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0000853FSSCPFREDpublic2008-03-28 01:12
Assigned Totaylor 
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.6.10 
Summary0000853: FRED can't play voicefiles anymore
DescriptionThe function to play a voicefile doesn't work anymore. When I push the button I just receive the "Ehhh"-Sound from the internal-speacker.

Voice-lines are definitly there (since the mission works ingame)
Additional InformationNoticed that first with the "fred2_open_r-P420060226.exe", but I haven't updated Fred vor a while
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starman01 (reporter)

Oh, and on a sidenote, it appears that the problem has returned, where the wingmen info (in ships editor) is partially deleted, when you switch through the different wing in the wing-edit screen :-(


Goober5000 (administrator)

No sidenotes please. If it's a different bug, open a different bug report for it.


phreak (developer)



Goober5000 (administrator)

Starman reports that this is back with RC5.


phreak (developer)

works for me. Make sure that the file is located in a folder covered by the selected mod or is in the main data directory. The sound can NOT be in a VP File.


starman01 (reporter)

Last edited: 2006-07-14 12:50

The sounds were always in the correct folders under the data-tree. I try again

(edit) Just copied the fred.exe from RC5 again into the game folder and tried it, I only get a error-twiep from the internal pc-speaker when I hit the play button, nothing more.

edited on: 07-14-06 12:50

edited on: 07-14-06 12:50


starman01 (reporter)

Are you guys still waiting for a feedback here? I edited my last post, so maybe you missed that. I copied the exe again, and while everything is at it's proper location (though of course I use a unique folder, D:\095\ ) no wavs are being played anymore. I just get the alarm sound of the internal pc-speaker (not even over the soundcard, just a motherboard honk ).


phreak (developer)

looking at the original post:

"I just figured out that in the RC5 build the mantis bug 0000853 has come back. Additionally what I posted back then, I can't also play briefing and debriefing wavs anymore. You might want to reopen that mantis bug then again (if I'm not the only one with that problem)"

You should have said debriefing and briefing since this bug report only deals with the event editor, from the picture at least.


starman01 (reporter)

Sorry, might be a little confusing since the original post didn't include briefing/debriefing (at least I'm not sure it worked or not).

However, I also can't play the wavs in the Event-editor, that's why I mentioned this bug-report. No wavs are working anymore. It's strange that it's working for you though, maybe there is a problem with my machine and/or config.


Goober5000 (administrator)

K. A file placed in FreeSpace2/data/voice/special will play for me in the event editor. However, a file placed in FreeSpace2/data/voice/briefing will not play in the briefing editor; instead the standard Windows ping plays.

Moreover, if I try to play a nonexistent file in the event editor, the following error appears:

"You can not preview sounds inside a .VP packfile.
yarr.wav is in the packfile รณ■■:■.
If you've since extracted this file, restart FRED2 Open to preview this sound."


taylor (administrator)

Honestly, I think it would probably be better if we just had this run though OpenAL instead of the Windows thing. I can either add support for using OpenAL directly through FRED2, or add an extra *_raw() sound playing interface to go through the regular FS2 sound system (which would still be OpenAL basically). Going through OpenAL directly shouldn't be too bad (basically just make a simple FRED2 specific sound interface) and would allow the same supported formats (OGG, WAVs) plus allow playing sounds out of a VP.

Unless there are any objections I'll try and get that done by this weekend.


starman01 (reporter)

O.K, obviously I had multiple codec-problems on my machine due to all those testings. I have now made a complete new install of my OS, and now I can play voicelines in the Event-Editor again. But I can now also confirm that the briefing and debriefing is still dead when I try to play the file.


karajorma (administrator)

That might have something to do with a rather silly error in the way the function is being called. I've fixed this now and I'll be committing it tomorrow.


karajorma (administrator)

Well this is fixed for .wav files now but I don't know what to do with .ogg. I think I'll leave them for the time being.


taylor (administrator)

I've got this fixed locally and should be able to commit later tonight or tomorrow. It should now work through the audiostr code, and so will play files out of VPs, as well as support both WAV and OGG files. It's a little work intensive, since it loads and unloads the file every time, but through FRED that should never really be an issue (unlike it would be with the real game).


taylor (administrator)


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