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ship_flags_dlg Class Reference

#include <shipflagsdlg.h>

Inheritance diagram for ship_flags_dlg:

Public Types

enum  { IDD = IDD_SHIP_FLAGS }

Public Member Functions

 ship_flags_dlg (CWnd *pParent=NULL)
void OnOK ()
void update_ship (int ship)
void setup (int n)
int tristate_set (int val, int cur_state)
void set_modified ()

Public Attributes

CButton m_red_alert_carry
CButton m_scannable
CButton m_reinforcement
CButton m_protect_ship
CButton m_beam_protect_ship
CButton m_flak_protect_ship
CButton m_laser_protect_ship
CButton m_missile_protect_ship
CButton m_no_dynamic
CButton m_no_arrival_music
CButton m_kamikaze
CButton m_invulnerable
CButton m_targetable_as_bomb
CButton m_immobile
CButton m_ignore_count
CButton m_hidden
CButton m_primitive_sensors
CButton m_no_subspace_drive
CButton m_affected_by_gravity
CButton m_toggle_subsystem_scanning
CButton m_escort
CButton m_destroy
CButton m_cargo_known
CButton m_special_warpin
CButton m_disable_messages
CButton m_no_death_scream
CButton m_always_death_scream
CButton m_guardian
CButton m_vaporize
CButton m_stealth
CButton m_friendly_stealth_invisible
CButton m_nav_carry
CButton m_nav_needslink
CButton m_hide_ship_name
CButton m_disable_ets
CButton m_cloaked
CButton m_set_class_dynamically
CButton m_scramble_messages
CButton m_no_collide
CButton m_no_disabled_self_destruct
CSpinButtonCtrl m_destroy_spin
numeric_edit_control m_kdamage
numeric_edit_control m_destroy_value
numeric_edit_control m_escort_value
numeric_edit_control m_respawn_priority

Protected Member Functions

virtual void DoDataExchange (CDataExchange *pDX)
virtual BOOL OnInitDialog ()
afx_msg void OnCargoKnown ()
afx_msg void OnDestroyCheck ()
afx_msg void OnEscort ()
afx_msg void OnHiddenFromSensors ()
afx_msg void OnPrimitiveSensors ()
afx_msg void OnNoSubspaceDrive ()
afx_msg void OnAffectedByGravity ()
afx_msg void OnIgnoreCount ()
afx_msg void OnInvulnerable ()
afx_msg void OnTargetableAsBomb ()
afx_msg void OnImmobile ()
afx_msg void OnKamikaze ()
afx_msg void OnNoArrivalMusic ()
afx_msg void OnNoDynamic ()
afx_msg void OnProtectShip ()
afx_msg void OnBeamProtectShip ()
afx_msg void OnFlakProtectShip ()
afx_msg void OnLaserProtectShip ()
afx_msg void OnMissileProtectShip ()
afx_msg void OnReinforcement ()
afx_msg void OnScannable ()
afx_msg void OnRedalertcarry ()
afx_msg void OnToggleSubsystemScanning ()
afx_msg void OnDisableBuiltinShip ()
afx_msg void OnNoDeathScream ()
afx_msg void OnAlwaysDeathScream ()
afx_msg void OnGuardian ()
afx_msg void OnVaporize ()
afx_msg void OnStealth ()
afx_msg void OnFriendlyStealthInvisible ()
afx_msg void OnNavCarry ()
afx_msg void OnNavNeedslink ()
afx_msg void OnHideShipName ()
afx_msg void OnSetClassDynamically ()
afx_msg void OnDisableETS ()
afx_msg void OnCloaked ()
afx_msg void OnScrambleMessages ()
afx_msg void OnNoCollide ()
afx_msg void OnNoDisabledSelfDestruct ()

Protected Attributes

int p_enable

Detailed Description

Definition at line 18 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

Definition at line 31 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ship_flags_dlg::ship_flags_dlg ( CWnd *  pParent = NULL)

Definition at line 26 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void ship_flags_dlg::DoDataExchange ( CDataExchange *  pDX)

Definition at line 33 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnAffectedByGravity ( )

Definition at line 1175 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnAlwaysDeathScream ( )

Definition at line 1357 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnBeamProtectShip ( )

Definition at line 1268 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnCargoKnown ( )

Definition at line 1114 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnCloaked ( )

Definition at line 1438 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnDestroyCheck ( )

Definition at line 1123 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnDisableBuiltinShip ( )

Definition at line 1331 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnDisableETS ( )

