Open source remastering of the Freespace 2 engine
fred.h File Reference
#include "globalincs/systemvars.h"
#include "resource.h"
#include "mission/missionparse.h"
#include "ShipEditorDlg.h"
#include "wing_editor.h"
#include "WaypointPathDlg.h"
#include "BgBitmapDlg.h"
#include "BriefingEditorDlg.h"

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struct  window_data
class  CFREDApp


#define MODIFY(a, b)
#define F_RENDER_SHIP_MODELS   0x01
#define F_RENDER_SHIP_ICONS   0x02


typedef struct window_data window_data


void add_pending_message (HWND hwnd, int id, int wparam, int lparam, int skip_count)
void init_pending_messages (void)
void update_map_window ()


int User_interface
int Fred_active
int Update_window
HCURSOR h_cursor_move
HCURSOR h_cursor_rotate
CWnd * Prev_window
CShipEditorDlg Ship_editor_dialog
wing_editor Wing_editor_dialog
waypoint_path_dlg Waypoint_editor_dialog
CFREDApp theApp
window_data Main_wnd_data
window_data Ship_wnd_data
window_data Wing_wnd_data
window_data Object_wnd_data
window_data Mission_goals_wnd_data
window_data Messages_wnd_data
window_data Player_wnd_data
window_data Events_wnd_data
window_data Bg_wnd_data
window_data Briefing_wnd_data
window_data Reinforcement_wnd_data
window_data Waypoint_wnd_data
window_data Starfield_wnd_data
window_data Asteroid_wnd_data
window_data Mission_notes_wnd_data

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Definition at line 38 of file fred.h.

#define F_RENDER_SHIP_ICONS   0x02

Definition at line 34 of file fred.h.

#define F_RENDER_SHIP_MODELS   0x01

Definition at line 33 of file fred.h.


Definition at line 37 of file fred.h.

#define MODIFY (   a,
do { \
if (a != (b)) { \
a = (b); \
} \
} while(0)
GLboolean GLboolean GLboolean GLboolean a
Definition: Glext.h:5781
void set_modified(BOOL arg)
Definition: freddoc.cpp:676
GLboolean GLboolean GLboolean b
Definition: Glext.h:5781
Definition: aiturret.cpp:1581

Definition at line 26 of file fred.h.

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typedef struct window_data window_data

Function Documentation

void add_pending_message ( HWND  hwnd,
int  id,
int  wparam,
int  lparam,
int  skip_count 

Definition at line 423 of file fred.cpp.

void init_pending_messages ( void  )

Definition at line 437 of file fred.cpp.

void update_map_window ( )

Definition at line 532 of file fred.cpp.

Variable Documentation

window_data Asteroid_wnd_data

Definition at line 74 of file fred.cpp.

bg_bitmap_dlg* Bg_bitmap_dialog

Definition at line 58 of file fred.cpp.

window_data Bg_wnd_data

Definition at line 69 of file fred.cpp.

briefing_editor_dlg* Briefing_dialog

Definition at line 59 of file fred.cpp.

window_data Briefing_wnd_data

Definition at line 70 of file fred.cpp.

window_data Events_wnd_data

Definition at line 68 of file fred.cpp.

int Fred_active

Definition at line 47 of file fred.cpp.

HCURSOR h_cursor_move

Definition at line 49 of file fred.cpp.

HCURSOR h_cursor_rotate

Definition at line 49 of file fred.cpp.

window_data Main_wnd_data

Definition at line 61 of file fred.cpp.

window_data Messages_wnd_data

Definition at line 66 of file fred.cpp.

window_data Mission_goals_wnd_data

Definition at line 65 of file fred.cpp.

window_data Mission_notes_wnd_data

Definition at line 75 of file fred.cpp.

window_data Object_wnd_data

Definition at line 64 of file fred.cpp.

window_data Player_wnd_data

Definition at line 67 of file fred.cpp.

CWnd* Prev_window

Definition at line 54 of file fred.cpp.

window_data Reinforcement_wnd_data

Definition at line 71 of file fred.cpp.

CShipEditorDlg Ship_editor_dialog

Definition at line 55 of file fred.cpp.

window_data Ship_wnd_data

Definition at line 62 of file fred.cpp.

window_data Starfield_wnd_data

Definition at line 73 of file fred.cpp.

CFREDApp theApp

Definition at line 115 of file fred.cpp.

int Update_window

Definition at line 48 of file fred.cpp.

int User_interface

Definition at line 45 of file fred.cpp.

waypoint_path_dlg Waypoint_editor_dialog

Definition at line 57 of file fred.cpp.

window_data Waypoint_wnd_data

Definition at line 72 of file fred.cpp.

wing_editor Wing_editor_dialog

Definition at line 56 of file fred.cpp.

window_data Wing_wnd_data

Definition at line 63 of file fred.cpp.