Open source remastering of the Freespace 2 engine
tgautils.cpp File Reference
#include <string.h>
#include "globalincs/pstypes.h"
#include "tgautils/tgautils.h"
#include "cfile/cfile.h"
#include "bmpman/bmpman.h"
#include "palman/palman.h"
#include "graphics/2d.h"
#include "cmdline/cmdline.h"

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struct  targa_header
struct  targa_footer


#define TARGA_FOOTER_SIZE   26
#define ULORIGIN   (header.image_descriptor & 0x20)


typedef struct targa_header targa_header
typedef struct targa_footer targa_footer


int targa_compress (char *out, char *in, int outsize, int pixsize, int bytecount)
int targa_read_header (const char *real_filename, CFILE *img_cfp, int *w, int *h, int *bpp, ubyte *palette)
int targa_uncompress (ubyte *dst, ubyte *src, int bitmap_width, int bytes_per_pixel, int dest_size)
int targa_read_bitmap (const char *real_filename, ubyte *image_data, ubyte *palette, int dest_size, int cf_type)
int targa_write_bitmap (char *real_filename, ubyte *data, ubyte *palette, int w, int h, int bpp)


const char * Xfile_ID = "TRUEVISION-XFILE."

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Definition at line 33 of file tgautils.cpp.

#define TARGA_FOOTER_SIZE   26

Definition at line 30 of file tgautils.cpp.


Definition at line 34 of file tgautils.cpp.

#define ULORIGIN   (header.image_descriptor & 0x20)

Definition at line 35 of file tgautils.cpp.

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typedef struct targa_footer targa_footer
typedef struct targa_header targa_header

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int targa_compress ( char *  out,
char *  in,
int  outsize,
int  pixsize,
int  bytecount 

Definition at line 140 of file tgautils.cpp.

int targa_read_bitmap ( const char *  real_filename,
ubyte image_data,
ubyte palette,
int  dest_size,
int  cf_type 

Definition at line 503 of file tgautils.cpp.

int targa_read_header ( const char *  real_filename,
CFILE img_cfp,
int w,
int h,
int bpp,
ubyte palette 

Definition at line 361 of file tgautils.cpp.

int targa_uncompress ( ubyte dst,
ubyte src,
int  bitmap_width,
int  bytes_per_pixel,
int  dest_size 

Definition at line 448 of file tgautils.cpp.

int targa_write_bitmap ( char *  real_filename,
ubyte data,
ubyte palette,
int  w,
int  h,
int  bpp 

Definition at line 706 of file tgautils.cpp.

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const char* Xfile_ID = "TRUEVISION-XFILE."

Definition at line 28 of file tgautils.cpp.