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0000072FSSCPgraphicspublic2007-10-21 23:36
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Summary0000072: Incorrect spliting on ship destruction - HT&L bug
DescriptionI'm assuming this is the correct branch to report this in, anyway see thread on
HLP:SCP forum about this bug for pictures. When a ship dies, it clones itself
and each piece drifts (through the other) in opposite directions.
Both "pieces" are only partially visable, although the same parts are cloned on
each. It looks like a bug in the ship splitting, though it may also have
something to do with glowmapping (the visable parts were all glowmapped)... I
can reproduce this bug easily and pictures are available. However, all that
should be needed to spot it is loading a mission and destroying a capital ship.

P4 1.4GHz
512Mb PC800 RDRAM
NVidia GeForce2 MX 32Mb
Additional InformationReporter: cek_83@hotmail.com (Clifton Kerr
Assigned To: tlwhittaker2000@hotmail.com (Tom)

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Sticks (developer)

This is a known issue with clipping planes on GF MX type cards, and has no current resolution at this time.


Goober5000 (administrator)

Should I close this then?


Sticks (developer)

This is a problem with the MX series cards, and requires (from what I can see) a driver level fix

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