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0002972FSSCPgraphicspublic2013-12-03 18:44
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Product Version3.7.1 
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Summary0002972: Inconsistent Thruster Particle Generation
DescriptionThruster particles (and possible other particles) are being affected by a hard-coded cutoff that results in somewhat inconsistent generation when utilized on AI ships.
Steps To ReproduceSet large, obvious thruster particles (for example, a long smoke plume) that are visible from far away/the front of the ship. They will not be rendered from certain angles/distances from first/third person view, but will be rendered if external camera is centered to the ship emitting the particles.
Additional InformationLikely due to optimization, rendering all thruster particles forever and always would probably do more harm than good, but being able to control render conditions via thruster particle table entry would allow mod makers to bypass the default/harcoded conditions if necessary.

According to Wanderer:
"Looking at the code that should affect all particle emitter calls (but not particle create). The actual cut off is set in the function starting from line 498 in particle.cpp."
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