_ownage
int turret_max_target_ownage

Detailed Description

Definition at line 310 of file ship.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ship_subsys::ship_subsys ( )

Definition at line 406 of file ship.h.

Member Function Documentation

void ship_subsys::clear ( )

Definition at line 6164 of file ship.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

int ship_subsys::armor_type_idx

Definition at line 325 of file ship.h.

float ship_subsys::awacs_intensity

Definition at line 359 of file ship.h.

float ship_subsys::awacs_radius

Definition at line 360 of file ship.h.

float ship_subsys::base_rotation_rate_pct

Definition at line 379 of file ship.h.

float ship_subsys::current_hits

Definition at line 319 of file ship.h.

int ship_subsys::disruption_timestamp

Definition at line 371 of file ship.h.

float ship_subsys::favor_current_facing

Definition at line 343 of file ship.h.

int ship_subsys::flags

Definition at line 322 of file ship.h.

float ship_subsys::gun_rotation_rate_pct

Definition at line 380 of file ship.h.

vec3d ship_subsys::last_aim_enemy_pos

Definition at line 395 of file ship.h.

vec3d ship_subsys::last_aim_enemy_vel

Definition at line 396 of file ship.h.

int ship_subsys::last_fired_weapon_info_index

Definition at line 346 of file ship.h.

float ship_subsys::max_hits

Definition at line 320 of file ship.h.

class ship_subsys* ship_subsys::next

Definition at line 313 of file ship.h.

fix ship_subsys::next_aim_pos_time

Definition at line 394 of file ship.h.

int ship_subsys::num_target_priorities

Definition at line 390 of file ship.h.

float ship_subsys::optimum_range

Definition at line 342 of file ship.h.

int ship_subsys::parent_objnum

Definition at line 316 of file ship.h.

float ship_subsys::points_to_target

Definition at line 378 of file ship.h.

class ship_subsys * ship_subsys::prev

Definition at line 313 of file ship.h.

float ship_subsys::rof_scaler

Definition at line 399 of file ship.h.

int ship_subsys::rotation_timestamp

Definition at line 385 of file ship.h.

bool ship_subsys::scripting_target_override

Definition at line 345 of file ship.h.

char ship_subsys::sub_name[NAME_LENGTH]

Definition at line 318 of file ship.h.

submodel_instance_info ship_subsys::submodel_info_1

Definition at line 368 of file ship.h.

submodel_instance_info ship_subsys::submodel_info_2

Definition at line 369 of file ship.h.

int ship_subsys::subsys_cargo_name

Definition at line 373 of file ship.h.

int ship_subsys::subsys_guardian_threshold

Definition at line 324 of file ship.h.

int ship_subsys::subsys_snd_flags

Definition at line 383 of file ship.h.

model_subsystem* ship_subsys::system_info

Definition at line 314 of file ship.h.

int ship_subsys::target_priority[32]

Definition at line 389 of file ship.h.

ship_subsys* ship_subsys::targeted_subsys

Definition at line 344 of file ship.h.

fix ship_subsys::time_subsys_cargo_revealed

Definition at line 374 of file ship.h.

int ship_subsys::triggered_rotation_index

Definition at line 376 of file ship.h.

float ship_subsys::turn_rate

Definition at line 400 of file ship.h.

int ship_subsys::turret_animation_done_time

Definition at line 352 of file ship.h.

EModelAnimationPosition ship_subsys::turret_animation_position

Definition at line 351 of file ship.h.

int ship_subsys::turret_best_weapon

Definition at line 333 of file ship.h.

vec3d ship_subsys::turret_big_attack_point

Definition at line 349 of file ship.h.

int ship_subsys::turret_enemy_objnum

Definition at line 337 of file ship.h.

int ship_subsys::turret_enemy_sig

Definition at line 338 of file ship.h.

vec3d ship_subsys::turret_last_fire_direction

Definition at line 334 of file ship.h.

int ship_subsys::turret_max_bomb_ownage

Definition at line 403 of file ship.h.

int ship_subsys::turret_max_target_ownage

Definition at line 404 of file ship.h.

int ship_subsys::turret_next_enemy_check_stamp

Definition at line 335 of file ship.h.

int ship_subsys::turret_next_fire_pos

Definition at line 339 of file ship.h.

int ship_subsys::turret_next_fire_stamp

Definition at line 336 of file ship.h.

int ship_subsys::turret_pick_big_attack_point_timestamp

Definition at line 348 of file ship.h.

int ship_subsys::turret_swarm_info_index[MAX_TFP]

Definition at line 355 of file ship.h.

int ship_subsys::turret_swarm_num

Definition at line 356 of file ship.h.

int ship_subsys::turret_targeting_order[NUM_TURRET_ORDER_TYPES]

Definition at line 341 of file ship.h.

float ship_subsys::turret_time_enemy_in_range

Definition at line 340 of file ship.h.

ship_weapon ship_subsys::weapons

Definition at line 362 of file ship.h.

matrix ship_subsys::world_to_turret_matrix

Definition at line 386 of file ship.h.

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