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0000828FSSCPgameplaypublic2006-02-23 18:16
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Summary0000828: CTD when using reticle targeting and it sees a piece of debris.
Description2/20/06 build. I saw this a few times when playing. It occurs when using reticle targeting. In pitched battle, I point at a ship and hit the button. Sometimes it selects a piece of debris instead and then goes CTD. Sometimes accidently targeting debris does not cause a CTD.
Additional InformationI will run a debug build next time I have some time to play around with it and try to get some concrete errors of some sort. I just wanted to get this up here before I forget about it.
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taylor (administrator)

Also try the -y_bug_fix cmdline option and see if it still does the same thing. There is an old bug on this but we thought it was linked to the bad timer code which has since been replaced. After that change no one has been able to recreate the CTD. The previous hack to deal with the targetting CTD is still there if you use the -y_bug_fix option but otherwise just uses the retail code.

If -y_bug_fix makes it stop crashing then let us know as it would likely be the same problem and the previous bug hunt yielded a false cause.


Goober5000 (administrator)

Duplicate of 0000001, which has been reopened.

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