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wing_editor Class Reference

#include <wing_editor.h>

Inheritance diagram for wing_editor:

Public Types


Public Member Functions

void initialize_data_safe (int full_update)
void update_data_safe ()
void show_hide_sexp_help ()
void calc_cue_height ()
int verify ()
 wing_editor (CWnd *pParent=NULL)
BOOL Create ()
void OnOK ()
int update_data (int redraw=1)
void initialize_data (int full)

Public Attributes

int cue_height
int bypass_errors
int modified
int select_sexp_node
CSpinButtonCtrl m_departure_delay_spin
CSpinButtonCtrl m_arrival_delay_spin
sexp_tree m_departure_tree
sexp_tree m_arrival_tree
CSpinButtonCtrl m_threshold_spin
CSpinButtonCtrl m_waves_spin
CString m_wing_name
int m_special_ship
int m_waves
int m_threshold
int m_arrival_location
int m_departure_location
int m_arrival_delay
int m_departure_delay
BOOL m_reinforcement
int m_hotkey
BOOL m_ignore_count
int m_arrival_delay_max
int m_arrival_delay_min
int m_arrival_dist
int m_arrival_target
BOOL m_no_arrival_music
int m_departure_target
BOOL m_no_arrival_message
BOOL m_no_arrival_warp
BOOL m_no_departure_warp
BOOL m_no_dynamic
CString m_wing_squad_filename

Protected Member Functions

virtual void DoDataExchange (CDataExchange *pDX)
virtual BOOL OnCommand (WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
afx_msg void OnInitMenu (CMenu *pMenu)
afx_msg void OnDeltaposSpinWaves (NMHDR *pNMHDR, LRESULT *pResult)
afx_msg void OnRclickArrivalTree (NMHDR *pNMHDR, LRESULT *pResult)
afx_msg void OnRclickDepartureTree (NMHDR *pNMHDR, LRESULT *pResult)
afx_msg void OnBeginlabeleditArrivalTree (NMHDR *pNMHDR, LRESULT *pResult)
afx_msg void OnBeginlabeleditDepartureTree (NMHDR *pNMHDR, LRESULT *pResult)
afx_msg void OnEndlabeleditArrivalTree (NMHDR *pNMHDR, LRESULT *pResult)
afx_msg void OnEndlabeleditDepartureTree (NMHDR *pNMHDR, LRESULT *pResult)
afx_msg void OnDeleteWing ()
afx_msg void OnDisbandWing ()
afx_msg void OnClose ()
afx_msg void OnGoals2 ()
afx_msg void OnReinforcement ()
afx_msg void OnNext ()
afx_msg void OnSelchangedArrivalTree (NMHDR *pNMHDR, LRESULT *pResult)
afx_msg void OnSelchangedDepartureTree (NMHDR *pNMHDR, LRESULT *pResult)
afx_msg void OnHideCues ()
afx_msg void OnPrev ()
afx_msg void OnSelchangeArrivalLocation ()
afx_msg void OnSelchangeDepartureLocation ()
afx_msg void OnSelchangeHotkey ()
afx_msg void OnSquadLogo ()
afx_msg void OnRestrictArrival ()
afx_msg void OnRestrictDeparture ()
int calc_max_wave_treshold ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 17 of file wing_editor.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

Definition at line 39 of file wing_editor.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wing_editor::wing_editor ( CWnd *  pParent = NULL)

Definition at line 37 of file wing_editor.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void wing_editor::calc_cue_height ( )

Definition at line 1110 of file wing_editor.cpp.

int wing_editor::calc_max_wave_treshold ( )

Definition at line 1356 of file wing_editor.cpp.

BOOL wing_editor::Create ( )

Definition at line 172 of file wing_editor.cpp.

void wing_editor::DoDataExchange ( CDataExchange *  pDX)

Definition at line 69 of file wing_editor.cpp.

void wing_editor::initialize_data ( int  full)

Definition at line 497 of file wing_editor.cpp.

void wing_editor::initialize_data_safe ( int  full_update)

Definition at line 247 of file wing_editor.cpp.

void wing_editor::OnBeginlabeleditArrivalTree ( NMHDR *  pNMHDR,
LRESULT pResult 

Definition at line 950 of file wing_editor.cpp.

void wing_editor::OnBeginlabeleditDepartureTree ( NMHDR *  pNMHDR,
LRESULT pResult 

Definition at line 962 of file wing_editor.cpp.

void wing_editor::OnClose ( )

Definition at line 228 of file wing_editor.cpp.

BOOL wing_editor::OnCommand ( WPARAM  wParam,
LPARAM  lParam 

Definition at line 908 of file wing_editor.cpp.

void wing_editor::OnDeleteWing ( )

Definition at line 1001 of file wing_editor.cpp.

void wing_editor::OnDeltaposSpinWaves ( NMHDR *  pNMHDR,
LRESULT pResult 

Definition at line 924 of file wing_editor.cpp.

void wing_editor::OnDisbandWing ( )

Definition at line 1008 of file wing_editor.cpp.

void wing_editor::OnEndlabeleditArrivalTree ( NMHDR *  pNMHDR,
LRESULT pResult 

Definition at line 974 of file wing_editor.cpp.

void wing_editor::OnEndlabeleditDepartureTree ( NMHDR *  pNMHDR,
LRESULT pResult 

Definition at line 981 of file wing_editor.cpp.

