Open source remastering of the Freespace 2 engine
tcp_client.cpp File Reference
#include "fs2netd/fs2netd_client.h"
#include "fs2netd/protocol.h"
#include "fs2netd/tcp_client.h"
#include "fs2netd/tcp_socket.h"
#include "globalincs/pstypes.h"
#include "io/timer.h"
#include "network/multi.h"
#include "network/multi_log.h"
#include "network/multiutil.h"
#include "playerman/player.h"
#include "ship/ship.h"
#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <limits.h>

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int FS2NetD_CheckSingleMission (const char *m_name, uint crc32, bool do_send)
int FS2NetD_SendPlayerData (const char *player_name, player *pl, bool do_send)
int FS2NetD_GetPlayerData (const char *player_name, player *pl, bool can_create, bool do_send)
int FS2NetD_GetBanList (SCP_vector< SCP_string > &mask_list, bool do_send)
int FS2NetD_GetMissionsList (SCP_vector< file_record > &m_list, bool do_send)
int FS2NetD_Login (const char *username, const char *password, bool do_send)
void FS2NetD_SendServerStart ()
void FS2NetD_SendServerUpdate ()
void FS2NetD_SendServerDisconnect ()
void FS2NetD_RequestServerList ()
void FS2NetD_Ping ()
void FS2NetD_Pong (int tstamp)
int FS2NetD_CheckValidID ()
int FS2NetD_ValidateTableList (bool do_send)
void FS2NetD_GameCountUpdate (const char *chan_name)
void FS2NetD_CheckDuplicateLogin ()


SCP_vector< crc_valid_statusTable_valid_status

Function Documentation

void FS2NetD_CheckDuplicateLogin ( )

Definition at line 791 of file tcp_client.cpp.

int FS2NetD_CheckSingleMission ( const char *  m_name,
uint  crc32,
bool  do_send 

Definition at line 36 of file tcp_client.cpp.

int FS2NetD_CheckValidID ( )

Definition at line 666 of file tcp_client.cpp.

void FS2NetD_GameCountUpdate ( const char *  chan_name)

Definition at line 777 of file tcp_client.cpp.

int FS2NetD_GetBanList ( SCP_vector< SCP_string > &  mask_list,
bool  do_send 

Definition at line 317 of file tcp_client.cpp.

int FS2NetD_GetMissionsList ( SCP_vector< file_record > &  m_list,
bool  do_send 

Definition at line 392 of file tcp_client.cpp.

int FS2NetD_GetPlayerData ( const char *  player_name,
player pl,
bool  can_create,
bool  do_send 

Definition at line 195 of file tcp_client.cpp.

int FS2NetD_Login ( const char *  username,
const char *  password,
bool  do_send 

Definition at line 470 of file tcp_client.cpp.

void FS2NetD_Ping ( )

Definition at line 637 of file tcp_client.cpp.

void FS2NetD_Pong ( int  tstamp)

Definition at line 652 of file tcp_client.cpp.

void FS2NetD_RequestServerList ( )

Definition at line 611 of file tcp_client.cpp.

int FS2NetD_SendPlayerData ( const char *  player_name,
player pl,
bool  do_send 

Definition at line 94 of file tcp_client.cpp.

void FS2NetD_SendServerDisconnect ( )

Definition at line 599 of file tcp_client.cpp.

void FS2NetD_SendServerStart ( )

Definition at line 533 of file tcp_client.cpp.

void FS2NetD_SendServerUpdate ( )

Definition at line 574 of file tcp_client.cpp.

int FS2NetD_ValidateTableList ( bool  do_send)

Definition at line 685 of file tcp_client.cpp.

Variable Documentation

SCP_vector<crc_valid_status> Table_valid_status

Definition at line 77 of file fs2netd_client.cpp.