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physics_info Struct Reference

#include <physics.h>

Public Attributes

uint flags
float mass
vec3d center_of_mass
matrix I_body_inv
float rotdamp
float side_slip_time_const
float delta_bank_const
vec3d max_vel
vec3d afterburner_max_vel
vec3d booster_max_vel
vec3d max_rotvel
float max_rear_vel
float forward_accel_time_const
float afterburner_forward_accel_time_const
float booster_forward_accel_time_const
float forward_decel_time_const
float slide_accel_time_const
float slide_decel_time_const
float shockwave_shake_amp
vec3d prev_ramp_vel
vec3d desired_vel
vec3d desired_rotvel
float forward_thrust
float side_thrust
float vert_thrust
vec3d vel
vec3d rotvel
float speed
float fspeed
float heading
vec3d prev_fvec
matrix last_rotmat
int afterburner_decay
int shockwave_decay
int reduced_damp_decay
float glide_cap
float cur_glide_cap
float glide_accel_mult
bool use_newtonian_damp
float afterburner_max_reverse_vel
float afterburner_reverse_accel

Detailed Description

Definition at line 36 of file physics.h.

Member Data Documentation

int physics_info::afterburner_decay

Definition at line 85 of file physics.h.

float physics_info::afterburner_forward_accel_time_const

Definition at line 60 of file physics.h.

float physics_info::afterburner_max_reverse_vel

Definition at line 93 of file physics.h.

vec3d physics_info::afterburner_max_vel

Definition at line 50 of file physics.h.

float physics_info::afterburner_reverse_accel

Definition at line 94 of file physics.h.

float physics_info::booster_forward_accel_time_const

Definition at line 61 of file physics.h.

vec3d physics_info::booster_max_vel

Definition at line 51 of file physics.h.

vec3d physics_info::center_of_mass

Definition at line 40 of file physics.h.

float physics_info::cur_glide_cap

Definition at line 90 of file physics.h.

float physics_info::delta_bank_const

Definition at line 47 of file physics.h.

vec3d physics_info::desired_rotvel

Definition at line 71 of file physics.h.

vec3d physics_info::desired_vel

Definition at line 70 of file physics.h.

uint physics_info::flags

Definition at line 37 of file physics.h.

float physics_info::forward_accel_time_const

Definition at line 59 of file physics.h.

float physics_info::forward_decel_time_const

Definition at line 62 of file physics.h.

float physics_info::forward_thrust

Definition at line 72 of file physics.h.

float physics_info::fspeed

Definition at line 80 of file physics.h.

float physics_info::glide_accel_mult

Definition at line 91 of file physics.h.

float physics_info::glide_cap

Definition at line 89 of file physics.h.

float physics_info::heading

Definition at line 81 of file physics.h.

matrix physics_info::I_body_inv

Definition at line 41 of file physics.h.

matrix physics_info::last_rotmat

Definition at line 83 of file physics.h.

float physics_info::mass

Definition at line 39 of file physics.h.

float physics_info::max_rear_vel

Definition at line 53 of file physics.h.

vec3d physics_info::max_rotvel

Definition at line 52 of file physics.h.

vec3d physics_info::max_vel

Definition at line 49 of file physics.h.

vec3d physics_info::prev_fvec

Definition at line 82 of file physics.h.

vec3d physics_info::prev_ramp_vel

Definition at line 69 of file physics.h.

int physics_info::reduced_damp_decay

Definition at line 87 of file physics.h.

float physics_info::rotdamp

Definition at line 43 of file physics.h.

vec3d physics_info::rotvel

Definition at line 78 of file physics.h.

int physics_info::shockwave_decay

Definition at line 86 of file physics.h.

float physics_info::shockwave_shake_amp

Definition at line 65 of file physics.h.

float physics_info::side_slip_time_const

Definition at line 44 of file physics.h.

float physics_info::side_thrust

Definition at line 73 of file physics.h.

float physics_info::slide_accel_time_const

Definition at line 63 of file physics.h.

float physics_info::slide_decel_time_const

Definition at line 64 of file physics.h.

float physics_info::speed

Definition at line 79 of file physics.h.

bool physics_info::use_newtonian_damp

Definition at line 92 of file physics.h.

vec3d physics_info::vel

Definition at line 77 of file physics.h.

float physics_info::vert_thrust

Definition at line 74 of file physics.h.

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