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csg_data Struct Reference

#include <pilotfile_convert.h>

Public Member Functions

 csg_data ()
 ~csg_data ()

Public Attributes

int sig
int cutscenes
SCP_string main_hall
int prev_mission
int next_mission
int loop_reentry
int loop_enabled
int num_completed
int last_ship_flown_index
SCP_vector< bool > ships_allowed
SCP_vector< bool > weapons_allowed
SCP_vector< bool > ships_techroom
SCP_vector< bool > weapons_techroom
SCP_vector< bool > intel_techroom
SCP_vector< index_list_tship_list
SCP_vector< index_list_tweapon_list
SCP_vector< index_list_tintel_list
SCP_vector< index_list_tmedals_list
SCP_vector< cmission_conv_tmissions
SCP_vector< sexp_variablevariables
loadout_conv_t loadout
scoring_special_t stats
SCP_vector< red_alert_ship_status > wingman_status
SCP_string precursor_mission

Detailed Description

Definition at line 213 of file pilotfile_convert.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

csg_data::csg_data ( )

Definition at line 125 of file csg_convert.cpp.

csg_data::~csg_data ( )

Definition at line 140 of file csg_convert.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

int csg_data::cutscenes

Definition at line 218 of file pilotfile_convert.h.

SCP_vector<index_list_t> csg_data::intel_list

Definition at line 238 of file pilotfile_convert.h.

SCP_vector<bool> csg_data::intel_techroom

Definition at line 234 of file pilotfile_convert.h.

int csg_data::last_ship_flown_index

Definition at line 227 of file pilotfile_convert.h.

loadout_conv_t csg_data::loadout

Definition at line 245 of file pilotfile_convert.h.

int csg_data::loop_enabled

Definition at line 224 of file pilotfile_convert.h.

int csg_data::loop_reentry

Definition at line 223 of file pilotfile_convert.h.

SCP_string csg_data::main_hall

Definition at line 220 of file pilotfile_convert.h.

SCP_vector<index_list_t> csg_data::medals_list

Definition at line 239 of file pilotfile_convert.h.

SCP_vector<cmission_conv_t> csg_data::missions

Definition at line 241 of file pilotfile_convert.h.

int csg_data::next_mission

Definition at line 222 of file pilotfile_convert.h.

int csg_data::num_completed

Definition at line 225 of file pilotfile_convert.h.

SCP_string csg_data::precursor_mission

Definition at line 250 of file pilotfile_convert.h.

int csg_data::prev_mission

Definition at line 221 of file pilotfile_convert.h.

SCP_vector<index_list_t> csg_data::ship_list

Definition at line 236 of file pilotfile_convert.h.

SCP_vector<bool> csg_data::ships_allowed

Definition at line 229 of file pilotfile_convert.h.

SCP_vector<bool> csg_data::ships_techroom

Definition at line 232 of file pilotfile_convert.h.

int csg_data::sig

Definition at line 217 of file pilotfile_convert.h.

scoring_special_t csg_data::stats

Definition at line 247 of file pilotfile_convert.h.

SCP_vector<sexp_variable> csg_data::variables

Definition at line 243 of file pilotfile_convert.h.

SCP_vector<index_list_t> csg_data::weapon_list

Definition at line 237 of file pilotfile_convert.h.

SCP_vector<bool> csg_data::weapons_allowed

Definition at line 230 of file pilotfile_convert.h.

SCP_vector<bool> csg_data::weapons_techroom

Definition at line 233 of file pilotfile_convert.h.

SCP_vector<red_alert_ship_status> csg_data::wingman_status

Definition at line 249 of file pilotfile_convert.h.

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