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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00022771   [FSSCP]
minornew2010-12-09Turret firing animation has several issues
  000180161 [FSSCP]
trivialnew2010-10-08Wrong missile bank indicated/fired when near depletion.
  000224721 [FSSCP]
minornew2010-07-03music.tbl, messages.tbl and file extensions
  00021811   [FSSCP]
minornew2010-05-29Null vec3d from multi_oo_sort_function() line 181
  000210221 [FSSCP]
Build system
majorassigned (chief1983)2010-03-17Fix linking across the various platforms - no more linking with precompiled libs from different compiler versions
  00018921   [FSSCP]
minorassigned (taylor)2010-03-14Standalone server taken over by next in line after host drops cannot exit debrief
  000200521 [FSSCP]
majornew2010-02-17Client side disconnect when trying to respawn in Deathmatch
  0002083    [FSSCP]
user interface
trivialnew2009-12-30Launcing a TC for the first time with -start_mission after last playing multi = stuck
  0002080    [FSSCP]
minornew2009-12-24Force Feedback effects on wrong controller when more than one controller connected
  0002006    [FSSCP]
minornew2009-10-15Having a mod enabled with no missions can mess up campaign editor and campaign
  0001904    [FSSCP]
featurenew2009-03-26Weapons in loadout screen not filled in with valid choices if default is not available.
  00018714   [FSSCP]
minorassigned (karajorma)2009-03-16Ships with reduced secondary loadout cause a few problems
  00016191   [FSSCP]
minorassigned (karajorma)2009-03-15Client spwaning when host ends mission results in client ending up in limbo.

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