Open source remastering of the Freespace 2 engine
model_subsystem Struct Reference

#include <model.h>

Public Attributes

uint flags
uint flags2
char name [MAX_NAME_LEN]
char subobj_name [MAX_NAME_LEN]
char alt_sub_name [NAME_LENGTH]
char alt_dmg_sub_name [NAME_LENGTH]
int subobj_num
int model_num
int type
vec3d pnt
float radius
float max_subsys_strength
int armor_type_idx
char crewspot [MAX_NAME_LEN]
vec3d turret_norm
matrix turret_matrix
float turret_fov
float turret_max_fov
float turret_y_fov
int turret_num_firing_points
vec3d turret_firing_point [MAX_TFP]
int turret_gun_sobj
float turret_turning_rate
int turret_base_rotation_snd
float turret_base_rotation_snd_mult
int turret_gun_rotation_snd
float turret_gun_rotation_snd_mult
int alive_snd
int dead_snd
int rotation_snd
struct engine_wash_infoengine_wash_pointer
float turn_rate
int weapon_rotation_pbank
float awacs_intensity
float awacs_radius
int primary_banks [MAX_SHIP_PRIMARY_BANKS]
int primary_bank_capacity [MAX_SHIP_PRIMARY_BANKS]
int secondary_banks [MAX_SHIP_SECONDARY_BANKS]
int secondary_bank_capacity [MAX_SHIP_SECONDARY_BANKS]
int path_num
int n_triggers
int turret_reset_delay
int target_priority [32]
int num_target_priorities
float optimum_range
float favor_current_facing
float turret_rof_scaler
int turret_max_bomb_ownage
int turret_max_target_ownage

Detailed Description

Definition at line 167 of file model.h.

Member Data Documentation

int model_subsystem::alive_snd

Definition at line 202 of file model.h.

char model_subsystem::alt_dmg_sub_name[NAME_LENGTH]

Definition at line 174 of file model.h.

char model_subsystem::alt_sub_name[NAME_LENGTH]

Definition at line 173 of file model.h.

int model_subsystem::armor_type_idx

Definition at line 181 of file model.h.

float model_subsystem::awacs_intensity

Definition at line 215 of file model.h.

float model_subsystem::awacs_radius

Definition at line 216 of file model.h.

char model_subsystem::crewspot[MAX_NAME_LEN]

Definition at line 185 of file model.h.

int model_subsystem::dead_snd

Definition at line 203 of file model.h.

struct engine_wash_info* model_subsystem::engine_wash_pointer

Definition at line 207 of file model.h.

float model_subsystem::favor_current_facing

Definition at line 234 of file model.h.

uint model_subsystem::flags

Definition at line 169 of file model.h.

uint model_subsystem::flags2

Definition at line 170 of file model.h.

float model_subsystem::max_subsys_strength

Definition at line 180 of file model.h.

int model_subsystem::model_num

Definition at line 176 of file model.h.

int model_subsystem::n_triggers

Definition at line 224 of file model.h.

char model_subsystem::name[MAX_NAME_LEN]

Definition at line 171 of file model.h.

int model_subsystem::num_target_priorities

Definition at line 231 of file model.h.

float model_subsystem::optimum_range

Definition at line 233 of file model.h.

int model_subsystem::path_num

Definition at line 222 of file model.h.

vec3d model_subsystem::pnt

Definition at line 178 of file model.h.

int model_subsystem::primary_bank_capacity[MAX_SHIP_PRIMARY_BANKS]

Definition at line 219 of file model.h.

int model_subsystem::primary_banks[MAX_SHIP_PRIMARY_BANKS]

Definition at line 218 of file model.h.

float model_subsystem::radius

Definition at line 179 of file model.h.

int model_subsystem::rotation_snd

Definition at line 204 of file model.h.

int model_subsystem::secondary_bank_capacity[MAX_SHIP_SECONDARY_BANKS]

Definition at line 221 of file model.h.

int model_subsystem::secondary_banks[MAX_SHIP_SECONDARY_BANKS]

Definition at line 220 of file model.h.

stepped_rotation_t* model_subsystem::stepped_rotation

Definition at line 212 of file model.h.

char model_subsystem::subobj_name[MAX_NAME_LEN]

Definition at line 172 of file model.h.

int model_subsystem::subobj_num

Definition at line 175 of file model.h.

int model_subsystem::target_priority[32]

Definition at line 230 of file model.h.

queued_animation* model_subsystem::triggers

Definition at line 225 of file model.h.

float model_subsystem::turn_rate

Definition at line 210 of file model.h.

int model_subsystem::turret_base_rotation_snd

Definition at line 195 of file model.h.

float model_subsystem::turret_base_rotation_snd_mult

Definition at line 196 of file model.h.

vec3d model_subsystem::turret_firing_point[MAX_TFP]

Definition at line 192 of file model.h.

float model_subsystem::turret_fov

Definition at line 188 of file model.h.

int model_subsystem::turret_gun_rotation_snd

Definition at line 197 of file model.h.

float model_subsystem::turret_gun_rotation_snd_mult

Definition at line 198 of file model.h.

int model_subsystem::turret_gun_sobj

Definition at line 193 of file model.h.

matrix model_subsystem::turret_matrix

Definition at line 187 of file model.h.

int model_subsystem::turret_max_bomb_ownage

Definition at line 239 of file model.h.

float model_subsystem::turret_max_fov

Definition at line 189 of file model.h.

int model_subsystem::turret_max_target_ownage

Definition at line 240 of file model.h.

vec3d model_subsystem::turret_norm

Definition at line 186 of file model.h.

int model_subsystem::turret_num_firing_points

Definition at line 191 of file model.h.

int model_subsystem::turret_reset_delay

Definition at line 227 of file model.h.

float model_subsystem::turret_rof_scaler

Definition at line 236 of file model.h.

float model_subsystem::turret_turning_rate

Definition at line 194 of file model.h.

float model_subsystem::turret_y_fov

Definition at line 190 of file model.h.

int model_subsystem::type

Definition at line 177 of file model.h.

int model_subsystem::weapon_rotation_pbank

Definition at line 211 of file model.h.

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