void wing_editor::OnGoals2 ( )

Definition at line 1014 of file wing_editor.cpp.

void wing_editor::OnHideCues ( )

Definition at line 1146 of file wing_editor.cpp.

void wing_editor::OnInitMenu ( CMenu *  pMenu)

Definition at line 202 of file wing_editor.cpp.

void wing_editor::OnNext ( )

Definition at line 1060 of file wing_editor.cpp.

void wing_editor::OnOK ( )

Definition at line 215 of file wing_editor.cpp.

void wing_editor::OnPrev ( )

Definition at line 1034 of file wing_editor.cpp.

void wing_editor::OnRclickArrivalTree ( NMHDR *  pNMHDR,
LRESULT pResult 

Definition at line 938 of file wing_editor.cpp.

void wing_editor::OnRclickDepartureTree ( NMHDR *  pNMHDR,
LRESULT pResult 

Definition at line 944 of file wing_editor.cpp.

void wing_editor::OnReinforcement ( )

Definition at line 1026 of file wing_editor.cpp.

void wing_editor::OnRestrictArrival ( )

Definition at line 1287 of file wing_editor.cpp.

void wing_editor::OnRestrictDeparture ( )

Definition at line 1322 of file wing_editor.cpp.

void wing_editor::OnSelchangeArrivalLocation ( )

Definition at line 1163 of file wing_editor.cpp.

void wing_editor::OnSelchangedArrivalTree ( NMHDR *  pNMHDR,
LRESULT pResult 

Definition at line 1086 of file wing_editor.cpp.

void wing_editor::OnSelchangedDepartureTree ( NMHDR *  pNMHDR,
LRESULT pResult 

Definition at line 1098 of file wing_editor.cpp.

void wing_editor::OnSelchangeDepartureLocation ( )

Definition at line 1197 of file wing_editor.cpp.

void wing_editor::OnSelchangeHotkey ( )

Definition at line 1231 of file wing_editor.cpp.

void wing_editor::OnSquadLogo ( )

Definition at line 1254 of file wing_editor.cpp.

void wing_editor::show_hide_sexp_help ( )

Definition at line 1125 of file wing_editor.cpp.

int wing_editor::update_data ( int  redraw = 1)

Definition at line 537 of file wing_editor.cpp.

void wing_editor::update_data_safe ( )

Definition at line 742 of file wing_editor.cpp.

int wing_editor::verify ( )

Definition at line 988 of file wing_editor.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

int wing_editor::bypass_errors

Definition at line 22 of file wing_editor.h.

int wing_editor::cue_height

Definition at line 21 of file wing_editor.h.

int wing_editor::m_arrival_delay

Definition at line 52 of file wing_editor.h.

int wing_editor::m_arrival_delay_max

Definition at line 57 of file wing_editor.h.

int wing_editor::m_arrival_delay_min

Definition at line 58 of file wing_editor.h.

CSpinButtonCtrl wing_editor::m_arrival_delay_spin

Definition at line 41 of file wing_editor.h.

int wing_editor::m_arrival_dist

Definition at line 59 of file wing_editor.h.

int wing_editor::m_arrival_location

Definition at line 50 of file wing_editor.h.

int wing_editor::m_arrival_target

Definition at line 60 of file wing_editor.h.

sexp_tree wing_editor::m_arrival_tree

Definition at line 43 of file wing_editor.h.

int wing_editor::m_departure_delay

Definition at line 53 of file wing_editor.h.

CSpinButtonCtrl wing_editor::m_departure_delay_spin

Definition at line 40 of file wing_editor.h.

int wing_editor::m_departure_location

Definition at line 51 of file wing_editor.h.

int wing_editor::m_departure_target

Definition at line 62 of file wing_editor.h.

sexp_tree wing_editor::m_departure_tree

Definition at line 42 of file wing_editor.h.

int wing_editor::m_hotkey

Definition at line 55 of file wing_editor.h.

BOOL wing_editor::m_ignore_count

Definition at line 56 of file wing_editor.h.

BOOL wing_editor::m_no_arrival_message

Definition at line 63 of file wing_editor.h.

BOOL wing_editor::m_no_arrival_music

Definition at line 61 of file wing_editor.h.

BOOL wing_editor::m_no_arrival_warp

Definition at line 64 of file wing_editor.h.

BOOL wing_editor::m_no_departure_warp

Definition at line 65 of file wing_editor.h.

BOOL wing_editor::m_no_dynamic

Definition at line 66 of file wing_editor.h.

BOOL wing_editor::m_reinforcement

Definition at line 54 of file wing_editor.h.

int wing_editor::m_special_ship

Definition at line 47 of file wing_editor.h.

int wing_editor::m_threshold

Definition at line 49 of file wing_editor.h.

CSpinButtonCtrl wing_editor::m_threshold_spin

Definition at line 44 of file wing_editor.h.

int wing_editor::m_waves

Definition at line 48 of file wing_editor.h.

CSpinButtonCtrl wing_editor::m_waves_spin

Definition at line 45 of file wing_editor.h.

CString wing_editor::m_wing_name

Definition at line 46 of file wing_editor.h.

CString wing_editor::m_wing_squad_filename

Definition at line 67 of file wing_editor.h.

int wing_editor::modified

Definition at line 23 of file wing_editor.h.

int wing_editor::select_sexp_node

Definition at line 24 of file wing_editor.h.

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