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scoring_struct Class Reference

#include <scoring.h>

Public Member Functions

 scoring_struct ()
 scoring_struct (const scoring_struct &s)
void init ()
void assign (const scoring_struct &s)

Public Attributes

int flags
int score
int rank
SCP_vector< intmedal_counts
int kills [MAX_SHIP_CLASSES]
int assists
int kill_count
int kill_count_ok
unsigned int p_shots_fired
unsigned int s_shots_fired
unsigned int p_shots_hit
unsigned int s_shots_hit
unsigned int p_bonehead_hits
unsigned int s_bonehead_hits
int bonehead_kills
unsigned int missions_flown
unsigned int flight_time
_fs_time_t last_flown
_fs_time_t last_backup
int m_medal_earned
SCP_vector< intm_badge_earned
int m_promotion_earned
int m_score
int m_kills [MAX_SHIP_CLASSES]
int m_okKills [MAX_SHIP_CLASSES]
int m_kill_count
int m_kill_count_ok
int m_assists
unsigned int mp_shots_fired
unsigned int ms_shots_fired
unsigned int mp_shots_hit
unsigned int ms_shots_hit
unsigned int mp_bonehead_hits
unsigned int ms_bonehead_hits
int m_bonehead_kills
int m_player_deaths
int m_dogfight_kills [MAX_PLAYERS]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 77 of file scoring.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

scoring_struct::scoring_struct ( )

Definition at line 128 of file scoring.h.

scoring_struct::scoring_struct ( const scoring_struct s)

Definition at line 129 of file scoring.h.

Member Function Documentation

void scoring_struct::assign ( const scoring_struct s)

Definition at line 173 of file scoring.cpp.

void scoring_struct::init ( )

Definition at line 123 of file scoring.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

int scoring_struct::assists

Definition at line 88 of file scoring.h.

int scoring_struct::bonehead_kills

Definition at line 99 of file scoring.h.

int scoring_struct::flags

Definition at line 80 of file scoring.h.

unsigned int scoring_struct::flight_time

Definition at line 102 of file scoring.h.

int scoring_struct::kill_count

Definition at line 89 of file scoring.h.

int scoring_struct::kill_count_ok

Definition at line 90 of file scoring.h.

int scoring_struct::kills[MAX_SHIP_CLASSES]

Definition at line 87 of file scoring.h.

_fs_time_t scoring_struct::last_backup

Definition at line 104 of file scoring.h.

_fs_time_t scoring_struct::last_flown

Definition at line 103 of file scoring.h.

int scoring_struct::m_assists

Definition at line 116 of file scoring.h.

SCP_vector<int> scoring_struct::m_badge_earned

Definition at line 108 of file scoring.h.

int scoring_struct::m_bonehead_kills

Definition at line 123 of file scoring.h.

int scoring_struct::m_dogfight_kills[MAX_PLAYERS]

Definition at line 126 of file scoring.h.

int scoring_struct::m_kill_count

Definition at line 114 of file scoring.h.

int scoring_struct::m_kill_count_ok

Definition at line 115 of file scoring.h.

int scoring_struct::m_kills[MAX_SHIP_CLASSES]

Definition at line 112 of file scoring.h.

int scoring_struct::m_medal_earned

Definition at line 107 of file scoring.h.

int scoring_struct::m_okKills[MAX_SHIP_CLASSES]

Definition at line 113 of file scoring.h.

int scoring_struct::m_player_deaths

Definition at line 124 of file scoring.h.

int scoring_struct::m_promotion_earned

Definition at line 109 of file scoring.h.

int scoring_struct::m_score

Definition at line 111 of file scoring.h.

SCP_vector<int> scoring_struct::medal_counts

Definition at line 85 of file scoring.h.

unsigned int scoring_struct::missions_flown

Definition at line 101 of file scoring.h.

unsigned int scoring_struct::mp_bonehead_hits

Definition at line 121 of file scoring.h.

unsigned int scoring_struct::mp_shots_fired

Definition at line 117 of file scoring.h.

unsigned int scoring_struct::mp_shots_hit

Definition at line 119 of file scoring.h.

unsigned int scoring_struct::ms_bonehead_hits

Definition at line 122 of file scoring.h.

unsigned int scoring_struct::ms_shots_fired

Definition at line 118 of file scoring.h.

unsigned int scoring_struct::ms_shots_hit

Definition at line 120 of file scoring.h.

unsigned int scoring_struct::p_bonehead_hits

Definition at line 97 of file scoring.h.

unsigned int scoring_struct::p_shots_fired

Definition at line 91 of file scoring.h.

unsigned int scoring_struct::p_shots_hit

Definition at line 94 of file scoring.h.

int scoring_struct::rank

Definition at line 84 of file scoring.h.

unsigned int scoring_struct::s_bonehead_hits

Definition at line 98 of file scoring.h.

unsigned int scoring_struct::s_shots_fired

Definition at line 92 of file scoring.h.

unsigned int scoring_struct::s_shots_hit

Definition at line 95 of file scoring.h.

int scoring_struct::score

Definition at line 83 of file scoring.h.

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