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0000073FSSCPgraphicspublic2004-02-20 16:08
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Summary0000073: Random CTD
DescriptionI'm getting a random CTD with no error message in the fourth mission, the
Ravens one with the Knossoss and the Rakshasa. The latest debug build spewed

DBUGFILE Active: DG 11/23/03 16:00:50
OS: Windows XP Debug, D:\Games\FreeSpace2\11_18_2003_fs2_open_d.exe
[movie.cpp, 36] About to play: D:\games\freespace2\intro.avi
[dx8show.cpp, 192] User skipped cut scene
[2d.cpp,1069] About to init 102
[GrD3Dsetup.cpp, 950] Success aa 0
[GrD3DBmpman.cpp, 39] Setting max bitmap size 4096
[GrD3DTexture.cpp,1179] Using large textures
[GrD3DTexture.cpp,1183] Max textures: 4096 4096

and this was deposited in my clipboard:

Assert: hull_percentage_of_hits > 0.0f
File: E:\Languages\Visual Studio Projects\Visual C++\fs2_open\code\Ship\Ship.cpp
Line: 2501

Call stack:
    parse_shiptbl() ship_init() game_init() WinMainSub() WinMain
() WinMainCRTStartup() kernel32.dll 77e814c7()
Additional Information   Reporter: diamondgeezer@geezersoft.co.uk (Diamond Geezer)
Assigned To: fs2source@warpcore.org (Edward Gardner)
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Goober5000 (administrator)

I just played through without any problems. What build were you using?


diamondgeezer (reporter)

I used to think there was something up with this mission, but now I think it's the 'Y' bug (in my case anyway...)


Goober5000 (administrator)

Closed, then, as invalid. We have a separate bug listing for Y.

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