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1 /*
2  * Copyright (C) Volition, Inc. 1999. All rights reserved.
3  *
4  * All source code herein is the property of Volition, Inc. You may not sell
5  * or otherwise commercially exploit the source or things you created based on the
6  * source.
7  *
8 */
10 #include "ShipEditorDlg.h"
12 // ShipFlagsDlg.h : header file
13 //
16 // ship_flags_dlg dialog
18 class ship_flags_dlg : public CDialog
19 {
20 // Construction
21 public:
22  ship_flags_dlg(CWnd* pParent = NULL); // standard constructor
23  void OnOK();
24  void update_ship(int ship);
25  void setup(int n);
26  int tristate_set(int val, int cur_state);
27  void set_modified();
29 // Dialog Data
30  //{{AFX_DATA(ship_flags_dlg)
31  enum { IDD = IDD_SHIP_FLAGS };
33  CButton m_scannable;
34  CButton m_reinforcement;
35  CButton m_protect_ship;
40  CButton m_no_dynamic;
42  CButton m_kamikaze;
43  CButton m_invulnerable;
45  CButton m_immobile;
46  CButton m_ignore_count;
47  CButton m_hidden;
52  CButton m_escort;
53  CButton m_destroy;
54  CButton m_cargo_known;
59  CButton m_guardian;
60  CButton m_vaporize;
61  CButton m_stealth;
63  CButton m_nav_carry;
64  CButton m_nav_needslink;
66  CButton m_disable_ets;
67  CButton m_cloaked;
70  CButton m_no_collide;
73  CSpinButtonCtrl m_destroy_spin;
78  //}}AFX_DATA
80 // Overrides
81  // ClassWizard generated virtual function overrides
82  //{{AFX_VIRTUAL(ship_flags_dlg)
83  protected:
84  virtual void DoDataExchange(CDataExchange* pDX); // DDX/DDV support
87 // Implementation
88 protected:
89  int p_enable; // used to enable(1)/disable(0) controls based on if a player ship
91  // Generated message map functions
92  //{{AFX_MSG(ship_flags_dlg)
93  virtual BOOL OnInitDialog();
94  afx_msg void OnCargoKnown();
95  afx_msg void OnDestroyCheck();
96  afx_msg void OnEscort();
97  afx_msg void OnHiddenFromSensors();
98  afx_msg void OnPrimitiveSensors();
99  afx_msg void OnNoSubspaceDrive();
100  afx_msg void OnAffectedByGravity();
101  afx_msg void OnIgnoreCount();
102  afx_msg void OnInvulnerable();
103  afx_msg void OnTargetableAsBomb();
104  afx_msg void OnImmobile();
105  afx_msg void OnKamikaze();
106  afx_msg void OnNoArrivalMusic();
107  afx_msg void OnNoDynamic();
108  afx_msg void OnProtectShip();
109  afx_msg void OnBeamProtectShip();
110  afx_msg void OnFlakProtectShip();
111  afx_msg void OnLaserProtectShip();
112  afx_msg void OnMissileProtectShip();
113  afx_msg void OnReinforcement();
114  afx_msg void OnScannable();
115  afx_msg void OnRedalertcarry();
116  afx_msg void OnToggleSubsystemScanning();
117  afx_msg void OnDisableBuiltinShip();
118  afx_msg void OnNoDeathScream();
119  afx_msg void OnAlwaysDeathScream();
120  afx_msg void OnGuardian();
121  afx_msg void OnVaporize();
122  afx_msg void OnStealth();
123  afx_msg void OnFriendlyStealthInvisible();
124  afx_msg void OnNavCarry();
125  afx_msg void OnNavNeedslink();
126  afx_msg void OnHideShipName();
127  afx_msg void OnSetClassDynamically();
128  afx_msg void OnDisableETS();
129  afx_msg void OnCloaked();
130  afx_msg void OnScrambleMessages();
131  afx_msg void OnNoCollide();
132  afx_msg void OnNoDisabledSelfDestruct();
133  //}}AFX_MSG
135 };
virtual BOOL OnInitDialog()
CButton m_no_arrival_music
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:41
numeric_edit_control m_escort_value
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:76
CButton m_scannable
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:33
CButton m_protect_ship
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:35
afx_msg void OnNoDynamic()
afx_msg void OnBeamProtectShip()
CButton m_no_death_scream
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:57
afx_msg void OnNavCarry()
CButton m_no_collide
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:70
void update_ship(int ship)
afx_msg void OnCargoKnown()
afx_msg void OnAlwaysDeathScream()
afx_msg void OnHideShipName()
numeric_edit_control m_respawn_priority
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:77
afx_msg void OnNoArrivalMusic()
CButton m_beam_protect_ship
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:36
afx_msg void OnNoDeathScream()
afx_msg void OnIgnoreCount()
CButton m_friendly_stealth_invisible
