Site nameTypeDescription
Hard Light ProductionsCommunity HubThe largest FreeSpace 2/FS2_Open site on the internet.
Game Warden ForumsCommunityMultiplayer hub, and host of Beyond the Red Line
FreeSpace 2 SectorCommunityA well-known site with mods and downloads


Site nameTypeDescription
FSWikiWikiThe official FreeSpace wiki
FreeSpaceModsDownload siteA large and up-to-date download site for FreeSpace mods
FreeSpace OracleFAQA somewhat old but detailed FAQ for FreeSpace


Site nameTypeDescription
MantisBug TrackerThe place that you should go to report bugs.
Online SVNCode repositoryAccess to the FS2_Open codebase.
FS2_Open DocumentationDocumentationThe nightly-updating Doxygen output based on the latest trunk checkout.
Guided TourDocumentationA guided tour of the original FreeSpace 2 source release by one of the Volition programmers.
CFile Archiver/ExtractorUtilityVisual Studio 2013-built version of the CFile utilities for Windows.