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sound.h File Reference

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struct  EnhancedSoundData
class  game_snd
struct  sound_env


#define SOUND_LIB_RSX   1
#define GAME_SND_USE_DS3D   (1<<1)
#define GAME_SND_VOICE   (1<<2)
#define AAV_MUSIC   0
#define AAV_VOICE   1
#define AAV_EFFECTS   2


typedef struct sound_env sound_env


enum  EnhancedSoundPriority {


int snd_load (game_snd *gs, int allow_hardware_load=0)
int snd_unload (int sndnum)
void snd_unload_all ()
int snd_play (game_snd *gs, float pan=0.0f, float vol_scale=1.0f, int priority=SND_PRIORITY_SINGLE_INSTANCE, bool voice_message=false)
int snd_play_raw (int soundnum, float pan, float vol_scale=1.0f, int priority=SND_PRIORITY_MUST_PLAY)
int snd_play_3d (game_snd *gs, vec3d *source_pos, vec3d *listen_pos, float radius=0.0f, vec3d *vel=NULL, int looping=0, float vol_scale=1.0f, int priority=SND_PRIORITY_SINGLE_INSTANCE, vec3d *sound_fvec=NULL, float range_factor=1.0f, int force=0, bool is_ambient=false)
void snd_update_3d_pos (int soudnnum, game_snd *gs, vec3d *new_pos, float radius=0.0f, float range_factor=1.0f)
int snd_play_looping (game_snd *gs, float pan=0.0f, int start_loop=-1, int stop_loop=-1, float vol_scale=1.0f, int scriptingUpdateVolume=1)
void snd_stop (int snd_handle)
void snd_set_volume (int snd_handle, float volume)
void snd_set_pan (int snd_handle, float pan)
void snd_set_pitch (int snd_handle, int pitch)
int snd_get_pitch (int snd_handle)
void snd_stop_all ()
int snd_is_playing (int snd_handle)
void snd_chg_loop_status (int snd_handle, int loop)
int snd_get_duration (int snd_id)
const char * snd_get_filename (int snd_id)
int snd_get_3d_vol_and_pan (game_snd *gs, vec3d *pos, float *vol, float *pan, float radius=0.0f, float range_factor=1.0f)
int snd_init ()
void snd_close ()
int snd_is_inited ()
void snd_update_listener (vec3d *pos, vec3d *vel, matrix *orient)
void snd_use_lib (int lib_id)
int snd_num_playing ()
int snd_get_data (int handle, char *data)
int snd_size (int handle, int *size)
void snd_do_frame ()
void snd_adjust_audio_volume (int type, float percent, int time)
void snd_rewind (int snd_handle, game_snd *sg, float seconds)
void snd_ffwd (int snd_handle, game_snd *sg, float seconds)
void snd_set_pos (int snd_handle, game_snd *sg, float val, int as_pct)
void snd_get_format (int handle, int *bits_per_sample, int *frequency)
int snd_time_remaining (int handle)
int snd_get_samples_per_measure (char *filename, float num_measures)
int sound_env_set (sound_env *se)
int sound_env_get (sound_env *se, int preset=-1)
int sound_env_disable ()
int sound_env_supported ()
void snd_aav_init ()


const unsigned int SND_ENHANCED_MAX_LIMIT
int Sound_enabled
float Master_sound_volume
float Master_voice_volume
int Snd_sram
int Snd_hram
float aav_voice_volume
float aav_music_volume
float aav_effect_volume
unsigned int SND_ENV_DEFAULT

Macro Definition Documentation

#define AAV_EFFECTS   2

Definition at line 67 of file sound.h.

#define AAV_MUSIC   0

Definition at line 65 of file sound.h.

#define AAV_VOICE   1

Definition at line 66 of file sound.h.

#define GAME_SND_USE_DS3D   (1<<1)

Definition at line 21 of file sound.h.

#define GAME_SND_VOICE   (1<<2)

Definition at line 22 of file sound.h.


Definition at line 28 of file sound.h.


Definition at line 26 of file sound.h.


Definition at line 27 of file sound.h.


Definition at line 29 of file sound.h.


Definition at line 18 of file sound.h.

#define SOUND_LIB_RSX   1

Definition at line 19 of file sound.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct sound_env sound_env

Enumeration Type Documentation


Definition at line 32 of file sound.h.

Function Documentation

void snd_aav_init ( )

Definition at line 1535 of file sound.cpp.

void snd_adjust_audio_volume ( int  type,
float  percent,
int  time 

Definition at line 1465 of file sound.cpp.

void snd_chg_loop_status ( int  snd_handle,
int  loop 
void snd_close ( )

Definition at line 459 of file sound.cpp.

void snd_do_frame ( )

Definition at line 1411 of file sound.cpp.

void snd_ffwd ( int  snd_handle,
game_snd sg,
float  seconds 

Definition at line 1150 of file sound.cpp.

int snd_get_3d_vol_and_pan ( game_snd gs,
vec3d pos,
float vol,
float pan,
float  radius = 0.0f,
float  range_factor = 1.0f 

Definition at line 759 of file sound.cpp.

int snd_get_data ( int  handle,
char *  data 

Definition at line 1232 of file sound.cpp.

int snd_get_duration ( int  snd_id)

