Open source remastering of the Freespace 2 engine
aiinternal.h File Reference
#include "ship/ship.h"
#include "weapon/weapon.h"

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bool is_object_stealth_ship (object *objp)
int num_turrets_attacking (object *turret_parent, int target_objnum)
int object_is_targetable (object *target, ship *viewer)
int num_nearby_fighters (int enemy_team_mask, vec3d *pos, float threshold)
int check_ok_to_fire (int objnum, int target_objnum, weapon_info *wip)
void ai_fire_from_turret (ship *shipp, ship_subsys *ss, int parent_objnum)

Function Documentation

void ai_fire_from_turret ( ship shipp,
ship_subsys ss,
int  parent_objnum 

Definition at line 2219 of file aiturret.cpp.

int check_ok_to_fire ( int  objnum,
int  target_objnum,
weapon_info wip 

Definition at line 5993 of file aicode.cpp.

bool is_object_stealth_ship ( object objp)

Check if object is a stealth ship

Definition at line 879 of file aicode.cpp.

int num_nearby_fighters ( int  enemy_team_mask,
vec3d pos,
float  threshold 

Definition at line 5765 of file aicode.cpp.

int num_turrets_attacking ( object turret_parent,
int  target_objnum 

Number of live turrets with target_objnum

Definition at line 2137 of file aicode.cpp.

int object_is_targetable ( object target,
ship viewer 

Determine whether an object is targetable within a nebula

Definition at line 1643 of file aicode.cpp.