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net_player_server_info Struct Reference

#include <multi.h>

Public Attributes

ping_struct ping
int wing_index_backup
int wing_index
int ingame_join_flags
int invul_timestamp
button_info last_buttons [BUTTON_INFO_SAVE_COUNT]
int last_buttons_id [BUTTON_INFO_SAVE_COUNT]
fix last_buttons_time [BUTTON_INFO_SAVE_COUNT]
int num_last_buttons
fix last_full_update_time
int xfer_handle
int kick_timestamp
int kick_reason
int voice_token_timestamp
int reliable_connect_time
char cur_primary_bank
char cur_secondary_bank
ubyte cur_link_status
vec3d eye_pos
matrix eye_orient
ushort ship_ets
int tracker_security_last
unsigned int tracker_checksum
int target_objnum
int rate_stamp
int rate_bytes
ubyte accum_buttons
ubyte unreliable_buffer [MAX_PACKET_SIZE]
int unreliable_buffer_size
ubyte reliable_buffer [MAX_PACKET_SIZE]
int reliable_buffer_size

Detailed Description

Definition at line 394 of file multi.h.

Member Data Documentation

ubyte net_player_server_info::accum_buttons

Definition at line 437 of file multi.h.

ubyte net_player_server_info::cur_link_status

Definition at line 414 of file multi.h.

char net_player_server_info::cur_primary_bank

Definition at line 412 of file multi.h.

char net_player_server_info::cur_secondary_bank

Definition at line 413 of file multi.h.

matrix net_player_server_info::eye_orient

Definition at line 418 of file multi.h.

vec3d net_player_server_info::eye_pos

Definition at line 417 of file multi.h.

int net_player_server_info::ingame_join_flags

Definition at line 398 of file multi.h.

int net_player_server_info::invul_timestamp

Definition at line 399 of file multi.h.

int net_player_server_info::kick_reason

Definition at line 407 of file multi.h.

int net_player_server_info::kick_timestamp

Definition at line 406 of file multi.h.

button_info net_player_server_info::last_buttons[BUTTON_INFO_SAVE_COUNT]

Definition at line 400 of file multi.h.

int net_player_server_info::last_buttons_id[BUTTON_INFO_SAVE_COUNT]

Definition at line 401 of file multi.h.

fix net_player_server_info::last_buttons_time[BUTTON_INFO_SAVE_COUNT]

Definition at line 402 of file multi.h.

fix net_player_server_info::last_full_update_time

Definition at line 404 of file multi.h.

int net_player_server_info::num_last_buttons

Definition at line 403 of file multi.h.

ping_struct net_player_server_info::ping

Definition at line 395 of file multi.h.

int net_player_server_info::rate_bytes

Definition at line 432 of file multi.h.

int net_player_server_info::rate_stamp

Definition at line 431 of file multi.h.

ubyte net_player_server_info::reliable_buffer[MAX_PACKET_SIZE]

Definition at line 442 of file multi.h.

int net_player_server_info::reliable_buffer_size

Definition at line 443 of file multi.h.

int net_player_server_info::reliable_connect_time

Definition at line 409 of file multi.h.

ushort net_player_server_info::ship_ets

Definition at line 421 of file multi.h.

int net_player_server_info::target_objnum

Definition at line 428 of file multi.h.

unsigned int net_player_server_info::tracker_checksum

Definition at line 425 of file multi.h.

int net_player_server_info::tracker_security_last

Definition at line 424 of file multi.h.

ubyte net_player_server_info::unreliable_buffer[MAX_PACKET_SIZE]

Definition at line 440 of file multi.h.

int net_player_server_info::unreliable_buffer_size

Definition at line 441 of file multi.h.

int net_player_server_info::voice_token_timestamp

Definition at line 408 of file multi.h.

int net_player_server_info::wing_index

Definition at line 397 of file multi.h.

int net_player_server_info::wing_index_backup

Definition at line 396 of file multi.h.

int net_player_server_info::xfer_handle

Definition at line 405 of file multi.h.

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