Open source remastering of the Freespace 2 engine
fighter_beam_fire_info Struct Reference

#include <beam.h>

Public Attributes

int beam_info_index
vec3d targeting_laser_offset
float accuracy
int num_shots
int fighter_beam_loop_sound
int warmup_stamp
int warmdown_stamp
float life_left
float life_total

Detailed Description

Definition at line 75 of file beam.h.

Member Data Documentation

float fighter_beam_fire_info::accuracy

Definition at line 80 of file beam.h.

int fighter_beam_fire_info::beam_info_index

Definition at line 76 of file beam.h.

beam_info* fighter_beam_fire_info::beam_info_override

Definition at line 83 of file beam.h.

int fighter_beam_fire_info::fighter_beam_loop_sound

Definition at line 85 of file beam.h.

float fighter_beam_fire_info::life_left

Definition at line 88 of file beam.h.

float fighter_beam_fire_info::life_total

Definition at line 89 of file beam.h.

int fighter_beam_fire_info::num_shots

Definition at line 84 of file beam.h.

object* fighter_beam_fire_info::shooter

Definition at line 77 of file beam.h.

object* fighter_beam_fire_info::target

Definition at line 81 of file beam.h.

ship_subsys* fighter_beam_fire_info::target_subsys

Definition at line 82 of file beam.h.

vec3d fighter_beam_fire_info::targeting_laser_offset

Definition at line 78 of file beam.h.

ship_subsys* fighter_beam_fire_info::turret

Definition at line 79 of file beam.h.

int fighter_beam_fire_info::warmdown_stamp

Definition at line 87 of file beam.h.

int fighter_beam_fire_info::warmup_stamp

Definition at line 86 of file beam.h.

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