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0000943FSSCPmediaVPpublic2008-01-02 12:28
Assigned ToDa_Brain 
PlatformPCOSWindowsOS VersionXP sp2
Product Version3.6.9 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.6.10 
Summary0000943: GTF Medusa and GTFR Triton environment mapping very intensive
DescriptionGTF Medusa and GTFR Triton environment mapping is very intensive, look at the screenshot. Cargo model is over-intensed too.
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ARSPR (reporter)

A little break in my holidays...

The issue is known and it's caused by a full white alpha chanel in shine maps. Till they are fixed enjoy it, edit yourself their shinemaps deleting the alpha channel or disable "Use alpha for env mapping" (-alpha_env) within Launcher (Experimental section).

(With the latest one the game will default to a preselected amount of env mapping all over all the ships, so you will lose the cool full env mapping over the windows too).


taylor (administrator)

DaBrain can mark this a done when the fixed maps go out.


taylor (administrator)

Just a quick *BUMP* to get this back in the appropriate eye. Fixed maps exist so it's just a matter of making them available when DaBrain discovers the Internet once more. :)


Da_Brain (developer)

Turambar seems to have fixed the Medusa and VA has sent me the fixed Triton maps already. I'll ask him for the maps and add them to my WIP MediaVP folder.

So the problem is solved, or better it will be solved when the new MV_textures is ready.


Da_Brain (developer)

Fixed in MediaVP 3.6.10 (Beta).

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