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eval_enemy_obj_struct Struct Reference

Public Attributes

int turret_parent_objnum
float weapon_travel_dist
int enemy_team_mask
int weapon_system_ok
int eeo_flags
int current_enemy
float nearest_attacker_dist
int nearest_attacker_objnum
float nearest_homing_bomb_dist
int nearest_homing_bomb_objnum
float nearest_bomb_dist
int nearest_bomb_objnum
float nearest_dist
int nearest_objnum

Detailed Description

Definition at line 64 of file aiturret.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

int eval_enemy_obj_struct::current_enemy

Definition at line 74 of file aiturret.cpp.

int eval_enemy_obj_struct::eeo_flags

Definition at line 69 of file aiturret.cpp.

int eval_enemy_obj_struct::enemy_team_mask

Definition at line 67 of file aiturret.cpp.

float eval_enemy_obj_struct::nearest_attacker_dist

Definition at line 77 of file aiturret.cpp.

int eval_enemy_obj_struct::nearest_attacker_objnum

Definition at line 78 of file aiturret.cpp.

float eval_enemy_obj_struct::nearest_bomb_dist

Definition at line 83 of file aiturret.cpp.

int eval_enemy_obj_struct::nearest_bomb_objnum

Definition at line 84 of file aiturret.cpp.

float eval_enemy_obj_struct::nearest_dist

Definition at line 86 of file aiturret.cpp.

float eval_enemy_obj_struct::nearest_homing_bomb_dist

Definition at line 80 of file aiturret.cpp.

int eval_enemy_obj_struct::nearest_homing_bomb_objnum

Definition at line 81 of file aiturret.cpp.

int eval_enemy_obj_struct::nearest_objnum

Definition at line 87 of file aiturret.cpp.

vec3d* eval_enemy_obj_struct::tpos

Definition at line 71 of file aiturret.cpp.

int eval_enemy_obj_struct::turret_parent_objnum

Definition at line 65 of file aiturret.cpp.

ship_subsys* eval_enemy_obj_struct::turret_subsys

Definition at line 73 of file aiturret.cpp.

vec3d* eval_enemy_obj_struct::tvec

Definition at line 72 of file aiturret.cpp.

int eval_enemy_obj_struct::weapon_system_ok

Definition at line 68 of file aiturret.cpp.

float eval_enemy_obj_struct::weapon_travel_dist

Definition at line 66 of file aiturret.cpp.

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