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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000206021 [FSSCP]
crashresolved (Echelon9)2013-12-03Assert: objnum != Ships[aip->shipnum].objnum aicode.cpp 1311 - AI tried to attack self
  0002864204 [FSSCP]
blockresolved (niffiwan)2013-12-03Standalone ASSERTION: "handle >= 0" trying to unload head .ani file
  0002901214 [FSSCP]
Pilot data
majorresolved (niffiwan)2013-08-14pilot conversion failures
  00028383   [FSSCP]
Pilot data
minorresolved (niffiwan)2013-04-05Squad logos not working
  000175131 [FSSCP]
Pilot data
minorresolved (Zacam)2013-04-05Corrupt campaign file causes access violation
  0002818111 [FSSCP]
majorresolved (Echelon9)2013-03-26ERROR: AddressSanitizer: global-buffer-overflow in bm_is_valid() bmpman.cpp
  000048115   [FSSCP]
Pilot data
majorresolved (Zacam)2013-03-24Problems related to the pilot file code (container for multiple bugs)
  00020284   [FSSCP]
Pilot data
featureresolved (taylor)2013-03-24Pilot File Rewrite
  00019444   [FSSCP]
Pilot data
minorresolved (Zacam)2013-03-24Jump node wireframe colors do not persist
  000158862 [FSSCP]
Pilot data
majorresolved (Zacam)2013-03-24A corrupted pilot forces "Player (ThePilotName) must select a place in player wing"
  000279411 [FSSCP]
user interface
minorresolved (Echelon9)2013-02-16Spelling fixes

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