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:62
CButton m_missile_protect_ship
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:39
CButton m_invulnerable
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:43
CButton m_disable_ets
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:66
afx_msg void OnCloaked()
CButton m_affected_by_gravity
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:50
void setup(int n)
afx_msg void OnStealth()
CButton m_cargo_known
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:54
afx_msg void OnImmobile()
afx_msg void OnDestroyCheck()
afx_msg void OnLaserProtectShip()
afx_msg void OnInvulnerable()
afx_msg void OnGuardian()
CButton m_vaporize
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:60
CButton m_hide_ship_name
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:65
CButton m_immobile
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:45
CButton m_escort
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:52
CButton m_no_disabled_self_destruct
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:71
afx_msg void OnTargetableAsBomb()
afx_msg void OnDisableBuiltinShip()
afx_msg void OnVaporize()
CButton m_nav_carry
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:63
CButton m_toggle_subsystem_scanning
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:51
Definition: ship.h:534
CButton m_primitive_sensors
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:48
afx_msg void OnMissileProtectShip()
GLclampd n
Definition: Glext.h:7286
CButton m_laser_protect_ship
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:38
afx_msg void OnPrimitiveSensors()
CButton m_guardian
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:59
afx_msg void OnSetClassDynamically()
CButton m_scramble_messages
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:69
CButton m_red_alert_carry
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:32
CButton m_ignore_count
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:46
GLuint GLfloat * val
Definition: Glext.h:6741
int BOOL
Definition: config.h:80
afx_msg void OnScannable()
numeric_edit_control m_kdamage
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:74
CButton m_no_subspace_drive
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:49
CSpinButtonCtrl m_destroy_spin
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:73
afx_msg void OnDisableETS()
numeric_edit_control m_destroy_value
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:75
Definition: resource.h:86
afx_msg void OnNoSubspaceDrive()
CButton m_special_warpin
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:55
afx_msg void OnNavNeedslink()
afx_msg void OnNoDisabledSelfDestruct()
int tristate_set(int val, int cur_state)
CButton m_kamikaze
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:42
afx_msg void OnHiddenFromSensors()
CButton m_nav_needslink
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:64
afx_msg void OnReinforcement()
CButton m_hidden
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:47
virtual void DoDataExchange(CDataExchange *pDX)
CButton m_flak_protect_ship
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:37
afx_msg void OnEscort()
afx_msg void OnScrambleMessages()
CButton m_set_class_dynamically
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:68
CButton m_cloaked
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:67
afx_msg void OnRedalertcarry()
CButton m_stealth
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:61
afx_msg void OnProtectShip()
CButton m_no_dynamic
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:40
CButton m_reinforcement
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:34
CButton m_always_death_scream
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:58
afx_msg void OnFriendlyStealthInvisible()
afx_msg void OnNoCollide()
afx_msg void OnAffectedByGravity()
CButton m_destroy
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:53
afx_msg void OnFlakProtectShip()
ship_flags_dlg(CWnd *pParent=NULL)
afx_msg void OnToggleSubsystemScanning()
afx_msg void OnKamikaze()
CButton m_disable_messages
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:56
CButton m_targetable_as_bomb
Definition: shipflagsdlg.h:44