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multi_rate.h File Reference

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#define MULTI_RATE
#define MAX_RATE_TYPE_LEN   50
#define MAX_RATE_PLAYERS   12
#define MAX_RATE_TYPES   32


void multi_rate_reset (int np_index)
int multi_rate_add (int np_index, char *type, int size)
void multi_rate_process ()
void multi_rate_display (int np_index, int x, int y)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define MAX_RATE_PLAYERS   12

Definition at line 25 of file multi_rate.h.

#define MAX_RATE_TYPE_LEN   50

Definition at line 24 of file multi_rate.h.

#define MAX_RATE_TYPES   32

Definition at line 26 of file multi_rate.h.

#define MULTI_RATE

Definition at line 17 of file multi_rate.h.

Function Documentation

int multi_rate_add ( int  np_index,
char *  type,
int  size 
void multi_rate_display ( int  np_index,
int  x,
int  y 
void multi_rate_process ( )
void multi_rate_reset ( int  np_index)