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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000201231 [FSSCP]
majorfeedback2020-11-01Reinforcements not working for clients in TvT
  00032001   [FSSCP]
user interface
minornew2017-10-20Unix/Linux/BSD: program can never get focus when run on pure xorg xserver
  0002902 1 [FSSCP]
tweaknew2016-03-20Player engine loop uses forward velocity for volume
  0003167    [FSSCP]
minornew2015-06-24Offscreen indicator does not stay on center monitor
  0003044    [FSSCP]
minornew2014-05-16Thruster-Jets for non player ships not rendering reliably
  000198341 [FSSCP]
featurefeedback2014-04-21Discussion: Hand off nebula rendering to clients completely from standalone
  0002972    [FSSCP]
minornew2013-12-03Inconsistent Thruster Particle Generation
  00029241   [FSSCP]
minornew2013-10-20Team Color not applied to Cockpits and LODs
  000165411   [FSSCP]
tweaknew2013-03-26Crazy movements at the begining of the autopilot run when not leading it.

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