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script_state Class Reference

#include <scripting.h>

Public Member Functions

 script_state (char *name)
script_stateoperator= (script_state &in)
 ~script_state ()
int LoadBm (char *name)
void UnloadImages ()
lua_State * GetLuaSession ()
int CreateLuaState ()
int OutputMeta (char *filename)
bool GetGlobal (char *name, char format='\0', void *data=NULL)
void RemGlobal (char *name)
void SetHookVar (char *name, char format, void *data=NULL)
void SetHookObject (char *name, object *objp)
void SetHookObjects (int num,...)
bool GetHookVar (char *name, char format='\0', void *data=NULL)
void RemHookVar (char *name)
void RemHookVars (unsigned int num,...)
bool EvalString (const char *string, const char *format=NULL, void *rtn=NULL, const char *debug_str=NULL)
void ParseChunk (script_hook *dest, char *debug_str=NULL)
bool ParseCondition (const char *filename="<Unknown>")
int RunBytecode (script_hook &hd, char format='\0', void *data=NULL)
bool IsOverride (script_hook &hd)
int RunCondition (int condition, char format='\0', void *data=NULL, class object *objp=NULL, int more_data=0)
bool IsConditionOverride (int action, object *objp=NULL)
void EndFrame ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 132 of file scripting.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

script_state::script_state ( char *  name)

Definition at line 967 of file scripting.cpp.

script_state::~script_state ( )

Definition at line 984 of file scripting.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

int script_state::CreateLuaState ( )

Definition at line 15872 of file lua.cpp.

void script_state::EndFrame ( )

Definition at line 952 of file scripting.cpp.

bool script_state::EvalString ( const char *  string,
const char *  format = NULL,
void rtn = NULL,
const char *  debug_str = NULL 

Definition at line 1083 of file scripting.cpp.

bool script_state::GetGlobal ( char *  name,
char  format = '\0',
void data = NULL 

Definition at line 785 of file scripting.cpp.

bool script_state::GetHookVar ( char *  name,
char  format = '\0',
void data = NULL 

Definition at line 712 of file scripting.cpp.

lua_State* script_state::GetLuaSession ( )

Definition at line 174 of file scripting.h.

bool script_state::IsConditionOverride ( int  action,
object objp = NULL 

Definition at line 938 of file scripting.cpp.

bool script_state::IsOverride ( script_hook hd)

Definition at line 1414 of file scripting.cpp.

int script_state::LoadBm ( char *  name)

Definition at line 818 of file scripting.cpp.

script_state & script_state::operator= ( script_state in)

Definition at line 977 of file scripting.cpp.

int script_state::OutputMeta ( char *  filename)

Definition at line 1008 of file scripting.cpp.

void script_state::ParseChunk ( script_hook dest,
char *  debug_str = NULL 

Definition at line 1287 of file scripting.cpp.

bool script_state::ParseCondition ( const char *  filename = "<Unknown>")

Definition at line 1338 of file scripting.cpp.

void script_state::RemGlobal ( char *  name)

Definition at line 808 of file scripting.cpp.

void script_state::RemHookVar ( char *  name)

Definition at line 749 of file scripting.cpp.

void script_state::RemHookVars ( unsigned int  num,

Definition at line 754 of file scripting.cpp.

int script_state::RunBytecode ( script_hook hd,
char  format = '\0',
void data = NULL 

Definition at line 918 of file scripting.cpp.

int script_state::RunCondition ( int  condition,
char  format = '\0',
void data = NULL,
class object objp = NULL,
int  more_data = 0 

Definition at line 924 of file scripting.cpp.

void script_state::SetHookObject ( char *  name,
object objp 

Definition at line 551 of file scripting.cpp.

void script_state::SetHookObjects ( int  num,

Definition at line 556 of file scripting.cpp.

void script_state::SetHookVar ( char *  name,
char  format,
void data = NULL 

Definition at line 650 of file scripting.cpp.

void script_state::UnloadImages ( )

Definition at line 838 of file scripting.cpp.

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