Definition at line 1429 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnEscort ( )

Definition at line 1137 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnFlakProtectShip ( )

Definition at line 1277 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnFriendlyStealthInvisible ( )

Definition at line 1393 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnGuardian ( )

Definition at line 1366 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnHiddenFromSensors ( )

Definition at line 1148 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnHideShipName ( )

Definition at line 1420 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnIgnoreCount ( )

Definition at line 1193 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnImmobile ( )

Definition at line 1220 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

BOOL ship_flags_dlg::OnInitDialog ( )

Definition at line 158 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnInvulnerable ( )

Definition at line 1202 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnKamikaze ( )

Definition at line 1229 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnLaserProtectShip ( )

Definition at line 1286 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnMissileProtectShip ( )

Definition at line 1295 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnNavCarry ( )

Definition at line 1402 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnNavNeedslink ( )

Definition at line 1411 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnNoArrivalMusic ( )

Definition at line 1241 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnNoCollide ( )

Definition at line 1456 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnNoDeathScream ( )

Definition at line 1348 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnNoDisabledSelfDestruct ( )

Definition at line 1465 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnNoDynamic ( )

Definition at line 1250 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnNoSubspaceDrive ( )

Definition at line 1166 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnOK ( )

Definition at line 414 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnPrimitiveSensors ( )

Definition at line 1157 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnProtectShip ( )

Definition at line 1259 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnRedalertcarry ( )

Definition at line 1322 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnReinforcement ( )

Definition at line 1304 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnScannable ( )

Definition at line 1313 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnScrambleMessages ( )

Definition at line 1447 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnSetClassDynamically ( )

Definition at line 1340 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnStealth ( )

Definition at line 1384 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnTargetableAsBomb ( )

Definition at line 1211 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnToggleSubsystemScanning ( )

Definition at line 1184 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::OnVaporize ( )

Definition at line 1375 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::set_modified ( )

Definition at line 1110 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::setup ( int  n)

Definition at line 153 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

int ship_flags_dlg::tristate_set ( int  val,
int  cur_state 

Definition at line 1093 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

void ship_flags_dlg::update_ship ( int  ship)

Definition at line 431 of file shipflagsdlg.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_affected_by_gravity

Definition at line 50 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_always_death_scream

Definition at line 58 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_beam_protect_ship

Definition at line 36 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_cargo_known

Definition at line 54 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_cloaked

Definition at line 67 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_destroy

Definition at line 53 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CSpinButtonCtrl ship_flags_dlg::m_destroy_spin

Definition at line 73 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

numeric_edit_control ship_flags_dlg::m_destroy_value

Definition at line 75 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_disable_ets

Definition at line 66 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_disable_messages

Definition at line 56 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_escort

Definition at line 52 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

numeric_edit_control ship_flags_dlg::m_escort_value

Definition at line 76 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_flak_protect_ship

Definition at line 37 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_friendly_stealth_invisible

Definition at line 62 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_guardian

Definition at line 59 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_hidden

Definition at line 47 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_hide_ship_name

Definition at line 65 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_ignore_count

Definition at line 46 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_immobile

Definition at line 45 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_invulnerable

Definition at line 43 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_kamikaze

Definition at line 42 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

numeric_edit_control ship_flags_dlg::m_kdamage

Definition at line 74 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_laser_protect_ship

Definition at line 38 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_missile_protect_ship

Definition at line 39 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_nav_carry

Definition at line 63 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_nav_needslink

Definition at line 64 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_no_arrival_music

Definition at line 41 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_no_collide

Definition at line 70 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_no_death_scream

Definition at line 57 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_no_disabled_self_destruct

Definition at line 71 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_no_dynamic

Definition at line 40 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_no_subspace_drive

Definition at line 49 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_primitive_sensors

Definition at line 48 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_protect_ship

Definition at line 35 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_red_alert_carry

Definition at line 32 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_reinforcement

Definition at line 34 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

numeric_edit_control ship_flags_dlg::m_respawn_priority

Definition at line 77 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_scannable

Definition at line 33 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_scramble_messages

Definition at line 69 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_set_class_dynamically

Definition at line 68 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_special_warpin

Definition at line 55 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_stealth

Definition at line 61 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_targetable_as_bomb

Definition at line 44 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_toggle_subsystem_scanning

Definition at line 51 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

CButton ship_flags_dlg::m_vaporize

Definition at line 60 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

int ship_flags_dlg::p_enable

Definition at line 89 of file shipflagsdlg.h.

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