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ImageAnim Class Reference

#include <wmcgui.h>

Inheritance diagram for ImageAnim:
GUIObject LinkedList

Public Member Functions

 ImageAnim (const SCP_string &in_name, const SCP_string &in_imagename, int x_coord, int y_coord, int x_width=-1, int y_width=-1, int in_style=0)
void SetImage (const SCP_string &in_imagename)
void Play (bool in_isreversed)
void Pause ()
void Stop ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from GUIObject
 GUIObject (const SCP_string &in_Name="", int x_coord=0, int y_coord=0, int x_width=-1, int y_height=-1, int in_style=0)
 ~GUIObject ()
void Delete ()
GUIObjectAddChild (GUIObject *cgp)
void DeleteChildren (GUIObject *exception=NULL)
void SetPosition (int x, int y)
void SetCloseFunction (void(*in_closefunc)(GUIObject *caller))
int GetWidth ()
int GetHeight ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from LinkedList
 LinkedList ()
virtual ~LinkedList ()

Protected Member Functions

void DoDraw (float frametime)
int DoRefreshSize ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from GUIObject
void OnDraw (float frametime)
int OnFrame (float frametime, int *unused_queue)
void OnMove (int dx, int dy)
void OnRefreshSize ()
void OnRefreshSkin ()
virtual int DoFrame (float frametime)
virtual void DoRefreshSkin ()
virtual void DoMove (int dx, int dy)
virtual int DoMouseOver (float frametime)
virtual int DoMouseDown (float frametime)
virtual int DoMouseUp (float frametime)
virtual int DoMouseOut (float frametime)
virtual int DoKeyState (float frametime)
virtual int DoKeyPress (float frametime)
void SetCIPointer ()
int GetCIEImageHandle (int id, int handleid=0)
int GetCIECoords (int id, int *x, int *y)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from LinkedList
struct LinkedListnext
struct LinkedListprev

Detailed Description

Definition at line 680 of file wmcgui.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ImageAnim::ImageAnim ( const SCP_string in_name,
const SCP_string in_imagename,
int  x_coord,
int  y_coord,
int  x_width = -1,
int  y_width = -1,
int  in_style = 0 

Definition at line 2477 of file wmcgui.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void ImageAnim::DoDraw ( float  frametime)

Reimplemented from GUIObject.

Definition at line 2491 of file wmcgui.cpp.

int ImageAnim::DoRefreshSize ( )

Reimplemented from GUIObject.

Definition at line 2546 of file wmcgui.cpp.

void ImageAnim::Pause ( )

Definition at line 2583 of file wmcgui.cpp.

void ImageAnim::Play ( bool  in_isreversed)

Definition at line 2576 of file wmcgui.cpp.

void ImageAnim::SetImage ( const SCP_string in_imagename)

Definition at line 2552 of file wmcgui.cpp.

void ImageAnim::Stop ( )

Definition at line 2592 of file wmcgui.cpp.

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