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CModifyVariableDlg Class Reference

#include <modifyvariabledlg.h>

Inheritance diagram for CModifyVariableDlg:

Public Types


Public Member Functions

 CModifyVariableDlg (CWnd *pParent=NULL)

Public Attributes

CString m_cur_variable_name
CString m_default_value
CString m_old_var_name
bool m_type_number
bool m_type_player_persistent
bool m_type_campaign_persistent
bool m_type_network_variable
bool m_modified_name
bool m_modified_value
bool m_modified_type
bool m_modified_persistence
bool m_deleted
bool m_data_validated
bool m_var_name_validated
bool m_do_modify
int m_combo_last_modified_index
int m_translate_combo_to_sexp [MAX_SEXP_VARIABLES]
int m_start_index

Protected Member Functions

virtual void DoDataExchange (CDataExchange *pDX)
afx_msg void OnDeleteVariable ()
afx_msg void OnTypeString ()
afx_msg void OnTypeNumber ()
afx_msg void OnTypePlayerPersistent ()
afx_msg void OnTypeCampaignPersistent ()
afx_msg void OnTypeNetworkVariable ()
afx_msg void OnSelchangeModifyVariableName ()
afx_msg void OnEditchangeModifyVariableName ()
virtual BOOL OnInitDialog ()
virtual void OnOK ()
afx_msg void OnKillfocusModifyDefaultValue ()
afx_msg void set_variable_type ()
afx_msg void validate_data (CString &temp_data, int set_focus)
afx_msg void validate_var_name (int set_focus)
afx_msg int get_sexp_var_index ()
afx_msg void OnDropdownModifyVariableName ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 24 of file modifyvariabledlg.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

Definition at line 32 of file modifyvariabledlg.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CModifyVariableDlg::CModifyVariableDlg ( CWnd *  pParent = NULL)

Definition at line 30 of file modifyvariabledlg.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void CModifyVariableDlg::DoDataExchange ( CDataExchange *  pDX)

Definition at line 40 of file modifyvariabledlg.cpp.

int CModifyVariableDlg::get_sexp_var_index ( )

Definition at line 520 of file modifyvariabledlg.cpp.

void CModifyVariableDlg::OnDeleteVariable ( )

Definition at line 71 of file modifyvariabledlg.cpp.

void CModifyVariableDlg::OnDropdownModifyVariableName ( )

Definition at line 529 of file modifyvariabledlg.cpp.

void CModifyVariableDlg::OnEditchangeModifyVariableName ( )

Definition at line 260 of file modifyvariabledlg.cpp.

BOOL CModifyVariableDlg::OnInitDialog ( )

Definition at line 277 of file modifyvariabledlg.cpp.

void CModifyVariableDlg::OnKillfocusModifyDefaultValue ( )

Definition at line 400 of file modifyvariabledlg.cpp.

void CModifyVariableDlg::OnOK ( )

Definition at line 369 of file modifyvariabledlg.cpp.

void CModifyVariableDlg::OnSelchangeModifyVariableName ( )

Definition at line 215 of file modifyvariabledlg.cpp.

void CModifyVariableDlg::OnTypeCampaignPersistent ( )

Definition at line 193 of file modifyvariabledlg.cpp.

void CModifyVariableDlg::OnTypeNetworkVariable ( )

Definition at line 206 of file modifyvariabledlg.cpp.

void CModifyVariableDlg::OnTypeNumber ( )

Definition at line 153 of file modifyvariabledlg.cpp.

void CModifyVariableDlg::OnTypePlayerPersistent ( )

Definition at line 179 of file modifyvariabledlg.cpp.

void CModifyVariableDlg::OnTypeString ( )

Definition at line 127 of file modifyvariabledlg.cpp.

void CModifyVariableDlg::set_variable_type ( )

Definition at line 354 of file modifyvariabledlg.cpp.

void CModifyVariableDlg::validate_data ( CString &  temp_data,
int  set_focus 

Definition at line 417 of file modifyvariabledlg.cpp.

void CModifyVariableDlg::validate_var_name ( int  set_focus)

Definition at line 469 of file modifyvariabledlg.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

int CModifyVariableDlg::m_combo_last_modified_index

Definition at line 48 of file modifyvariabledlg.h.

CString CModifyVariableDlg::m_cur_variable_name

Definition at line 33 of file modifyvariabledlg.h.

bool CModifyVariableDlg::m_data_validated

Definition at line 45 of file modifyvariabledlg.h.

CString CModifyVariableDlg::m_default_value

Definition at line 34 of file modifyvariabledlg.h.

bool CModifyVariableDlg::m_deleted

Definition at line 44 of file modifyvariabledlg.h.

bool CModifyVariableDlg::m_do_modify

Definition at line 47 of file modifyvariabledlg.h.

bool CModifyVariableDlg::m_modified_name

Definition at line 40 of file modifyvariabledlg.h.

bool CModifyVariableDlg::m_modified_persistence

Definition at line 43 of file modifyvariabledlg.h.

bool CModifyVariableDlg::m_modified_type

Definition at line 42 of file modifyvariabledlg.h.

bool CModifyVariableDlg::m_modified_value

Definition at line 41 of file modifyvariabledlg.h.

CString CModifyVariableDlg::m_old_var_name

Definition at line 35 of file modifyvariabledlg.h.

sexp_tree* CModifyVariableDlg::m_p_sexp_tree

Definition at line 51 of file modifyvariabledlg.h.

int CModifyVariableDlg::m_start_index

Definition at line 50 of file modifyvariabledlg.h.

int CModifyVariableDlg::m_translate_combo_to_sexp[MAX_SEXP_VARIABLES]

Definition at line 49 of file modifyvariabledlg.h.

bool CModifyVariableDlg::m_type_campaign_persistent

Definition at line 38 of file modifyvariabledlg.h.

bool CModifyVariableDlg::m_type_network_variable

Definition at line 39 of file modifyvariabledlg.h.

bool CModifyVariableDlg::m_type_number

Definition at line 36 of file modifyvariabledlg.h.

bool CModifyVariableDlg::m_type_player_persistent

Definition at line 37 of file modifyvariabledlg.h.

bool CModifyVariableDlg::m_var_name_validated

Definition at line 46 of file modifyvariabledlg.h.

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