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0000816FSSCPuser interfacepublic2008-04-02 01:38
Assigned ToWMCoolmon 
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.6.10 
Summary0000816: show-subtitle text is resolution dependent
DescriptionThe cutscene subtitles generated by this sexp don't scale at all with the resolution and can look very small at higher resolutions. The text positions specified in show-subtitle also seem to depend on the resolution, although I'm not entirely sure what units those are measured in.
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CP5670 (reporter)

Just an update on this, the subtitles haven't been showing up at all in the last several builds, regardless of the resolution and positions specified in the sexp. I'm not sure when this started occurring, but others report that it works (the subtitles at least appear, that is) in builds from early January.


taylor (administrator)

Have you got a test mission I can try the subtitles with? Breaking those may have been my fault when I fixed several other problem areas with the cutscene code for TBP/BHX.


CP5670 (reporter)

Here's the thing I have been messing around with:

This mission doesn't work in the old 9/17 build anymore due to some mission format changes, but I know the subtitles used to appear for me in that build with the existing x and y values used in the show-subtitle sexps. They don't appear at all in recent builds, however.


taylor (administrator)

Yep, broken subtitles were my fault. Fix for that will go in shortly.

I'll leave the resolution stuff to WMC though, I'm not sure how he wants to handle that.


WMCoolmon (developer)

Well, it sounds like it's working exactly as intended...

I did it that way because I envisioned the subtitles being along the side of the screen, rather than absolutely centered.

As far as text size, I'm not sure what to do about that. IIRC, the gr_string function will let you resize the text and the coordinates, but not just one. I did a little work at trying to let me just resize the text, but never could get it working properly IIRC.


CP5670 (reporter)

I was planning to have them horizontally centered but around the bottom of the screen (so they end up on one of the black bars created by set-cutscene-bars).

Is it possible to get the subtitle text to be the same size as all the other HUD text? The HUD text scales perfectly with the resolution.


Petrarch (reporter)

Last edited: 2006-03-23 14:02

They do get read out by the simulated speech, I just found out, even if they're not shown.
So that's a temporary solution until they're fixed, anyway. Yes.

edited on: 03-23-06 14:02


Ransom Arceihn (reporter)

Is there any progress on making their position scale with the resolution? I was also planning to have them centred horizontally.


WMCoolmon (developer)

Finally took a look at this. There were a couple problems, with the SEXP implementation and the subtitle code itself.

There's now an issue, it looks like, with the retail function that splits the string up into more than one line. I only put in 10 subtitle lines - I didn't think someone would want to have more than that, didn't consider the possibility of vertical ones. ;) I've bumped that to 64, which may solve the issue with the retail function.

So, hopefully, fixxered in next CVS.


CP5670 (reporter)

Last edited: 2006-04-07 01:15

I tried a few things with the karajorma 4/04 build and am getting some strange bugs.

It's now possible to partially get around the position scaling problem, since the centering options now work, at least in one resolution. Basically, if I use either of the centering options in a subtitle sexp, they work nicely in 2048x1536, but in any other resolution the text is not centered and just uses the X and Y positions instead. I tried 640x480, 1024x768 and 1600x1200 and the text was not centered at all; the centering only seems to work in 2048x1536. (which works out nicely for me, but my missions won't look right for most other people :p) This seems to happen regardless of what X and Y positions I use.

Also, I noticed that the text color was only showing up properly in 2048x1536. I have no idea what the resolution has to do with this, but in every other resolution I tried the text was just white, even if something different was specified in the sexp.

There don't seem to have been any changes made regarding the text size.

edited on: 04-07-06 01:15


WMCoolmon (developer)

Bizarre...I tested it in 1280x1024 and it seemed to work. I wonder if it has something to do with the user's desktop resolution.


Ransom Arceihn (reporter)

Hmm. The centering options don't seem to work any more in the 10-28 build.


taylor (administrator)

* BUMP *

Can anyone confirm whether this is still a problem or not?

The basic scaling appears to be fixed (by a patch from MikeStar committed by Backslash), and I just committed a patch to make centering work properly, so I think that covers everything.


taylor (administrator)

Assuming that it's fixed. Re-open if someone can replicate it in a fresh build.

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