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fireballs.h File Reference

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struct  fireball_lod
struct  fireball_info
struct  fireball


#define FIREBALL_WARP   1
#define FBF_WARP_CAPITAL_SIZE   (1<<1)
#define FBF_WARP_CRUISER_SIZE   (1<<2)
#define FBF_WARP_3D   (1<<3)
#define FBF_WARP_VIA_SEXP   (1<<4)


typedef struct fireball_lod fireball_lod
typedef struct fireball_info fireball_info
typedef struct fireball fireball


void fireball_init ()
void fireball_render_DEPRECATED (object *obj)
void fireball_render (object *obj, draw_list *scene)
void fireball_delete (object *obj)
void fireball_process_post (object *obj, float frame_time)
int fireball_create (vec3d *pos, int fireball_type, int render_type, int parent_obj, float size, int reversed=0, vec3d *velocity=NULL, float warp_lifetime=0.0f, int ship_class=-1, matrix *orient=NULL, int low_res=0, int extra_flags=0, int warp_open_sound=-1, int warp_close_sound=-1)
void fireball_render_plane (int plane)
void fireball_close ()
int fireball_is_perishable (object *obj)
int fireball_is_warp (object *obj)
float fireball_lifeleft (object *obj)
float fireball_lifeleft_percent (object *obj)
void fireball_get_color (int idx, float *red, float *green, float *blue)
int fireball_ship_explosion_type (ship_info *sip)
int fireball_asteroid_explosion_type (asteroid_info *aip)
float fireball_wormhole_intensity (object *obj)
void warpin_render (object *obj, matrix *orient, vec3d *pos, int texture_bitmap_num, float radius, float life_percent, float max_radius, int warp_3d=0)
void warpin_queue_render (draw_list *scene, object *obj, matrix *orient, vec3d *pos, int texture_bitmap_num, float radius, float life_percent, float max_radius, int warp_3d)


int fireball_used [MAX_FIREBALL_TYPES]
int Num_fireball_types
int Warp_model
int Knossos_warp_ani_used

Macro Definition Documentation

#define FBF_WARP_3D   (1<<3)

Definition at line 61 of file fireballs.h.

#define FBF_WARP_CAPITAL_SIZE   (1<<1)

Definition at line 59 of file fireballs.h.


Definition at line 58 of file fireballs.h.

#define FBF_WARP_CRUISER_SIZE   (1<<2)

Definition at line 60 of file fireballs.h.

#define FBF_WARP_VIA_SEXP   (1<<4)

Definition at line 62 of file fireballs.h.


Definition at line 31 of file fireballs.h.


Definition at line 32 of file fireballs.h.


Definition at line 33 of file fireballs.h.


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Definition at line 30 of file fireballs.h.


Definition at line 24 of file fireballs.h.


Definition at line 23 of file fireballs.h.


Definition at line 38 of file fireballs.h.

#define FIREBALL_WARP   1

Definition at line 29 of file fireballs.h.


Definition at line 25 of file fireballs.h.


Definition at line 35 of file fireballs.h.


Definition at line 36 of file fireballs.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct fireball fireball
typedef struct fireball_info fireball_info
typedef struct fireball_lod fireball_lod

Function Documentation

int fireball_asteroid_explosion_type ( asteroid_info aip)

Definition at line 1014 of file fireballs.cpp.

void fireball_close ( )

Called at game shutdown to clean up the fireball system

Definition at line 937 of file fireballs.cpp.

int fireball_create ( vec3d pos,
int  fireball_type,
int  render_type,
int  parent_obj,
float  size,
int  reverse,
vec3d velocity,
float  warp_lifetime,
int  ship_class,
matrix orient_override,
int  low_res,
int  extra_flags,
int  warp_open_sound,
int  warp_close_sound 

Create a fireball, return object index.

Definition at line 788 of file fireballs.cpp.

void fireball_delete ( object obj)

Delete a fireball. Called by object_delete() code... do not call directly.

Definition at line 458 of file fireballs.cpp.

void fireball_get_color ( int  idx,
float red,
float green,
float blue 

Definition at line 972 of file fireballs.cpp.

void fireball_init ( )

Definition at line 342 of file fireballs.cpp.

int fireball_is_perishable ( object obj)

Definition at line 540 of file fireballs.cpp.

int fireball_is_warp ( object obj)

Definition at line 601 of file fireballs.cpp.

float fireball_lifeleft ( object obj)

Returns life left of a fireball in seconds

Definition at line 669 of file fireballs.cpp.

float fireball_lifeleft_percent ( object obj)

Returns life left of a fireball in percent

Definition at line 686 of file fireballs.cpp.

void fireball_process_post ( object obj,
float  frame_time 

Definition at line 643 of file fireballs.cpp.

void fireball_render ( object obj,
draw_list scene 

Definition at line 1055 of file fireballs.cpp.

void fireball_render_DEPRECATED ( object obj)

Definition at line 377 of file fireballs.cpp.

void fireball_render_plane ( int  plane)
int fireball_ship_explosion_type ( ship_info sip)

Definition at line 993 of file fireballs.cpp.

float fireball_wormhole_intensity ( object obj)

Definition at line 1031 of file fireballs.cpp.

void warpin_queue_render ( draw_list scene,
object obj,
matrix orient,
vec3d pos,
int  texture_bitmap_num,
float  radius,
float  life_percent,
float  max_radius,
int  warp_3d 

Definition at line 221 of file warpineffect.cpp.

void warpin_render ( object obj,
matrix orient,
vec3d pos,
int  texture_bitmap_num,
float  radius,
float  life_percent,
float  max_radius,
int  warp_3d = 0 

Definition at line 67 of file warpineffect.cpp.

Variable Documentation

int fireball_used[MAX_FIREBALL_TYPES]

Definition at line 47 of file fireballs.cpp.

int Knossos_warp_ani_used

Definition at line 33 of file fireballs.cpp.

int Num_fireball_types

Definition at line 50 of file fireballs.cpp.

int Warp_model

Definition at line 32 of file fireballs.cpp.