Open source remastering of the Freespace 2 engine
clip_ship Struct Reference

Public Attributes

float length_left
matrix orient
physics_info phys_info
vec3d local_pivot
vec3d model_center_disp_to_orig_center
vec3d clip_plane_norm
float cur_clip_plane_pt
float explosion_vel
ubyte draw_debris [MAX_DEBRIS_OBJECTS]
int next_fireball

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1640 of file shipfx.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

vec3d clip_ship::clip_plane_norm

Definition at line 1647 of file shipfx.cpp.

float clip_ship::cur_clip_plane_pt

Definition at line 1648 of file shipfx.cpp.

ubyte clip_ship::draw_debris[MAX_DEBRIS_OBJECTS]

Definition at line 1650 of file shipfx.cpp.

float clip_ship::explosion_vel

Definition at line 1649 of file shipfx.cpp.

float clip_ship::length_left

Definition at line 1642 of file shipfx.cpp.

vec3d clip_ship::local_pivot

Definition at line 1645 of file shipfx.cpp.

vec3d clip_ship::model_center_disp_to_orig_center

Definition at line 1646 of file shipfx.cpp.

int clip_ship::next_fireball

Definition at line 1651 of file shipfx.cpp.

matrix clip_ship::orient

Definition at line 1643 of file shipfx.cpp.

object* clip_ship::parent_obj

Definition at line 1641 of file shipfx.cpp.

physics_info clip_ship::phys_info

Definition at line 1644 of file shipfx.cpp.

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