Open source remastering of the Freespace 2 engine
trails.cpp File Reference
#include "cmdline/cmdline.h"
#include "globalincs/systemvars.h"
#include "graphics/gropenglextension.h"
#include "io/timer.h"
#include "render/3d.h"
#include "ship/ship.h"
#include "weapon/trails.h"

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void trail_level_init ()
void trail_level_close ()
trailtrail_create (trail_info *info)
void trail_calc_facing_pts (vec3d *top, vec3d *bot, vec3d *fvec, vec3d *pos, float w)
int trail_is_on_ship (trail *trailp, ship *shipp)
void trail_add_batch (trail *trailp)
void trail_render (trail *trailp)
void trail_add_segment (trail *trailp, vec3d *pos)
void trail_set_segment (trail *trailp, vec3d *pos)
void trail_move_all (float frametime)
void trail_object_died (trail *trailp)
void trail_render_all ()
int trail_stamp_elapsed (trail *trailp)
void trail_set_stamp (trail *trailp)


int Num_trails
trail Trails
int Trail_buffer_object = -1
int Cmdline_nohtl

Function Documentation

void trail_add_batch ( trail trailp)

Definition at line 159 of file trails.cpp.

void trail_add_segment ( trail trailp,
vec3d pos 

Definition at line 480 of file trails.cpp.

void trail_calc_facing_pts ( vec3d top,
vec3d bot,
vec3d fvec,
vec3d pos,
float  w 

Definition at line 84 of file trails.cpp.

trail* trail_create ( trail_info info)

Definition at line 52 of file trails.cpp.

int trail_is_on_ship ( trail trailp,
ship shipp 

Definition at line 101 of file trails.cpp.

void trail_level_close ( )

Definition at line 36 of file trails.cpp.

void trail_level_init ( )

Definition at line 26 of file trails.cpp.

void trail_move_all ( float  frametime)

Definition at line 508 of file trails.cpp.

void trail_object_died ( trail trailp)

Definition at line 551 of file trails.cpp.

void trail_render ( trail trailp)

Definition at line 319 of file trails.cpp.

void trail_render_all ( )

Definition at line 556 of file trails.cpp.

void trail_set_segment ( trail trailp,
vec3d pos 

Definition at line 498 of file trails.cpp.

void trail_set_stamp ( trail trailp)

Definition at line 577 of file trails.cpp.

int trail_stamp_elapsed ( trail trailp)

Definition at line 572 of file trails.cpp.

Variable Documentation

int Cmdline_nohtl

Definition at line 438 of file cmdline.cpp.

int Num_trails

Definition at line 20 of file trails.cpp.

int Trail_buffer_object = -1

Definition at line 23 of file trails.cpp.

trail Trails

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