Definition at line 1082 of file sound.cpp.

const char* snd_get_filename ( int  snd_id)

Definition at line 1101 of file sound.cpp.

void snd_get_format ( int  handle,
int bits_per_sample,
int frequency 

Definition at line 1256 of file sound.cpp.

int snd_get_pitch ( int  snd_handle)

Definition at line 992 of file sound.cpp.

int snd_get_samples_per_measure ( char *  filename,
float  num_measures 

Definition at line 1428 of file sound.cpp.

int snd_init ( )

Definition at line 131 of file sound.cpp.

int snd_is_inited ( )

Definition at line 1073 of file sound.cpp.

int snd_is_playing ( int  snd_handle)

Definition at line 1047 of file sound.cpp.

int snd_load ( game_snd gs,
int  allow_hardware_load = 0 

Definition at line 281 of file sound.cpp.

int snd_num_playing ( )

Definition at line 1207 of file sound.cpp.

int snd_play ( game_snd gs,
float  pan = 0.0f,
float  vol_scale = 1.0f,
bool  voice_message = false 

Definition at line 517 of file sound.cpp.

int snd_play_3d ( game_snd gs,
vec3d source_pos,
vec3d listen_pos,
float  radius = 0.0f,
vec3d vel = NULL,
int  looping = 0,
float  vol_scale = 1.0f,
vec3d sound_fvec = NULL,
float  range_factor = 1.0f,
int  force = 0,
bool  is_ambient = false 

Definition at line 594 of file sound.cpp.

int snd_play_looping ( game_snd gs,
float  pan,
int  start_loop,
int  stop_loop,
float  vol_scale,
int  scriptingUpdateVolume 

Starts looping a game sound

gsgame-level sound description
pan-1.0 (full left) to 1.0 (full right)
start_loopTODO remove this parameter
stop_loopTODO remove this parameter
vol_scalefactor to scale the static volume by (applied before attenuation)
scriptingUpdateVolumeif true the looping sound value is updated default is TRUE
-1 on error, else the handle for this playing sound

Definition at line 822 of file sound.cpp.

int snd_play_raw ( int  soundnum,
float  pan,
float  vol_scale = 1.0f,
int  priority = SND_PRIORITY_MUST_PLAY 

Definition at line 477 of file sound.cpp.

void snd_rewind ( int  snd_handle,
game_snd sg,
float  seconds 

Definition at line 1120 of file sound.cpp.

void snd_set_pan ( int  snd_handle,
float  pan 

Definition at line 964 of file sound.cpp.

void snd_set_pitch ( int  snd_handle,
int  pitch 

Definition at line 1021 of file sound.cpp.

void snd_set_pos ( int  snd_handle,
game_snd sg,
float  val,
int  as_pct 

Definition at line 1180 of file sound.cpp.

void snd_set_volume ( int  sig,
float  volume 

Set the volume of a currently playing sound

sighandle to sound, what is returned from snd_play()
volumevolume of sound (range: 0.0 -> 1.0)

Definition at line 920 of file sound.cpp.

int snd_size ( int  handle,
int size 

Definition at line 1244 of file sound.cpp.

void snd_stop ( int  sig)

Stop a sound from playing.

sighandle to sound, what is returned from snd_play()

Definition at line 875 of file sound.cpp.

void snd_stop_all ( )

Stop all playing sound channels (including looping sounds)

NOTE: This stops all sounds that are playing from Channels[] sound buffers. It doesn't stop every secondary sound buffer in existance.

Definition at line 905 of file sound.cpp.

int snd_time_remaining ( int  handle)

Definition at line 1291 of file sound.cpp.

int snd_unload ( int  sndnum)

Definition at line 415 of file sound.cpp.

void snd_unload_all ( )

Definition at line 447 of file sound.cpp.

void snd_update_3d_pos ( int  soudnnum,
game_snd gs,
vec3d new_pos,
float  radius = 0.0f,
float  range_factor = 1.0f 

Definition at line 693 of file sound.cpp.

void snd_update_listener ( vec3d pos,
vec3d vel,
matrix orient 

Definition at line 1113 of file sound.cpp.

void snd_use_lib ( int  lib_id)
int sound_env_disable ( )

Definition at line 1389 of file sound.cpp.

int sound_env_get ( sound_env se,
int  preset = -1 

Definition at line 1372 of file sound.cpp.

int sound_env_set ( sound_env se)

Definition at line 1357 of file sound.cpp.

int sound_env_supported ( )

Definition at line 1402 of file sound.cpp.

Variable Documentation

float aav_effect_volume

Definition at line 80 of file sound.cpp.

float aav_music_volume

Definition at line 79 of file sound.cpp.

float aav_voice_volume

Definition at line 78 of file sound.cpp.

float Master_sound_volume

Definition at line 53 of file sound.cpp.

float Master_voice_volume

Definition at line 54 of file sound.cpp.

const unsigned int SND_ENHANCED_MAX_LIMIT

Definition at line 35 of file sound.cpp.

unsigned int SND_ENV_DEFAULT

Definition at line 56 of file sound.cpp.

int Snd_hram
int Snd_sram

Definition at line 52 of file sound.cpp.

int Sound_enabled

Definition at line 51 of file sound.cpp.